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  1. Alrighty , I have been trying for the past hour to send a post I wrote in PM to my friend and it is only showing the first part and the rest will not work no matter how many time's I edit and when I tried to start a new conversation with her didn't work either...

    I also can't post it in threads which is making me worried believing my account may be broken...

    I'm really stuck and worried about losing everything and not being able to post... :P
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  2. It sounds like the coding in your post must be so wildly broken that it's killing the post. O__O Have you tried stripping out all the bbcoding and starting from scratch?
  3.   Simply switching to the BBCode/plain editor might also help to see what on Earth is going on there. (I presume you're using the WYSIWYG/rich text editor.)

      Oh, and for the sake of asking - does Iwaku have some kind of strict character limit? I for one am notorious for reaching those, and the standard behavior in those instances is simply not letting you type any more.
  4. We do not have a character limit for PMs nor for thread posts. If there were one, it would state so clearly, just like it does on your profile page when you're writing an update.
  5. I checked the message char limit and it is indeed Unlimited! But what might be happening for huuuuugeass posts, is that it's the "filesize" hitting the php/mysql/processing upload limit. I think at a certain point there's too much for it to be able to process through a browser upload and it times out.

    That's just my theory, though. O___O
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.