Poetry Challenge # 30 - A Sonnet

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    For this week's challenge, I ask that you write a sonnet. A Sonnetis a poem consisting of 14 lines (iambic pentameter) with a particular rhyming scheme:

    Examples of writing scheme:

    #1) abab cdcd efef gg
    #2) abba cddc effe gg
    #3) abba abba cdcd cd

    More information on Sonnets and examples of sonnets can be found here.

    Write your sonnet on whatever topic you wish, have fun, and try using bbcodes to make your sonnet look pretty! :)
  2. An open crowd looms around. What spectacle to see?
    Come stand before the judgement mirror,
    and every flaw shall be made clear.
    Take to heart what is revealed, for this is whom you shall be.
    Or so the message is conveyed, and you shall play your part.
    Rework your canvas to appease this crowd.
    Judgement demands it, and nothing else is allowed.
    Even if to change that special person you are would break your heart.
    Judgement says you are not beautiful, but you should be much bolder.
    Least you forget, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. I love poetry! Here it is –


    to weep

    to cast away the masks we wear each day
    to stand before our faults honorably
    to give when all we did was take away;
    the path, that which is hard but meant to be:

    the falling stars will lead you to the place
    where creeks run dry and night is just a dream
    once there you find inside you your own face
    you are a stranger; your reflection screams!

    a hall of mirrors dark with secrets bright
    they shine with blackened brilliance: all your lies
    illuminated by reflective light
    my mirrored monster utters human cries.

    The terror of my courage heals too deep;
    I want to rest, and, like a child, weep.

    –Abra ;)
  4. What fiery passions erupt from simple lust?
    The eye catches what it wishes to see.
    Emotions are uncontrollable, but the heart shall entrust
    that it gets what it wants. Love shall be.
    Two hearts joined together as one,
    even though society may shake its head.
    We shall stand against the rising sun,
    and defy the hatred that is said.
    You cannot tell someone who they are to love,
    or deny them their own free will.
    We must fight to rise above
    the hatred against us. Until
    people can see that love cannot be defined,
    but should be embraced with an open mind.
  5. Hear, hear! What an excellent poem on such a powerful subject!! Great message!
  6. This is a sonnet I wrote just recently on Fluffy's last Challenge. I find Iambic Pentameter extremely difficult and this took me quite a while to get the correct stresses on the syllables and the correct number of Syllables per line (10 for straight iambic pentameter) which is why I am simply reusing it for this challenge. The first quatrain introduces the "problem" that is solved in the following two quatrains and then the poem and theme are summarized in the final couplet. Enjoy, if you didn't read it before.

    Winter Sonnet

    A chill fills winter's zephyr full of ice
    As snowflakes fall cold on the face of earth.
    Will your heart's warmth be meager, or suffice
    When snow and ice try to steal winter mirth?
    As harsh as winter is from time to time,
    As frigged as the air can turn your heart,
    Just listen to the bells of winter chime
    And see the beauty of which you're a part.
    The air may send a shiver down your spine,
    The flame in your heart might be losing light,
    Just come right next to me and I'll share mine
    The blaze in my heart burns forever bright.
    This season is for sharing love and gift,
    So sit by me and feel the cold wind shift.

  7. Phantom

    As the twinkling stars and white moon rise
    And I close my eyes on the cusp of sleep,
    I feel its presence materialize,
    Into my bed chamber the phantom creeps.

    A silent gray omen it lingers here,
    Staring into my soul with hollow eyes,
    With unknown purpose it instills fear
    Of a foreboding darkness and demise.

    The phantom invades my thoughts, haunts my dreams,
    Then fades with the light of the dawning days.
    This strange being is not what it seems,
    My sanity this illusion betrays.

    When I wake with the sun I come to find
    That the phantom was only in my mind.