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  1. Lately I've been obsessed with podcasts.

    They're very convenient for a person who needs something to focus on when they're doing something like working out or cleaning. I don't know why I waited so long to see what podcasts are all about because they're just downright useful and awesome.

    I've been listening to a nice little handful of podcasts recently and they're all pretty awesome, though I will warn you that all of them are related to horror. Here's my list:

    The Black Tapes.
    A docudrama about a podcast journalist who just wanted to make a show about strange jobs like paranormal investigators but instead ends up stumbling into the world of conspiracy and the supernatural.

    If The Black Tapes doesn't have enough conspiracy for you, Tanis will. From the same people who bring us The Black Tapes, Tanis is about a man's driving desire to discover the secrets of Tanis. What is it? Where is it? How and why is it? This podcast only gets creepier the more you listen.

    Welcome to Night Vale.
    Quirky. That's the word to describe it. It's definitely weird with a side dish of dark humor. A lot of people have at least heard about this podcast but for those who don't know what it's about, I recommend having a listen to the strange adventures and stories of Cecil, host of the Night Vale Community Radio, and the backwards and upside down little town the show is focused on.

    Alice Isn't Dead.
    From the writers of Welcome to Night Vale, we listen to a woman telling her story into her transport truck's radio. We learn that her wife went missing and now she's following clues in a desperate search to find her while trying to avoid an eerie person she calls "The Thistle Man".

    Small Town Horror.
    The last of my podcasts that are recorded as if they're real life events, Small Town Horror is a fairly new podcast and the story is just getting started, so I can't really give you much in the way of a description. It's a podcast run by a man who returns home after his father's death and each episode we learn more about the bizarre happenings that plagued his teen years before he fled the town.

    The NoSleep Podcast.
    This one's pretty simple. Ghost stories from the NoSleep reddit forum are read for us. The narration is almost always perfection and the podcast is guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

    Lastly, I plan to start listening to Lore. I'm told it's a discussion podcast where the hosts take a look at mythology and folklore and discuss them in depth. I'm looking forward to it!

    So what do YOU guys listen to? Tell us a bit about it but try not to give away any spoilers~!
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  2. Oh I listen to Lore, I rather enjoy it. I've always been fascinated with unexplained mysteries like that, really gets you to think. I liked the Serial podcast for similar reasons. To be honest, though, I don't listen to very many podcasts. I usually prefer something with a bit more visual stimulus otherwise I get really antsy and sometimes even anxious.
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  3. Podquisition.
    It's a podcast about games, and gaming. I don't really listen to podcasts normally, but I love Jim Sterling and Miracle of Sound, so the hosts got me into it.

    It's a podcast about science fiction (and fantasy) for writers, and readers. I only started listening to it pretty recently, but it's very interesting.
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  4. Not quite a Podcast, but I'd say StarTalk.

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  5. I'm addicted to podcasts. Been really useful for Learning Languages.
    The main English one is Stuff You Should Know.
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  6. I'm probably partial to blame for Dawn's podcast obsession. Not for her choices in it, mind you. I am just full of chatter about things I enjoy and I enjoy podcasts! I figured I'd share my list as well.

    This was the first podcast I listened to recently and is probably the reason why I love them so much. "Lore is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed podcast about true life scary stories. Each episode examines a new dark tale from history, and presents it in a style that's been compared to a campfire experience." You can find the website here; Lore.

    Writing Excuses
    "Fifteen minutes long, because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart."
    Actually this is the -first- of all podcasts I listened to several years ago. It wasn't enough to really really hook me but at that time I had to download them and put them on a ipod shuffle. It just wasn't working really well for me. But I LOVE this podcast! I always feel like I come away with something new, some sort of inspiration or insight to improve my writing. I also love the hosts, they are wonderful people. Oh. Like Brandon Sanderson. "Writing Excuses is a fast-paced, educational podcast for writers, by writers." Here's a link to the site; Writing Excuses.

    Myths and Legends
    To be honest, this one didn't grab me at first. The first episode was about Arthur and it was a little bland and the chiptune video game music was really grating on my nerves. I didn't finish that episode. However I did go back to the podcast later and listen to a bunch of their Norse sagas and various other little bits. At which point I was like 'Alright, this is fantastic'. I still haven't listened to any of their Arthur stories. Definitely worth a shot, the host is very amusing. The site can be found here; Myths and Legends .

