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  1. Heeeey @Diana

    I saw this: ooommfasdsesdlkfclick.

    Any chance you could increase mine also?
    My inbox is starting to get really full (99 msgs) and while I understand you can download them, I have a huge problem with downloading. I absolutely hate downloading anything unless absolutely necessary. And I also am not too fond of deleting messages because every once in a while, I do like to go through my messages just to see what messages people have sent to me - or what kind of writer I used to be. Because I do frequently use my PM for RPing.

    Sooo yeah, any chance you could increase my inbox size? Thank you~
  2. I am afraid we cannot increase an individuals inbox size. D: When I increased that size I did it for EVERYONE. So everyone can have up to 200 messages in there.

    I am afraid we we not want to increase everyone's inbox sizes any more than that. Packrats can take up a LOT of server space, especially in something like private messages which would never be cleaned out. If we ever had an emergency where we couldn't afford all this diskspace and we needed to prune content from the site, hidden hoards of PMs could be bad for us.

    We DO allow Donators to have Unlimited inboxes though. There's few enough donators that it all balances out in the end.
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  3. Okay - that's fine. I understand.

    However it looks like my inbox can only carry 100 rather than 200? Did that number change after a few updates or is it just me?
  4. That message you found was from 2011. :D So, yes, everyone has 100 slots.
  5. Oh dear, it really SHOULD be 200. O__O That has been fixed again, at least!
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