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  1. Disguise

    I'm in disguise
    always misunderstood
    because of my lies

    My expressions and emotions are unclear
    always being dishonest
    as I have feared

    Using excuses as a shield
    my expressions false
    my emotions concealed

    I'm in disarray
    always secrete

    On the outside i'm in disguise
    if you look closely
    My truth hides deep inside

    Absent Words

    There are many words i would like to say
    Those words don't reach
    My words cannot be heard
    words that are important become misplaced
    making them absent words

    They are words that are ignored
    Words that are replaced
    Words that don't reach
    And words that can't be heard
    They are absent words

    No matter how loud
    My deafening scream is
    it won't reach
    anyone's ears
    They are my absent words

    No Title

    Every day living
    is just plain tiring
    I wonder why
    for I just stopped trying

    Living in despair
    acting like I don't care
    All these years
    Iv'e been hiding my tears

    Every day of my task
    I hide behind a mask
    filled with smiles and lies
    I just can't help but hide