    Those are the podcasts I listen to on the regular. The ones I come back to time after time, you'll notice I don't have a lot of fictional podcasts- I have a hard time listening to a straight up story in audio form. I don't know why.

    Here's some podcasts I have listened to one or two episodes from and have enjoyed and while I want to listen to more, I just haven't yet.

    The Moonlit Road
    This is short(ish) Southern ghost stories. I thought originally it was going to be something like Lore and Myths and Legends, true(ish) local folklore and ghost stories native to the south eastern region of the US. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed when it wasn't. I've listened to a couple of stories on it though and they were pretty decent. Apparently there is folklore and legends according to the site? I'll give it another listen later. Speaking of the site; Moonlit Road .

    Seriously Strange
    Now this one I know I've listened to but I don't really remember what I listened to. It bills itself as a spooky true story podcast. So it's probably a bit like Lore? I find it interesting I can't really remember anything about it. Also it doesn't have a dedicated website but it's also a youtube thing? I found it randomly scrolling through the podcast app on my iphone.

    As a kid I really enjoyed Unsolved Mysteries. Especially the ones about ghosts and supernatural weirdness. Unexplained fulfills that desire for the most part and I really should listen more. You can find the site here; Unexplained.
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  7. RPG Academy

    D&D 5E live play. Because I'm a nerd.


    I can't get enough of my lgbt-rich video game talk.
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  8. I can also vouch for Lore, as it's my current fave for listening to while cleaning/crocheting/performing ritual sacrifice/what have you.

    My other two favourites are Pseudopod, a collection of short horror stories, and This is Actually Happening, which is real life horrifying situations.
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    Currently looking up lore~
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  10. I used to listen to Pseudopod! And Podcastle. And sometimes a bit of Escape Pod. Like Writing Excuses it was in the dark ages of having to download and then add to my tiny ipod shuffle and hope I can find it. The process was vexing, I think I should give them another shot. .... After I'm caught up with everything else that is.
  11. Willows, you might like Alice Isn't Dead and Small Town Horror as well :3
  12. I just finished binge listening to Lore. SO GOOD. Perfect length imo and the episodes reach such a wide audience. I'm excited about the tv show. @_@

    I'm gonna take a look at those two podcasts though. They sound awesome. :)
  13. The Co-Optional Podcast - Gaming podcast but with people who I find amusing.
    Dude Soup - Gaming podcast that either gets quite cerebral in its analysis and can also be funny.
    Cox n' Crendor Show - Two funny idiots talking about bullshit.
    Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4 - Some snarky British comedy about the weeks news.
    The Comedy Button - A group of hilarious guys who get drunk and make jokes or get super deep/real for no apparent reason.
    Rooster Teeth Podcast - Rambling podcast with a colourful cast of characters I find amusing or interesting most of the time. Also alcohol.
    Offtopic - Same thing as above, but with a different group of people from the same company. Also lots of alcohol.
    The British History Podcast - British History from prehistoric to wherever he's up to now, but told in a very interesting way and largely as a story.
    Serial - Amazingly popular True Crime stories. Google it.
    Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates - Structured debates on interesting topics, at least half political in nature.

    Also a bunch of other ones I can't be bothered listing because I'm not up to date on them.

    Edit: I also listen to Writing Excuses that Tribs already mentioned.
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  14. I LOVE NSP's cover of TAKE ON ME
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  16. I know but I had to comment on your signature. I've started Lore and it is really awesome. You learn lots of stuff ^.^
  17. This fucking show is my current obsession. It lost track and got a bit sappy/overindulgent for a while but when It hits the mark, it fucking hits it out the park.

    Another podcast I listen to is Cthulu and Friends. Highly recommend it to all the tabletop nerds out there.
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  18. I... Might be obsessed over Lore now, thank you. I'm not usually such a big fan of horror like this, but it's so educational as well! And that is a combination I can like.
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  19. The Black Tapes is really gooooood. I am glad I found it trough this thread
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  20. I don't listen to many podcasts honestly.

    But I do know a lot of people like the fictional based ones, and lately I've been finding some really old as fuck radio shows on the nets or the tubes. So I'm just going to recommend The Shadow Radio shows, mainly the Orson Welles and Brent Morrison era voiced radio shows.
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