EXERCISE Poetry Challenge #27 -- Snowstorm

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    Winter Solstice is in a couple of weeks. I thought I'd make the poem theme for this week and next week about snow! Use any poetry style of your choice and be as creative as you'd like to. This could be related to frost giants and penguins for all I care. I want to see some pretty winter poems. I offer a list of ideas to help get you going:

    • Snowflakes
    • Winter animals
    • Storms
    • The holidays
    • How much you love/hate snow
    • Ice
    • Winter sports
    • Frost

    I encourage you to make the poem(s) look pretty with bbcodes. (; Also, look at Shadow Poetry for structure ideas. Don't hesitate to ask any questions!
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    Lifelessly seeing
    Frozen limbs covered in
    hard, cold ice

    I roll anxiously,
    down the mountain.
    The sun is rising,
    a parhelion catching the wild winter's mood.

    The snow is enlightening...
    Racing, going crazy
    Mind blown,
    body limp; numb

    Shiny particles
    swell up, completely
    blurring my vision.

    The mountain is steep,
    the snow is hard
    the padding is rough;
    The wind is frosty.

    Another one,
    crisscrossing the other.

    Down the mountainside I race,
    the cold stings flowing into my thick
    coat of wool.
    How I wish,
    wish to sing into the wind

    As I flow swiftly,
    the orange and
    wonderful colored layers
    of winter's morning
    shines in my eyes and across the
    forever seeing atmosphere.

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  3. Seeing them fall down
    From behind the window
    How warm it is inside.
    It would be great to have fun
    Outside, in the pure snow.

    But wait,
    Is that just my imagination?
    Oh no! The snow is gone!
    Being eaten up by frustration
    That’s how it goes in the United Kingdom.


  4. Winter Wind

    Winter wind,
    A chill upon my back
    In the midst

    This flurry.

    How you mock me
    Winter wind,
    Laughing at my
    And flaws.

    Because your snow
    Is perfect,
    Winter wind,
    Make you better.

    It makes you bitter,
    A heart of ice,
    A soul you lack,
    Winter wind,
    You squeeze.

    The life of nature
    Is in your palm,
    As is mine...

    Snowflake Haiku

    Glistening silver
    Drifting from heaven to Earth,
    Gaia's pure blanket.

    Winter Sonnet

    A chill fills winter's zephyr full of ice
    As snowflakes fall cold on the face of earth.
    Will your heart's warmth be meager, or suffice
    When snow and ice try to steal winter mirth?
    As harsh as winter is from time to time,
    As frigged as the air can turn your heart,
    Just listen to the bells of winter chime
    And see the beauty of which you're a part.
    The air may send a shiver down your spine,
    The flame in your heart might be losing light,
    Just come right next to me and I'll share mine
    The blaze in my heart burns forever bright.
    This season is for sharing love and gift,
    So sit by me and feel the cold wind shift.

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  5. \__. )---I---( .__/
    "\ _=" | "=_ /"
    ./ \|/ \.
    ./ )---I---( \.


    bring me onward, dashing through
    the wayward mansion of ice layered caverns
    And unto the breast of winters past,
    i reconcile my sorrows.

    Who in bredth of chilly fog,
    Did intere my soul to keep
    and forever, evermore
    on wings of alabastar snow...sleep.

    Wilst i measure all my pleasures
    by the heavy hand of heat?
    or is the inticing pain and writhing
    of jack frosts grasp the comfort I seek?

    By the hearth, and fire crack'ling
    I despise the Cold wind blowing
    there outside the crystal passage
    the whitest fields of frozen winter lay

    On the fencepost, lined with diamonds
    There are eyes that smile, blinded,
    blinded by the glistering sun
    The winter wind lasts for only so long.
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  6. cold
    it covers the earth
    with its love
    it smothers the green
    realizing its destruction
    crying soft tears of white
    shrouding the dead world
    in a blanket of apologies
    beautiful fluff
    making up for the damage done
    by the cold's deadly fingers
    making the world another shade of lovely
    a brilliant beauty
    soon interrupted by sprouts of green
    as spring shows its face
    with an apology accepted

    I'm not sure how much sense this makes as I only write poetry when I'm half asleep. Also, I can't get it to format the way I intended it. I guess it will have to do without my awkward spacings. :(
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  7. I'm frozen
    Spinning, wheeling, tossed in the wind
    I fall down, down, down
    Until you catch me on your tongue, eager and waiting,
    And I melt away
    As if I'd never even been

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  8. A tribute to Fluffy, one of the first people to make me feel accepted here. Whether it was through complimenting my poetry or RPing a pirate comrade, she helped open the doors of Iwaku for me, without that support, I probably wouldn't be here. I'll miss RPing with her.

