Poetry Challenge #11 -- A Tiger for Valentine's Day

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A Tiger for Valentine's Day


Monday, February 14th, is Valentine's Day! In spirit of this, I've chosen an adorable theme for my poetry challenge. Write a poem about receiving a tiger for heart's day, be it a stuffed animal, a real one or even a person dressed up as one! If not that, write something cute and poetic about giving a tiger.

If you want, make it look pretty using BBcodes! You can use images of tigers, hearts, all kinds of colours and borders. Have fun with it! You can even make it look like a card. I'll post up one of my own after one or two people participate. Heehee~

Happy Valentine's to all. Fluffy loves you.
On Valentine's there be gifts abound,
Of chocolates and confectioneries,
And words of love and merriment.
These things exchange hands,
From friends and loved ones,
To strangers and family members.

This time for Saint Valentine's,
I wake not to a single sweet treat,
Nor do I open a single card or
Find a single word of affection.
Astonishment, an understatement--
Surprise just doesn't describe
How I felt when, upon visiting
My bathroom, I find a jungle feline.

A tiger to be exact,
With a bow around it's neck,
A box of sweets under claw,
And affectionate words hidden under belly.

Someone does love me.
I would like to cite Nyquil's contribution to the creative process here.

If I only had a dollar
Bright shiny coins
To purchase your love.

On the shelf there sat
A little tiger
With such glossy fur!

This tiger had the most charming
Button eyes, all black and round
A red bow tied around his neck...

My heart swelled
And I thought
How could you not fall in love with this?

But I don't have a dollar
No shiny coins, so I cried
Because now you'll never love me.
Valentine morning
I recognize the coffee aroma
and a soft kiss
then another
and a whisper urging me to wake

When my eyes open
I can't help but shout
The face of a tiger
has frightened me

I hear laughter
and mocking
The tiger's still staring
And then I blush
It's only a toy

I hear fake purring
perfected by practice, I'm sure
My arms wrap around the animal
I notice a big, red bow

I woke up to a tiger
My plush Valentine pet
And a silly, silly husband
Who I love
I'm sorry, sir, I don't mean to alarm,
but is that a plush tiger under your arm?
I've been having a bit of a bad Valentine's today,
And I seem to keep throwing up on everything in my way,
Sorry about your shoes and plush,
I didn't mean to, I was in a rush,
Oh hey, you're giving it to me without any fuss!

The Tiger Named Amour

Valentine's Day for me is a day spent alone,
I don't go out on dates or party friends,
I spend said day sitting at home,
Wishing for someone a Valentine to send.

One year there occurred something strange,
I found a package outside my door,
There was no return address or name,
But a tiger with a tag that read: Amour.

I pondered over the little stuffed toy,
Whether I should throw it away,
But I couldn't deny that it brought me joy,
On what might have been a depressing day.

While it's possible the tiger was not meant for me,
I like to think Amour is mine,
When I look at him I no longer feel lonely,
Amour is a gift divine.

Every year now I look at Amour,
And thank the stars for the gift from above,
He makes each Valentine's Day easier to endure,

And one day I'll give him to the one I love.
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The Submissiveness of this Bird Creeps Me Out

You were the striped king
Of this dark green realm.
I saw you, and something
Changed within myself.
Your eyes were the purest
Color of grass green,
But you ruled my world
And I was a nothing
Compared to my
Beautifully striped king.

As I saw you from my branch
Up high, I watched you move
Proudfully, almost lazyily,
Your muscles going
Back and forth, back and forth.
All the others blanched
But I only smiled as you went
For I am nothing
Without you, my
Beautifully striped king.