Poetry Challenge #2 - Introspection


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Introspection: the self-observation and reporting of conscious inner thoughts, desires and sensations. It is a conscious mental and usually purposive process relying on thinking, reasoning, and examining one's own thoughts, feelings, and, in more spiritual cases, one's soul.

Try and write a poem based on inner thoughts and feelings. It can be about a handful of things or just 1 subject that's always on your mind. It can be about a worldwide issue, a person, a scar you have, anything that makes you really sit and think... I shall present you with an example, of a time when I was walking down the sidewalk one day to discover something tragic. I always look back to it when I'm deep in thought about...death:

Kiss of Death
I kneel
before a baby bird
Fresh from the egg
Cold to the touch
Marked by the lips of Death

I weep
wondering why it left us
Is the air too polluted?
Did the war give it fright?
Are its parents neglectful?

I wish
this creature could have flown
and experienced sunshine
as well as raindrops
and even snow

I think
long and hard about death
How the empty depths consume you
and all you see is darkness
All you feel is cold

I create
a grave for my friend, the bird
with a promise to keep
that I will resist the kiss of Death
until I'm much too weak​

Sometimes I feel out of place
Sometimes I want to run
Sometimes I wish I had the chance
To finish what I've begun

The mirror shows the future face
Of Life, in death it cracks
Be gone from this
eternal chase
of lies deceitful facts.

Sometimes is rotten as the last
Sometimes is better than
Sometimes I wish I could go back
to something more, a friend.

No matter what I wish that was
Its all a putrid mess.
Today I'll die inside, but mend
this day just like the rest.
The eyes hold the truth,
In age or in youth,
As we groan under the wieght,
Of out own oppressive hate,
That do we gain,
Prom all out needless pain,

A product, a symbol,
Nothing more than a thimble,
The watcher know and see,
To the core of humanity,
Introspection's perspective,
Never fully reflective.

Clouded by fears and desires,
Afraid to what really transpires,
Under the surface beneath crawling skin,
Only we know what is virtue and what is sin.
What Is Love?

A warm sensation,

A beautiful enigma,

Every heart seeks love.

Who Am I?

I am a shadow,

The objective third party,

Observer of life.
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