Poetry Challenge # 35 --Tanka

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    For this week's challenge, I ask that you write a Tanka! (click on link for more information)

    Related to the Haiku, the Tanka is usually written to a season. You can do this if you would like, or go ahead and create an all-out unique Tanka dealing with whatever topic you want it to deal with!

    Here are some ideas to help get you started!


    ....Pokemon (or some other Tanka uniqueness!)

    Have fun, and try using bbcodes to make your Tanka look pretty! :)
  2. ( Umm this is my first tanka, I do not if I did it right. Feedback? )

    The trees embraced the wind

    With the sound of the waves joining
    A late fresh summer day
    Coloring the landscape in a peaceful way
    Blue sky watching the earth from below
  3. It's looks good to me, Doxa! Only problem is that the lines all have too many syllables in them. The pattern is suppose to be 5/7/5/7/7, each number representing the number of syllables held in each line. What you did was five words, seven words, five words, seven words, seven words. XD It's fine though. I still like the poem. :3
  4. ( Sorry! I will do it right next time I do the poems! )
  5. A warm mist blows in
    From the dark murky river.
    I feel the day's warmth.
    The splash of water is cool,
    It eases the summer's gaze.
    Is that a weird way to start?
    I admit, it was odd.
    Let us end in profoundness.
    I hold, to keep your <3 warm.
  7. The night always ends
    with your hot breath on my neck
    The sheets are warm and
    I can feel your heart pounding...
    But, I will never love you.
  8. The Seasons and Weather of Florida
    Sometimes crisp and cold.
    Sometimes, gentle and so warm.
    A comforting breeze,
    My winter is far too short.
    My comfort, gone, much too soon.

    The air is too moist,

    Sometimes, this heat is too much.
    The Florida sun...
    It burns the flesh of winter,
    I know no other summer.
    Gather quickly, clouds.

    The wind will scream so loudly.
    Oh, the roof is lost...
    Such strange summer storms we have,
    So aggressive with their strength.

    Unpredictable Rain
    Not a cloud in sight.
    A bright, sunny afternoon.
    Not a chance for rain...
    Mother nature has fooled us!
    Run inside, lest you get wet.

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  9. Transition

    Soft rays of sunlight
    Break through the gray winter clouds
    Warming up the Earth
    In time for the transition
    Into the splendor of Spring.
  10. Funnel

    Huge dark clouds darken,
    And the wind shrieks its protest,
    She stands beneath it,
    Staring into certain death,
    Watches the tornado form.
  11. Fiery leaves fall gently
    As gentle breezes billow
    A chill in the air
    Signals winter's beginning
    Whiteness soon blankets the world
  12. permafrost

    the earth waited earnestly
    along side the aching skies
    for the cold to ease
    for the sun to dry its tears
    and to finally breathe again