Poems/Songs About My Issues



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I told you I understood
why you were leaving me
I told you I had nothing more to offer you
and waved goodbye as you left
heading towards a better life

so why return to me
when i've gone and got over you
so why do you ask me
what i wanna do with you

so why do you insist
to rip apart the world in which i exist
why can't you be happy for me
like i was....

you thrashed every new girlfriend into my face
and i stood there, saying
it's okay, i understand,
you're hurting just like i am

but now you've gone and changed your mind
you say you wanna be mine
and i say "no way"

i don't wanna go back
we made made a mistake,
i understand that
so why can't you?

you were the obvious winner,
and i lost with pride at every double-date dinner you insisted i come to....

so why can't you leave me alone
i don't love you the way i did
all those years ago

you hated my jokes
i didn't care for your pranks
and let's be frank,
the way you talked to women as if i wasn't there

and now you stand at my door
like nothin's happened,
i ask myself
why did this happen?


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*Huggles Aleyna* If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know!! If the poem is really what you are going through, then I think you are a really strong girl~! Don't let someone who gives you pain back into your life!! Remember why they left in the first place D:!!


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My favorite topic would have to be fantasy but I'm more than willing to take part in just about any genre.
Same goes for me, Aleyna. We've been friends for four short days but I'm told I'm a pretty good listener. Just let me know if/when there is anything I can do.


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:D thanks, guys. it's been a little tough, but it's something i can work through.


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I HAVE DONE IT! My ex has disappeared, I have a job, and now I can pay for my sister! WOO-HOO!!!!

*forever alone*


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*hugs* I'm proud of you ^.^ You will also find that Mr. Right <3