    Winter's Farewell

    People come
    People go.

    Your warm words are no more
    Though memories persist
    In this season of

    You were a friend, the red among colorless.
    You brought out my colors
    In this season of

    Now you have gone and I understand,
    I hope all will be healed
    In this season of

    So now I wish you luck and more.
    A tough farewell
    In this season of
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  9. It isn't that I hate it.
    In fact, it's quite the contrary.
    The feeling of freezing water numbing your fingers is just delightful.
    The redness of one's nose from being in the cold is quite attractive.
    Being smacked with a snowball is definitely enjoyable.
    Let's not forget having one's feet fall out from under them, only to be greeted by a slick, hard surface.
    Honestly, I don't know why anyone would hate snow.
  10. Blizzard

    In the soft gray of winter hang swirling snowflakes;
    A sheer veil of silver make the twirling snowflakes.

    Quietly, softly, the voices of winter call;
    Gentle are the murmurs of the purling snowflakes.

    Frozen, the world is wrapped in the chill of winter;
    Enveloped in the blanket of furling snowflakes.

    Harshly the winds are whipping and howling;
    Throwing about the dozens of whirling snowflakes.

    Within the winter ballet Eva walks speechless;
    Enthralled by the beauty of the hurling snowflakes.
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  11. Long nights of a slithering chill
    like frost-born snakes in winters wake
    oh how the soft meadows fall dreadfully ill.
    Twas a glistening day in the snow up above,
    a fine powder imbue
    d with Father Winters love.
    me your frozen ash
    d with a frozen winter blight,
    a s
    inking sun to fall early
    oh th
    e daylight leaves to fast.
    ve I hear scraping
    e sliding at best?
    tallic blades,
    twirl and circle
    like light
    ning they roar past.
    Midnight love
    rs of a now winters past.
    Linger now u
    ntil spring comes to pass
    what f
    reezes now shall rot
    in Mothe
    r Natures warm grasp.
    But a corpse am I.
    Oh but a corpse am I.

    Note (open)
    Attempted to create the silhouette of a forearm to hand in the writing. Can't quite make it proper though...
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  12. Semantically, it needs some work. However, I really liked the content of the poem itself. The way you worded it very gently was touching, and personifying the seasons was also a nice touch. You just need a little bit of elbow grease to polish this rough gem into a diamond!
  13. It whipped at her hair,
    And tugged at her clothes,
    It numbed her to the bone,
    The winter storm set in.

    Her eyes watered,
    And her cheeks went red.
    She stared into the wind,
    And dug her feet into the ground.

    It howled,
    It threatened,
    And it lamented,
    But she did not give in.

    She entered the warmth,
    Fell into the embrace,
    Of a blanket and a fire,
    And let it scream outside.
  14. Flaking fractals of frozen white,
    falling out of the sky,
    onto my nose and into my hands,
    and of course straight into my eye.

    Oh God, how I hate snow,
    as it piles up on top of my car,
    and it spills into the ankles of my boots,
    no matter how short my walk or how far.

    And to compound the matter at hand on snow,
    the dirty slush it makes, the great piles!
    When winter is nearly halfway into spring,
    you can see the lingering globs for miles.

    Instead, I'd rather stay inside and curl up
    right beside my stove and fire
    rather than go out to wade into the drifts
    and drag back into the kitchen a mire.
  15. Bits of fluff fall from the sky
    And cover everything in a crisp clean blanket
    From the comfort of my warm fire
    I watch the flakes falling slowly
    Admiring the pristine beauty of it
    As it drifts aimlessly on the slight breeze
    My mind runs to simpler times
    When a bundled child raced out into the cold
    To build whatever imagination dictated
    Until Mother forced us to return to the warmth
    Bribing us with hot cocoa and cookies
    Such happy memories and joyous times
    All renewed watching another snowstorm
    Make a playground for other children