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  1. I'm in the mood for a romance RP.

    {{ I use anime characters, so if you attach a picture of how your character wants to look, please use an anime photo, thanks!!}}

    We could either use my RP or you could make up your own and PM it to me and we can use yours.

    You're a college student in a big city and you usually keep to yourself because studies always came first, as well as you think everyone is the same so why make friends with other classmates. The second semester is starting and I'm the new student. I moved to the city from living in a small town that was mostly farms and produce markets. You don't instantly like me, but you do have an interest in me because my first day of class I'm wearing overalls and a t-shirt, not like any of the fancier/expensive clothes that other girls in the city wear.

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  2. ((do you mind if I roleplay with you?))
  3. Of course! Just PM instead of posting on the thread. (:
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