Poetry Challenge #15 -- Tears, Frowns, Sorrows


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Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superpowers, Drama. Also, romance is required with me because I will get bored without it.

This new challenge is going to be different from my usual silly ones and ones about the seasons, or holidays. The mood is somber; you're feeling sad. Whatever the reason may be, express it through poetry. [Hee, that rhymed.] I myself want to write a poem about the above picture. :( That poor, poor cupcake... On the ground instead of in my tummy. You're welcome to write a serious piece of work, or something a little humourous. If you'd like a reason to write a poem, here are some ideas:

  • Heartbreak
  • The weather
  • Death
  • Dropping your ice cream
  • Bad luck
  • Getting stolen from
  • Getting hurt
  • Seeing a photo
  • Worst day ever

I encourage you to make the poem(s) look pretty with bbcodes. If you need some guidance as to what style your poem should be, take a look at Shadow Poetry.
Edge of Earth,
Unreachable boundary between,
The Heavens and the Mortal World,
Remaining still unseen.

Undeniable presence,
of existence and being,
keeping tortured souls locked,
in your prison, let us see in.

They don't like being trapped there,
let them out, let them free,
because as I currently discover,
The one trapped within is me.
[FONT='trebuchet ms', tahoma, sans-serif]The darkened sky breeds contempt, as the malevolent destroy the moment;
Lovers all but torment, and crack the sky with their bloodshed.
The heroes endure the same fate as the wicked...
Where is the justice?
Eyes close by my hands, but have I the right to judge?

The cold embrace of the dead, the calloused palms of the wicked.
Salvation slaughtered, it's life force bleeds red.
Captive to fate or molested by sin?
Jealousy and pride are adjacent to destruction.
I loved you, yet you betrayed me...

The knife bleeds whispers of the soul, the soul it betrays.
The mother, the father, the lover, by one hand are cast away.
Love caresses hate until the line is frayed.
The irrefutable force of jealousy leads astray.
You killed me, and set in concrete your demise...

Well, this is the topic I most often write about, so I'll probably post a few in here. This is one of the few I'm actually proud of. For more of my poetry, go to http://allpoetry.com/poems/by/Whatsacow


Dreaming of the dead, the malevolent spirits of the past,
That haunting, the persistant rapping.
Knocking on the walls of my mind, eating away at my sanity.
A cracking noise in the distance, a paralysed youth...
autistic in emotion, and plagued with ill will and spite.
The ground opens up and swallows everything I have worked for.
And your gaze passes through me like an apparition through a wall...
My heart beats fast but not at all as I dine with the skeletons in my closet,
and the structure of the bridges are unmoved by a flame...
The past can't be buried, it refuses,
It taunts relentlessly.
Its guiles pierce and twist and draws blood that doesn't weep, but gushes,
running a river of torn hearts, tears and swallowed pride,
It forks around you, you're untouched by my pain, as if you can't see it,
even if you are the cause...
You are oblivious to your tongue and body, off in your own mind,
while the empty shell seeks and destroys.
You cannot begin to understand the damages of a smile,
the striking blow of a look,
or worse still, grating of flesh that is ignorant to my very existance.
I suck at poetry, seriously, but I have always liked the concept of Haiku whenever we had to do it in school:)

Sadness hides inside,
Rain flowing like tears in the night,
My senses dulled by pain.

This hollow feeling,
won't go away with you gone,
why did you leave me alone?
I feel a darkness creeping
Always it's strongest while I'm sleeping
I know what its is, it shares my face
But he knows where to hide, and leaves no trace.

He tortures me, with pictures of darkest death
Of when she no longer draws breath.
You promised you'd never leave me,
What was it I couldn't see?

I lie here crying and screaming, denying the fool,
And reach out to you, to find what is true
I know you're still with me, I feel it in my soul,
But fighting my demon has taken it's toll.

(Well, I'm done. This has gotten into my head, so I need to calm down and stop shaking.)
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Kicking, screaming,
drowning in the sorrow
Now I must wonder,
Will this see tomorrow?

I know there's a reason.
I know there's a way,
but why must this be endless?
Why must you see pain?

You don't deserve this.
The claws at the walls of your mind.
The pictures of your worst fears
stealing your sanity piece by piece.

This monster can't beat you.
I'll hold you close
'till the end draws near

You'll see, you're not alone.
This thing inside,
I tried,
I couldn't stop it,
I couldn't save them,

I tried,
I thought I could be happy,
I was wrong,
I thought I could be a hero,
I'm not,

I tried,
I was told of my destiny,
I wanted to stop it,
I couldn't,
no matter,
what I did,
what I said,
I couldn't stop it,

I tried,
But I failed,
I couldn't stop it,
I wasn't strong enough,

My friends,
The innocent,
My self,

The world,

My father,
The portal,

I tried,
But failed,
My friends tried,
They failed,
I didn't listen,

I tried,
I wanted to protect them,
I failed.
he warm salt water
The tears on his face
They show so much pain
They show so much hurt
Yet it it was my fault
That the heart is torn in two
For on that fateful day
I lost my own to the wind

My heart fluttered away
And so his broke to pieces
Mine turned solid black ice
While his just shattered like glass
I felt like I should help him
But I was blocked by a wall
And now he's no longer here
To catch me from my own fall

So as I sit in the shadows
Watching the world crumble around me
I wonder if he was worth it
Or if I should have fought for it

I wouldn't have been happy
But let's be honest
I rarely am
But he would have caught me
Before I got this far

Would it really have been important
To love and let die
Or would it have been better
To love and fight?

Don't answer the questions I ask
For they all mean no thing
I simple want to show you
That life is not
What it seems

This poem is written for a friend of mine who's father has just been in a car wreck.
Rest In Peace

To the restless spirits of the lost,
To the souls crying and alone,
To beings doomed to wander,
Entities born of death,
Neither flesh or bone,
May you find light,
And solace,
Rest in

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Staring down at her hands,
She notices the veins pulsing.
So delicate, so close,
Almost too easy to reach.

As she sits, she wonders,
What it would be like,
To have your lifeblood,
Spill out onto the sand.

She clenches her hands,
Fingers turn into fists.
She calls herself weak,
But she's really the strongest.

It's a hard-fought battle,
This she knows too well,
But for now, she will fight.
And she knows she will win.
Ever elusive vapors are my dreams

Though I feel them all around

They cannot be touched it seems

I seek them and they are not found

But when I close my eyes and just believe

I can feel their gentle caresses

And hope soars as reason leaves

Making small life's many distresses

But when once again I open my eyes

Reality comes crashing down

Convincing me that dreams are only lies

Wrapped in black and faded brown

Seen only in the darkest hours

When minds are apt to dance and play

Where troubles are turned to lovely flowers

And love is mine forever and a day

Oh help me dream in sunshine bright

And see the possibility

That someday these vapors just might

Become joyful reality
The door stands wide open,
and those suitcases are gone from the closet,
which holds a few less sweaters than there were before.

The kitchen is clean, because no one made dinner.
Only a single pair of shoes sits near the door
and laundry is easier with only one person's clothes.

Who will clean out the gutters and light the woodstove?
Who will cut the grass and cut down my begonias?
Who will watch television and laugh at the news?

The shape of your absence isn't a hole where your body is not.
It is in the walk our dog won't get,
the cleanliness of my kitchen,
the mercy to my flowers,
the mess of my lawn,
and the ease of housekeeping.