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  1. Hello! My name is -DeerAntlers- though you can just call me Deer. I am here today in the search of a partner to do a RP casted within the wonderful world of Pokémon! Now I would like this to be an adventure and romance plot between two female characters, but I am willing to do a male x female version if you really want to be a male character!

    As for the requirements, all I ask for is for you to have decent spelling and grammar skills with very few mistakes, fairly long posts (roughly around two to three paragraphs each time), no god modeling with your pokemon since they'll be low level starters, and to time skip if smexy time occurs since I cannot do those kinds of RPs since I do not meet the legal age, plus I really don't like smut... Also keep in mind that I write my post slow since I do have to go to high school and that it may take a few days to reply. But if you can wait for me to post, I will definitely wait for you! Let's say that there will be a 10 day limit to post with no questions asked. If you'll be gone for a few days or want to quit, just PM me! I'll understand! :0

    Now the plot is extremely simple. Our characters turn the age of 15 and decided to go out on their pokemon adventure. However, two weeks after they meet up, the two run into each other in a pokemon center in the well-known city of Jubilife City where a new and deeply mysterious villain team, Team Dage, attacks the center. From there we basically wing it!

    If you would like to join, just posts this skelly after filling it out:

    • NICKNAME(S):
    • GENDER: male, female, both, or gender fluid?
    • STARTER POKEMON: Any of the starters!
    • FAVORITE TYPE(S): This is not necessary the only type you have. This is just the type you specialize in! Can be more than one!
    • TRAINER TYPE: Are you a regular trainer, ace trainer, pokemon breeder in the training, etc...
    • PICTURE: Anime orillustrated please~
  2. • CHARACTER NAME: Iona Finn
    • NICKNAME(S): Iona or Io
    • GENDER: Female
    • STARTER POKEMON: Froakie
    • FAVORITE TYPE(S): Steel, Electric, Fairy
    • TRAINER TYPE: Standard Trainer
    • PICTURE:
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  3. Thanks for applying! I'll make a thread for us in a little while after I get done with my homework!
  4. Of course I'd apply! I was just about to make a post about wanting a Pokemon rp.
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