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I've really gotten into podcasts within the last year+ but I.... I truthfully only listen to two podcasts.

My absolute favorite is RadioLab, it's full of information but it's told in such a way that it's... well, it really is art. They mix audio so well that you don't even need visuals, they paint the canvas so wonderfully. The two hosts also are different from one another, so it's not like you're getting the same story just through two different voices. They both talk about their opinions (though not enough that it's entirely about that) and they do disagree, discuss morals and all sorts of stuff. They talk about allllll sorts of topics
One that comes to mind that seems to fit whats been posted in general chatting lately is one called This is Your Brain on Love.
It's not I guess as well mixed as their normal podcasts but this was a live podcast recorded in a room of radiolab...bers...?

The other one I listen to is called Freakonomics. They released a documentary and book prior to the podcast unless I'm terribly incorrect, so you might've seen that. All of their topics are generally from an economist's point of view, which might seem a bit more detached from the concept of personal feelings and concentrate more on what you're physically getting out of it, cutting losses etc. I really like all of their podcasts and... I really don't know what to suggest. You can subscribe or listen to both of these podcasts via iTunes.

What're your favorite podcasts?