Pluto was jealous

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  1. I'm reminded of the beginnings of the Forever War where falling on their power-armor heat sinks created a vapor explosion strong enough to kill the person and propel them into low orbit.

    Though the idea of life surviving in any shape or form on Pluto seems as plausible as someone traveling the stars with time dilation into a future where being gay is the only way of life because 'lol clones'.
  2. That's pretty cool. O__O It's too bad we can't get some ground pics like they get of Mars.

    Also I dunno if I am tired or if Windsong really did sound like one of the spambots there. ;__;
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  3. Being of the very good quality pictures. Buy now for Pluto said yes to planet and not dwarf. Ableism bad for tolerance planet.
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Uncountable and innumerable planets and people get surprised if we find H2O on a couple of them?
  6. Also... I'll be your spambot... < 3

    See... My statement is exactly why you shouldn't drink and computer.
  7. So what you're telling me is: we can still trash the fuck out of this planet, because we can just cannibalize resources from others. Fuck yeah no consequences *throws Styrofoam cup into the ocean as she speeds off in her Hummer*

    But seriously, this is pretty sweet that we're finally able to really study the celestial bodies within our own solar system. I mean, how long have we been aware of them? And our technology has finally reached a point to where we can 'dig beyond the surface' so to speak. Re-evaluate facts that we THOUGHT we knew. And all within my (our) lifetime. Lucky us.

    It's OK to have a sense of wonder, kids, people will still think you're smart.
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  8. No Tegan. This is General Chat. We need to be smug and opinionated and refuse to change our minds that stopped maturing under a decade ago.

    I'm sure everyone already knew there was water on Pluto.
  9. Also, does this mean Pluto is a planet now? Or are we still being dicks to Pluto?
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  10. I don't care if it's suddenly revealed itself to have water. TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE PLUTO. NOW FUCK OFF: YOU'RE STILL NOT A PLANET.
  11. Honestly, I am amazed we even saw pictures like that so soon. Pluto is such a mind numbingly far distance from Earth, and being able to line up a satellite to intersect it literal decades in advance while it's hurtling through space at hundreds of thousands of kilometers per second, it's an incredible achievement that illustrates exactly why math is awesome.

    I mean, hell. Just imagine how far off they would have been if they were a day or two late.
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  12. Yeah, they would have to cover their embarassment by making up a fake news story and a computer-generated picture. #thatguy
  13. Yeah the math involved is some crazy shit! O___O

    Personally I wanna see some up close pictures of all the planets though. D: especially those big gassy ones! Are they gassy all the way to their cooooore? What is the land looking like under all those fluffy gasses. I WANT TO KNOOOOW.
  14. I wouldn't call those gasses "fluffy"... Considering that the atmosphere's of them would probably rust and disintegrate any probes that we send their.
  15. Jerry says Pluto is a planet. Therefore, it is a planet.

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  16. LEAVE. PLUTO. ALONE! *Cries hysterically*
  17. [​IMG]

    Say hello to Venus. One of the few pictures taken before the probe was utterly destroyed by how utterly inhospitable the surface is.
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