Poetry Challenge #22 -- A Looming Gargoyle


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Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superpowers, Drama. Also, romance is required with me because I will get bored without it.

Gargoyles are beastly, mysterious stone figures built onto structures so water can spout through their mouths during rainy seasons. Some appear as animals, some appear as humans, some appear as a mix of the two. Gargoyles are also in an old cartoon that you're welcome to use as inspiration as well. My challenge to you, obviously, is to write a poem on the subject of gargoyles, or a gargoyle.

I offer a list of ideas you can use as inspiration or an idea to get you started:

  • Rainy night
  • Halloween props
  • A walk through the darkness
  • A nightmare
  • Star gazing
  • Describing a gothic building
  • Telling a scary story

I encourage you to make the poem(s) look pretty with bbcodes. ;) And if you desire a specific structure for you poems, I recommend Shadow Poetry. Don't hesitate to ask any questions!
The Stone Protector

Clutching the walls
Of that which you protect
As darkness falls
You must never forget
The purpose you serve,
Uphold, and respect
Might rattle a nerve
But you cannot fret.

It's up to you
To defend the castle
Against the few
Who dare to battle
Against the stout
Gargoyle vassal.
You bring them doubt,
As they all prattle.

They sound the horn,
Let the battle begin,
The stone you adorn
Transforms into skin.
Your wings expand,
And patients grows thin
As you stretch an stand
They'll die for their sin.

You battle all night
Until the sunrise.
It was hardly a fight,
You were their demise.
As moon does set
And sun takes the skies
There is no threat.
Now rest your eyes.
**not my forte but here goes...**

Demons of darkness come to plague my soul
I am entrapped into deep undisturbed sleep
Locked in this nightmare with no escape
I run through the twisted forest before me
Skeletal branches grab at my arms and legs
Beckoning me to join the ranks of the damned
Atonement for my sins
I'm lead into the black labyrinth,
I've lost my way
The wind moans and cries at my back
Finally a clearing is spotted up ahead
And I race toward it as fast as I can
Branches snap, and wailing ceases
Entering the clearing there is a black lake
Poised in the center is a figure
Dark and mysterious
It perches upon a glass coffin with chains
I step forward and my feet do not sink
I wade closer
Protective gargoyle lifts its crimson eyes
Meeting mine
I remember his face
Looking down at me from St. Mary's Cathedral
Where I used to frequent when I was young
Always watching with empty eyes
Knowing secrets I could not fathom
Knowing what I would become
I hear the church bells toll
As the crow flies my memories are scattered
My heart pounds in my chest
I return my focus and
Draw ever closer to the coffin
Slowly the gargoyle shifts his weight
His gaze falls down as he waits
Allowing me a moments access to
Look upon a single innocent face
For whom does the bell toll?
It is I
The face reflected back is mine
Eternal darkness shall devour my tainted spirit
And I weep for the sins I have done
As the stone guardian returns to his post
I am forever cast out
The gargoyle lifts his head and grins
I shall never be whole again
I entered this darkness with
No hope of going back
As the sun begins to rise
The chains from the coffin depart
And wrap around my unclean spirit
The gargoyle must return to mortal perch
Until night comes again so he can keep watch
Forever now I shall be kept in brooding

-) Of stone and sleep (-

The gargoyle sat so staunch and stony

somehow lost in thought. But wait
indignation ripe with fury
though his visage does portray
Claws and teeth bare and boney
seeking out some weaker prey
but the gargoyle in his anger
dormant lays, unmoved by change.

Seeming now to stare at someone
perhaps a vile passerby
is his anger, ripe with fury
Cast upon a mortal's eye?
Into darkness, day is creeping
as the cobblestones they tread
Now the Statue I was watching
Gleams and crumbles now with dread.

As the angels guard the heavens
so do these wings guard the tower
flesh of stone and blood of sand
The centurion of a marble clan
Is there a target painted somewhere
on the back of a wicked stranger?
or Was It I whose actions bearing
caused the Guardian to awaken?

"take heart, stranger" comes the voice,
grinding gears that send sharp shivers
I wish to run, but have no choice

Quaking with anticipation, as the gargoyle stands erect
wings that stretch, these wings of doom
grasp and steal my every breathe
"Awaken now, for now is morning."
Awake I do, for dreams are fleeting.


Enclose my hands, my head a drift;
A statue of stone, of gray and guardian withstand
Inside you, oh dear,
Dear, Mister Gargoyle.
You rest atop that chipped edge,
Edge so tough, so high; what's it like?
Your eyes drift through to the city's edge,
Watching and guarding, your stone muscles at a haunch.
The wings on your back sprout as if to fly;
Fly into the darkness to protect us while we sleep.

Mister Gargoyle, tell me please,
My head a drift, staring up at you;
Tell me, what's it like?
You're a guardian, dear beast, a warrior.
And as your jaw lay unhinged, the water may come
To water our gardens and to seal our room windows.
Give me the story; your story of protection.
The justice, the deeds, and the bravery of your stone body.
Your wings; the blankets of peace and sleep.
May I sit with you?

Give me the story as I sit here with you.
The nightmares that enrage your stone-hinged soul.
Give my thoughts an ease, for you are my protection, are you not?
Your claws lay outstretched; a stern-cold look on your grey-stone face.
And yet, you grip these sides, the edges of this church.
You are the peace to my dreams;
The source to my peaceful days and nights.
You serve through the centuries, only to be banished and frowned upon.
But you are mine, my eternity salvation.
Give me your bravery, and I'll give you my peace,
You do not need to go through anymore of what you have endured.

I thank you, Mister Gargoyle,
For being here till this day, gripping the chipped edges, and fighting all of our nightmares.
Let my breath send you forth, though.
You have done your job, and have served well.
Go lie, lie to sleep.
Sleep your nightmares away, and fold your wings.
I love you so, but I rather see you live
Then die away and to be forgotten.

I wish for your fair return,
But take your time,
Rest in peace.
Until you come again
And bring us all the protection that we'll need.
Gargoyle Acrostic

Grotesque in design and execution

Aloft it sits on a pedestal of stone

Relentless is its piercing gaze

Grisly teeth and threatening claws

Obligation and mortar bind it to stay

Year after year without fail

Lying in wait of danger

Eternally it watches over us