Poetry Challenge #12 -- The Dragon


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Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superpowers, Drama. Also, romance is required with me because I will get bored without it.
The Dragon

This week, write a simple poem involving a dragon. It can be as silly or as serious as you'd like! A poem about a dragon from a storybook is even acceptable, or a video game, or a movie. If you're stumped as to what you should write about, you can poetically describe their wings, for example, if not scales, fire breathing or the mysteries of their origins. If you want, make it look pretty using BBcodes. I will post up my own dragon poem if/when I get a couple of other submissions.
A golden 'S' slashed with red, skin not skin--
Scaled armour with plates of diamond,
Shimmering flesh that not a man can rend,
Nor beast or deity, for a god come.
Dressed in scaled raiment, sinuous flame,
Severe eyes betraying malevolence
Past forked tongue on bearded chin, speak thy name,
I cannot be fooled with benevolence.
Your true nature but a godly being,
What faith do you have in we mortal men?
With strike of your talon, see us fleeing,
And with a breath of flames, see us bow then.

Now speak your name, begin your golden dawn,
The lizard king, reveal yourself--Dragon!

A magnificent creature of myth and lore,
Power and greed be your only sins,
The riches of many dead men you hoard,
Killed by your fire that burns within.

A creature so majestic and rare,
Your beauty knows no parallel,
The lives of thieves you do not spare,
Many a village you dispel.

A creature built of feather and scale,
Terrible teeth and deadly claws,
The subject of many old tales,
That strike our hearts with fear and awe.

A magical creature of fantasy,
Whose wisdom never ends,
Creature of nature and longevity,

Mortality you transcend.
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Slipping screaming singing stringing
Straggly scary staring scolding
Scalding burning blazing dying
Dragon didn't do it
Fire flames dancing down
To fiery depths of demons
I'm burning burning like a flame
Playing dragons game.
We were many at one time,
Living all over the world,
Some lived within,
The Mountains,
The plains,
The desert,
The snow,

Many feared us,
Some wanted us dead,
Others wanted power,
Or even to become one of us,

We can never cry,
For our tear is most precious,
And if we cry we might die,

We now are not as many,
Nor the same size,
Those who are from ancient times,
Are within hiding,
So if needed they can protect the world,

We are commonly formed by clay,
But only by those who are related to the one who saved,
Gawain the last true dragon alive,

Some who get us can't see us move,
For they are missing a simple thing,
They must believe,
If they don't we may cry,
And if we cry will die,
So be careful of what you say,
For we do have feelings.

About the dragons from the Calling All Dragons series by Chris D'lacy
Horus Horus what would I do
I would have been lost if it weren't for you

You have my heart as I have yours
I know you don't like being on all fours

You breathe ice but fail at fire
But we can chill out when we retire

I remember when you were a pup
You used to bite me and the cook

Those sharp fangs which are always bright
You can easily see them when it's night

Now you stay in this humanoid form
But I remember the fight your wing got torn

You didn't mind, it made us close
It was funny when you made toast

Now you chill out on my deck
Making sure my ship ain't a wreck

I love to watch you when you transform back
Better grab a beer from the rack

Your wings are beautiful it wraps round our ship
Your dragons roar, it's top top tip

One of these days your wing will heal
And we will celebrate with a big ass meal

We're getting old, I know it's true
But without you I will be blue.

No beast as great, no other beast then a dragon can control our fate.
No beast but man can be such a coward, tremling, waiting to be devoured.
Becouse the dragon, he is powerfull.
And my wife, so gentle and wonderfull.
The dragon he lives forever, he breathes the suns own fire.
And I, slave and I toll and I force myself to become a liar.

"It was my fault"

But Dragons do not a forge work, or a field plow.
A Dragon is a monster, he never used a bow.
And while I write with this golden pen, the dragon tax the foolish men.
But these peasant sow and these peasant bow.
But peasant see, and peasant hear.
The Dragons end now draws near.

"Its the dragons fault."

For in this final act, this final scene.
We'll find out that A dragons blood is green.
For greed is its creed.
And mankinds shackles are now freed.
For tools that plow, of iron are.
And sword and arrows so him scar.
Forged by secret hand.
To free this land
From dragon. From kings.
No more will we be his underlings.

