Poems and Short stories of Fabled Morbidity

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  1. Fabled Morbidity

    Written & Illustrated



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  2. Hole-Hearted

    There is a place I used to go, when I was young,
    Before I'd fall apart.
    A Place where I would stick pins and needles
    Into my bleeding heart.

    In that place my heart could bleed,
    No one else would see my plunder.
    Away where I could be alone,
    To tear my aching heart Asunder.

    "You bleed all day, you bleed through night,
    You bleed for no good reason," I'd cry.
    "So I will stick through you a thousand needles
    Until you tell me why!"

    "One day, one needle more, but why?"I said
    With the pain of a thousand souls.
    That's when My heart that bled replied,
    "Because you poked me full of holes"

    "I bleed all day, I bleed through night, from
    The pricking of your pins,"it hearkened.
    And now there is no need of needles, no pin could
    pierce into my heart that hardened.

    Now no more harm is done to me that from myself
    Has not departed.
    you know that it's true, because everything I do,
    I always do Hole-Hearted.


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  3. Stay

    I cannot wonder far, you see?
    I cannot leave this moment,
    Cursed eternal flesh will flee,
    When I will gain atonement.

    Decay has set in Twisted bones
    Bones stained with yellow.
    In silence, nature takes me in
    and leaves me to be hollow

    Locked within this day, you see?
    These dues I've yet to pay,
    Beyond is all I cannot be,
    It is here that I must stay.

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  4. Chilling. *shudders*
    *shudders even more*
    Say, what's yer inspiration for these... well, chills?
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  5. Tim Burton and Dr.Seuss mostly but a little bit of Edgar Allan Poe, old Vincent price movies, and lovecraft pops in at times too.

    @RiverNotch I am quite the horror enthusiast.

    YouTube has lots of audio books you can sit and listen too by all of these artists. I'm glad that you enjoy them :)
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  6. Ooh, yeah, E.A.Poe. I get a bit of Dante's Divina Commedia from yer art, too.
  7. Gustavo I think was his name, I read the Devine comedy forever ago lol. @RiverNotch
  8. you seem to love blood and gore you would serve Mother Void well.... please write more and evermore with n one to say nevermore
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  9. These Shadows

    Where tears have never fell from eyes,
    all that shines there and glows are lies.
    Good has hidden beneath the mire,
    benevolence masked behind a liar.

    Fill me whole and leave me dust,
    forceful objects will someday rust,
    same old story set in stone,
    But I was there, flesh and bone.

    Forever eternal sorrow fades,
    reaching out for summers shades.
    Eluding the light of love we feel,
    what within, is kept, can never heal.

    Remember, Remember all of us,
    do not ever forget how to trust.
    Painful anguish lie in ignorant clutches,
    only love heals all it touches.

    Come alive unto this world,
    let living become unfurled.
    reinforced, well-founded, vigorous strength,
    achieved only when withstanding agonies length.

    Stand with these shadows and crepuscular gloom
    and in you a radiant, luminous, brilliance will bloom.
    Doleful and dreary and unpromising, it seems,
    yet that is what gives birth to resplendent dreams

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  10. @Killroy might I ask, who is Mother Void?
  11. Mother Void is Mother to all and ender to all, she is was and always will be, she is in a sense god
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  12. For Who Could Ever...

    Some moments have cornered me,
    left me abashed,
    drifted or sunken,
    moments that have passed.

    Preachers on boards,
    floating on faith,
    following only words
    those before them have saith.

    I am one of the watchers,
    following nothing by law,
    but by heart and by duty
    and the things kept deep in my craw.

    outward is cast,
    a most insidious intent,
    hidden behind love
    is a lacramosing torment.

    Some moments have hung me
    left me utterly stunned,
    your judgment works like coins,
    two sided and heavily gunned.

    Give me a shot to remember
    and humanity will rush to my side
    and the words you have spoken
    will be taken in stride.

    Fear not your own darkness
    reflected back to your eyes,
    for who could ever learn
    and, like you, be unwise.

