Poetry Challenge #3 - Autumn

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It's the season of autumn, where leaves change their colours, the temperature drops and we have festivities like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Simply write a poem about one or more things you like about this wonderful, beautiful season. You're even welcome to make it a poem about what you're thankful for, since Thanksgiving in very close by.

I now present you with mine, about my love for crunchy, pretty leaves:

Ode to Autumn Leaves
Leaves turning bright red
like a delicious candied fruit
I see some yellow ahead
As yellow as a rain boot

Orange like the sun
Brown is a treat
All the colours are fun
Especially under my feet

EDIT: And, to get back on track, I will post a new one this upcoming Saturday. My little Thanksgiving vacation threw me off. >>;
Re: Challenge #3 - Autumn

Fire in the twilit sky
Smoke in the air at dusk
Burning leaves, in autumn brings
A scent of love and lust

Twisted tress are barren
The skeletal remains
Leaves are gone and changing
Calling winter's name

onto the sunset, cast through night
The quiet Lunar mist.
Until the blackened haunts of night
Until the dawn, it sits.

Waiting for an answer
Crying out the name
In Autumn's chill it's left
With death and doom and change

Walking side by side with frost
My heart is but a coal
Racing neck to neck I thrust
This season owns my soul
Re: Challenge #3 - Autumn

Poetry is not my strong point! XD But I like rhyming?

Sitting on the bench, waiting all alone
watching as the leaves fall and thinking on my own
Autumn's breeze and summer's end
is my savior and special friend

nice and chill with air so cool
chipmunks running and acting the fool
sky is clear, and visitors rare
all are missing out on this Autumn air.

Chilly breezes pass,

Stirring the beautiful leaves,

Of rich autumn hues.

Harvest Moon

Not a star in sight,

In the cloudy dark of night,

Shines the harvest moon.


Children in costumes,

Jack-o-lanterns smiling bright,

Trick-or-Treat is fun.


A lonely scarecrow,

Keeping crows away,

They shan't eat my corn.
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Snow has not yet come to pass,
And leaves blow in the breeze.
And I am but a little lass,
Staring at the trees.
The seasons come and go
Marking the passing of the year
But Autumn paints a canvas
That calls me to draw near
The blazing colors on the trees
The crisp chill that curls around me
As I draw a sweater tight to my chest
And watch as leaves are blown free
To float down where they may
And make a carpet rich with color
Upon the ground whereon they lay