PROMPT Poetry Challenge #13 -- Feelin' Green

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    St. Patrick's Day is on the 17th of March! So, I thought it would be appropriate to make it a theme for my poetry challenge. You can take anything you want out of this occasion to make into a poem. Here's a list of random topics you can put into poetic words:

    • The colour green
    • Leprechauns
    • Parades
    • Irish coffee
    • Clovers
    • St. Patrick's Day cupcakes
    • Candy
    • Guinness
    • Hats
    • The phrase "Kiss Me I'm Irish"
    • Traditional Irish music

    I hope I was able to inspire you with my lovely list. XD I'll post up a poem or two of my own if I can get a member or two to join in. I encourage you to make the poem(s) look pretty with bbcodes. If you need some guidance as to what style your poem should be, take a look at Shadow Poetry.
  2. I don't know why I'm so pleased,
    to see someone so green,
    But seeing you in those four-leaf clovers,
    and that silly hat,
    Makes me want to beckon you over,
    And knock your shyness on its ass,
    I know you're trying to wiggle away,
    But I just want you to stay,
    So be my little leprechaun,
    just for one day?
  3. Leprechauns

    Sneaky tricksters,
    They hide their pots of gold,
    and make people feel unlucky,
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