    For you, I am Watching,
    awaiting your blunders,
    I can see you there, calculating,
    and plotting your plunders.
  13. I am definitely feeling the Edgar Allan Poe here. I had better leave before I start stealing bottles of Cymbalta from my local pharmacy.

    In all seriousness, nice job.
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  14. These vaguely resemle the styles of mine. They get a sense of being from an older time period than mine, though.
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  15. Not Forgiven

    I have made a terrible mistake.

    My best friend and I were in the woods behind the quarry in the summer
    swelter. We swam the quarry, picked berries, never would have gone
    back there if I knew then what I know now. Isn't that always the

    The end of that summer I said goodbye to that friend forever, the
    funeral went cursorily as I was in a stupor up in the early days of

    "You ok?," I was pulled from my few months waking coma by this
    question from the mouth of a concerned friend. Even though the bus
    kids were shouting the question rung louder than the rumble of voices.

    Natalie looked at me from across the row, alone in her window seat
    through highly magnified glasses.

    "I'm ok," I nodded in case I wasn't heard, Natalie looked at me for a
    few more moments before looking back out of the rain cover bus window.
    I did the same and saw a sickly crow picking at some garbage.

    Gym class came and the whispering from behind my back had become
    unbearable. Natalie sat next to me on the bleachers, this time she
    just looked at me saying nothing at all. "That obvious, huh," I said,
    looking back at the whisperers scramble to seem unsecretive.

    "So what happened to Sarah?," Natalie asked. I froze and watched her
    eyes search mine. It was time to fess up.

    "Promise you won't say anything to anyone? You have to promise me,
    Natalie," I begged.

    She nodded and I hung my head as I began to tell Natalie the story. I
    told her about the swim, the berries, and our walk. By the end of my
    story Natalie just sat there with the same expression on her face.

    "I wish I could just ask her forgiveness,"I whispered, just as the
    bell rang. Natalie stood up and placed a hand on my shoulder and
    said,"Sarah was cool, I would forgive you." Natalie didn't know Sarah
    like I had. Sarah was cool, but she had a spiteful streak in her that
    I often worked at to not instigate.

    On the way home I noticed a cawing behind me. Deciding to walk home
    which I soon felt was a mistake. The cawing was from a crow, the same
    sickly one I had seen this morning. It cawed at me repeatedly as it
    began to lead me down a path and into the woods. Soon, to my horror, I
    realized where I was. There were still blood stains on the rocks, dirt
    kicked away from the area and my eye fixed to the spot where it

    The memory was so very fresh in my mind that I could hear the
    screaming, pleading for me. Suddenly the crow cawed at me startling
    me. I shouldn't be here. I started to leave when I heard a voice from
    behind me, the ravine began to pour.

    "Leaving already?" It said.

    I turned slowly to see Sarah standing there in the spot were the bear
    had clawed her. Staring through me as she had this most angry look on
    her face. I imagined I was crazy. "Sarah, I..."

    "Don't you dare" she snapped, trees swayed in the stormy wind.

    I began to cry.

    "You pushed me..."


    "You pushed me at that bear why did you do it?"

    "Sarah I was scared!"

    "You killed me"

    I took off running, my mind had to be playing tricks on me. I looked
    back to see her running after me. My heart started to rush my blood,
    this painful pulsing heart beat raised from my chest to my head and
    panic took over me. Frantically, I fled from Sarahs ghost but there
    she was in front of me, appearing at my side or up In a tee as I tried
    to get away.

    I saw a clearing in the trees and I made a break for it,"I'm sorry
    Sarah, PLEASE IM SORRY!" In my panic I broke through the clearing only
    to drop straight off the face of the cliffside.

    Smacking into a boulder once....twice....until I landed at the bottom.
    My arm was twisted back and limp, both my legs were mangled and I
    couldn't breath. Choking on every breath as Sarah walked up to me and
    knelt down to whisper in my ear.

    "you are not forgiven"
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