Poems/Songs About My Issues

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  1. I told you I understood
    why you were leaving me
    I told you I had nothing more to offer you
    and waved goodbye as you left
    heading towards a better life

    so why return to me
    when i've gone and got over you
    so why do you ask me
    what i wanna do with you

    so why do you insist
    to rip apart the world in which i exist
    why can't you be happy for me
    like i was....

    you thrashed every new girlfriend into my face
    and i stood there, saying
    it's okay, i understand,
    you're hurting just like i am

    but now you've gone and changed your mind
    you say you wanna be mine
    and i say "no way"

    i don't wanna go back
    we made made a mistake,
    i understand that
    so why can't you?

    you were the obvious winner,
    and i lost with pride at every double-date dinner you insisted i come to....

    so why can't you leave me alone
    i don't love you the way i did
    all those years ago

    you hated my jokes
    i didn't care for your pranks
    and let's be frank,
    the way you talked to women as if i wasn't there

    and now you stand at my door
    like nothin's happened,
    i ask myself
    why did this happen?
  2. *Huggles Aleyna* If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know!! If the poem is really what you are going through, then I think you are a really strong girl~! Don't let someone who gives you pain back into your life!! Remember why they left in the first place D:!!
  3. Same goes for me, Aleyna. We've been friends for four short days but I'm told I'm a pretty good listener. Just let me know if/when there is anything I can do.
  4. :D thanks, guys. it's been a little tough, but it's something i can work through.
  5. Yeah~! I believe it d-(^^)z
  6. I HAVE DONE IT! My ex has disappeared, I have a job, and now I can pay for my sister! WOO-HOO!!!!

    *forever alone*
  7. *hugs* I'm proud of you ^.^ You will also find that Mr. Right <3