"It was your own fault"
He has eyes that see into your very soul
Peering past the mask of happiness you hide behind
Walking forward out of darkness as black as coal
He sees in you something even you cannot find

His breath is calm like the wind
And for some reason you do not fear
He is someone ment to protect, to defend
Some who needn't talk for you to hear

[BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]His wings speek of lonely nights beyond the trees[/BCOLOR]
His leathery skin is adorned by scars of war
His careful stride is a testament to his unheard pleas
His silence a give away to the pain in his very core

His silvery tail and horned hear seem dangerous
But the careful way he stands say he is calm
You walk to him and the others think you fearless
it's not true even as you feel his muzzle beneath your[BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)] palm[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)][/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]his head leans into your hand and wraps you with his wing[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]Excepting you kindness and shielding you from the world[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]And in return you soak in the comfort he seems bring [/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]he will protect you threq the trials your way will be hurled[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)][/BCOLOR]
The Dragon

Pilferer of gold
Stealer of silver
Eater of souls
Devourer of children
A heart of ice
And eyes of black malice
The Dragon sleeps in the mountain tonight
Never stirring, always resting
until the fateful knight comes
to take his treasure
Glimmering scales of the elegant creature
The strongest armour of nature's design
Her iridescent eyes her most enchanting feature
Her graceful form a common symbol and sign
Her cry is powerful and shakes the Earth
She proudly stands guard atop a proud peak
Guarding treasures of immeasureable worth
And with a surprisingly gentle voice she speaks
With the power of a mother
And of a timeless protector
A beauty like no other
Fire and Ice in so many shades,
Not colored in grays or made of endless flames,
A divine being Of construction
Not meant to lead us to destruction
as legends always tend to state.
A dragon is not born from hate,
But love,
An endless canvas painted in rainbows and scales,
Green Dragons painted as large mossy hills,
Blue ones made to look like the seas,
Orange ones to dance in lava and fire,
Red ones to swim in brilliant sunsets,
Purple ones meant to spread wings out over an endless night sky,
Dragons come in many colors,
Invisible but alive they exist as dreams
Inside a human's creative mind's eye.
Greedy and hoarding,
It took anyone and anything it pleased.
Its eyes were cold and cruel and hard,
And its claws tore many a heart.

Cursed and hurt,
I wandered through darkened streets,
My heart bleeding and my mind flayed.
The Dragon followed, as it always did.

Screaming and thrashing,
I tried to banish the beast from my thoughts,
But its actions became my own,
And I realized the Dragon was me.
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The kingdom of the Valley Green
prospered peacefully
Until that year the wicked wyrm
wrought flaming treachery


He flew from mountains of the north
To scorch the fields of grain
Consuming cattle, sheep, and those
who fled his wrath in vain


To her knights the queen did say
"Ride forth across the lands
To him who slay this cursed beast
I give my daughter's hand."


And so rode forth the valley knights
in steely valor bold
To seek and take the dragon's life
And thus the princess hold


But none could stand against the wyrm
whose weapons knew no match
He torched and pierced and crushed the knights
As easily as thatch


And so in helpless suffering
the kingdom burned and smoked
'Til hamlets fair lay desolate
and rivers brackish choked


But there within a vale did live
a pigherd and his swine
And though a peasant low and naught
his heart did golden shine


Hurried he to find the witch
his fattest pig in tow
And sold to her all that he had
for poisons she did grow


And then across the blackened lands
tracked he both stench and spoor
Until the dragon's evil hide
He spied within the moor


Then with fruit and garlic strong
He made the fatted pig
Swallow every poisoned plant
each root, each bloom and sprig


Ten pounds of slop and deadly flow'r
did he quickly feed
Then stuck the swine with butcher's blade
and left it there to bleed


And hiding 'hind a distant tree
the pigherd witnessed then
The wicked dragon moving forth
across that bloodied fen


And in the shrieks and flow of red
the dragon's lust did flood
That evil wyrm devoured the pig
and licked each drop of blood


The winged beast then turned away
to dream of fire and death
When seized by vitriolic might
he fell and spent his breath


The pigherd came then cautiously
And watched the dragon die
Then severed with an axe its neck
and 'cross the land did fly


To the queen he ran and then
falling to his knee
"Your highness I have slain the wyrm
His head I bring to thee."


And then the court did ghastly cry
and none could speak a word
For though the kingdom it was spared
their savior pigs did herd


But know ye reader of this tale
The queen was true and wise
"Humble hero you have won
my daughter for your prize."


"For all the kingdom peril knew
and you have saved us all
Come to me, my champion
and wed within my hall."


And then the pigherd bowed his head
his words did barely speak
"My sovereign save your daughter's hand
for I am poor and meek."


"Who am I of peasant stock
to claim this highest jewel?
Never must your princess fair
be given to a fool."


At that the princess stood and cried
"No peasant man is he!
For he is noble, brave, and good
and I his wife would be!"


The pigherd scarce could now believe
his fortunes and his pride
But princely did he rise and then
he knelt before before his bride


"Rise now Prince of Valley Green."
The queen did she command
"Come take your place within these walls
and rule with me this land."


And so the tale of Valley Green
did I for you unfold
Know you at last from that day on
their history was gold.

This was written by a friend of mine Jeff Brown for my kids and I love it so much I had to share it here since it fits so well.
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The Dragon was the name they used
For fierce and cruel was she
No grace or mercy had one accused
Her of nor would there e'er be

For her heart was frozen deep within
From hurts born long ago
And now her wrath pours out on men
As bitterness and anger flow

Perhaps one day a fire will thaw
The ice encasing her heart
From where would one such courage draw?
Who'd chance the lethal dart?