Poetry Challenge #10 -- Winter Haikus


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Winter Haikus


What is a Haiku?

A fairly short poem, actually. A haiku must be written in 3 lines, each with a certain amount of syllables. The first line has 5, the second line has 7, the third line has 5. You cannot have more or less. Many people have difficulties writing these, but this is a great time to learn and practice! If you want, make it look pretty using BBcodes.

Why winter?
Seasons are one of the simplest things to write about when making a haiku. Also, winter will be ending soon. May as well write about it until I nail you with poetry challenges about spring. ;)

Nice... May I have an example?

Snowflakes falling down
They make blankets on the ground
It's sparkling outside
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I'll probably come up with a few more, but here's some to start the challenge off!

Gust of wind, white blur
Winter's heart opens to us
A chilling embrace.

Coming with the cold
A shifting weather, mood, heart
All warmth forgotten.

Frost and chill and cold
The heart of winter brings these
Warmth sought in the hearth.
Von Wald<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

Across Von Wald's pond
An icy numbness sets in
A colorless day

Sleeping in Tuesday
A fadeless haze escapes through
Reaching only cold
I can see snowflakes
like spring blossoms fluttering
in this winter land



Powdered sugar falls
My tongue outstretched catches it
The taste of winter

Snow is wonderful
The white blanket that covers all
Little powdered flakes​
Sharp chill of cool air
Snowy white flakes blanket us
The silence is still
The chill of the wind,
Grey clouds blanket overhead,
I guess this means snow
Nose and ears are red
I am shivering too much
I really hate this
The biting cold blows,
The snow falls so brightly now,
A blanket of white.

Tiny little snow drops fall,

Gracing with silver a world,

In waiting for melty snow.

Voice of Winter

Ever so softly,

Snow taps against my window,

The voice of winter.
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White snow drifting down
In the lonely street of dreams
Winter has begun
A cool breezy sense
Snowflakes fall slow like feathers
White and frozen bliss
So bitterly cold.
Eyelashes gather flakes,
Cheeks radiate pink.​
Frosted branches gleam
Moonlight dancing on snowflakes
As snow falls gently
The snow overflows
the very tops of my boots.
Now my socks are wet.

A white blanket spreads
between the sentinel trees
unbroken and pure.