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PMD The Chosen Ones

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by PecanScotch, Sep 5, 2014.

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  1. The Guild

    The Night rolled by as a large Thunderstorm rolled through the world of the small pokemon town, The Guild Master sat in his room as he played a small song for the team of younger guild recurits that really hated the thunderstorms. he smiles as they soon fell asleep in his room and got them off to their room to get some sleep.

    Shark came back and walked outside looking as the thunderstorm kept going through the lands as thunder boomed and lightning shrieked. Finally by morning the storm passed and the guildmaster had fallen asleep in the second level hearing his second in command tryign to wake him up he yawns gently and got up slowly "Ugh Morning"

    The Beach

    The Beach was calm and the krabby where out and blowing the bubbles, the young Eevee that was too scared to join the guild along would see a passed out Zoura on the beach. The passed out pokemon looked a little injurered thanks to smashing into some rocks and a small wound on side of his head thanks to getting battered out in the surf durning the large storm. he coughed up seawater and grunted in pain unable to wake up just yet
  2. Evan was walking on the beach, thinking he needed some air and some time to think. He was scared, what was going to happen? He wanted so badly to join the guild, to prove to all of his siblings he wasn't the ONE useless one in the family, to show how good he could be! But, he was far too scared to go off joining into the guild alone. There was a lot to be tested, and from what he heard there were those who did not come in as well. He sighed again, his hands were shaking and his tail was already between his legs, but at the very least he was at the beach now and the sun was slowly rising in the horizon. "I should just go... but going alone is scary..." Evan muttered to himself as he looked at the bubbles that filled the air and he was immediately smiling again, though his smile only lasted for a short amount of time.

    "A- AH! H- Hey!" Evan ran over to the passed out Zorua on the beach laying by the water as he stood a while only observing, not doing anything, except looking around a bit flustered. "W- What should I do? W- What should I do?" Evan muttered to himself, clenching his tail in his hands before he squatted down and gently gave him a small nudge. "E- Excuse me... Y- You shouldn't- A- Are you hurt?" Evan asked as he noticed the small wound on his head and jumped up, before squatting back down flailing his arms around in the air. He used the move Healing Bell, to quickly close Zorua's wound, before nudging him once more, just to make sure he was alive.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.