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Poems to Cheer You Up

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by OlympusBlood, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. I would love to explain. But poems do it better:

    A day is lost if you don't smile
    A day is lost if a laugh isn't shared
    A day is lost if nothing happens
    A day is lost if you're impaired
    A day is lost if you're frowning
    A day is lost if you're in pain
    A day is lost if there's no sunshine
    A day is lost if there's only rain
    A day is lost if you can't speak
    If your words are gurgled and lost
    But those days can be restored
    Among the heat there's always frost
    A day is lost if you can't love
    If you're heart is as cold as stone
    So remember those good old days
    Sitting on your torn throne
    A day is lost when you can't feel
    If you wake and sleep and that is all
    The problem is, if you want to rise
    First you have to fall
    A day is lost in sorrow
    A day is lost in pain
    But remember for every rainbow
    There's a little rain

    Anyway, I'm writing poems for free, just give me a title and I'll do the rest.

    Ground Rules:
    1. It's my poem.
    I've wrote it for you, yes, but I have full credit, and I have full right to publish it/enter it in competitions/generally keep it/showcase it to people(not online.)
    Along with this, if you enter it in a competition or publish it. Wow. Shame on you. Seriously, I will be really cross.
    2. No rushing.
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