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AngelicImp Productions Presents

A Pirate RP​

Delve into the great world of Groat!
Groat – A planet filled with life, mystery, and adventure! The industrial revolution on this planet has begun and thus all have prospered. Things unthinkable have been planned out and created. Newly found magic has been gathered and used in the use of flight!
The skies are where the new adventures lie as ships rise from the ocean into the blue. New technological advances have been made to not only help life but also war. Several great empires have taken the opportunity in expanding their borders and their greed.
The age of piracy has followed right after however as airpirates spread terror above, from flagships, attack-galleys, to massive airships. The once mystical past and it's stories are forgotten by many and remembered by few. With this knowledge, expeditions have been made to recover the lost past for future gain, either through currency or by control!

The story so far
The captain has been taken prisoner thanks to his mischievous manner. The crew must fly high to an enemy fort in the sky. Without the Captain's leadership and cunning plans, the crew is left to debate on how to rescue him, while under the charge of his first mate.

Rules & Regulations
No god-modding. If you don't know what that is then you are a sad person.

No controlling other characters unless given permission.

No KILLING other characters unless given permission.

These are pirates, not supermodels. Any mentions of "natural beauty" will lead directly to a rejection. Keep in mind these people haven't bathed or kept any sort of proper hygiene for months.

Pirates must be at least somewhat respectful to the Captain, First Mate and Quartermaster. This doesn't mean having a chip on your shoulder isn't allowed - what it does mean is that blatant disobeying of their orders will lead to serious consequences.

Keep armor and clothing realistic. Would you really go into battle wearing an outfit that reveals your entire midriff?

Long introductions are fine, but there is no need to go into five page posts as the RP progresses. There will be times of high action where long drawn out posts will be more of a burden than anything else. Try to keep most of your posts from 3 - 6 paragraphs and refrain from pages and pages of superfluous detail.

If you have any issues, please contact either myself or AngelicAsylum.

Character sheet

Age (19 and older characters please):

Bio (tell us of yourself. Personality, likes and dislikes. Flaws are a good idea as well):

History (give us a little on the history.. more or less on how you came aboard since you have been aboard the ship for some good time now):

Appearance (Embrace being a dirty pirate and please make sure you READ the rules above! Pictures are suggested but NO ANIME):

Weapons (be creative and original with these PLEASE! If it is something new then tell us how it works. It MUST work in some realistic sounding manner. Limit on weapon amount is 4 with dual pistols counting as 1)
Yes we are still in the age of flintlock weapons btw...

We will be updating a list of all crewman aboard the Serpent's Asylum(our ship)

Captain - Imperial Edgecrusher
First Mate - AngelicAsylum
Quartermaster - Necella
Crewman - (1,2,3,4,5,etc)
Antagonist -
We are also in need of a devious and cunning antagonist who's desire is to find some ancient relic. He/she will use the captain's crew against him and do whatever to get what he/she wants. The person who chooses this will be pmed further info but it is suggested you post a char description like everyone else.

NOTE: All others on this ship are strictly crewmen. The surgeon, cook, and others on this ship are NPC's and will only be used when needed.

Happy sailing!
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Anya Every

"I am NOT afraid t' crash this ship an' kill everyone on it!"

Age: 33

First mate of the "illustrious" captain, Anya Every is a loud mouthed, abrasive pirate who is unafraid to take charge and bark orders when she feels her crew is being too lax... which is almost always, in her mind. Sarcastic and harsh, she enjoys pillaging and plundering just as much as the next pirate and is unafraid (and perhaps a little too eager) to slit some throats in the process. Even though she has some feminine attire, frivolous female behavior annoys her and she'll sneer at any petty beauty queen who comes aboard her ship. Due to her attitude she is usually avoided by most, but is loyal and fair to her crew when not screaming insults.

What she doesn't have in social skills, however, she has in leadership and rationale. Considering how she holds the position of first mate, Anya is completely prepared to take control in case the Captain gets killed or mysteriously disappears, which wouldn't surprise her unfortunately.

Anya and the Captain seem to have a love/hate relationship in which one is always insulting the other in some manner. That is why their engagement is rarely spoken about and more or less kept hidden. Mention it, however, and prepare to be shot in the head and thrown overboard.

History (Teal Deer as usual):
Anya grew up in a normal town with normal parents and lived a fairly normal life. As a young child, however, she enjoyed playing pranks on the other children and stole frequently from the farmers and small shops in the area. Not really because it gave her any kind of thrill or rush; rather, she simply enjoyed the humor in the suffering of others and took whatever she wanted without much of a thought or care.

She left home at the age of fourteen, after completing her chores for the day. Her parents obviously missed her, but seemed relieved that they could focus on their three other children without having to worry about their daughter putting the family to shame with her antics. The reason why she left? She was bored.

After leaving her small town with nothing but a few coins and the clothes on her back, she began stealing more often to get a room, food, or anything else she needed. Obviously she was quite bad at it and not even three weeks after leaving her home, she ended up in a dingy jail cell with three other thieves and murderers. That was the first time she met Ihsahn, aka the future Captain of the Serpent's Asylum. While she was skeptical of the scrawny teenager, he surprised her by helping her escape from prison and managed to give her a few tips on pickpocketing before drunkenly falling off a bridge.

As the years progressed her skills in both thievery and deception improved, as well as her knowledge of weaponry and combat. After all, a rogue wanderer has to painstakingly learn these things in order to survive. She suffered for it, of course, and had been thrown into jail, tortured, and narrowly escaped death many times and with many scars to prove her travels. Sometimes she managed to escape on her own, but every time it seemed that she was stuck and with no hope, Ihsahn was there with some ridiculous plan to get them out. There were times when she wondered if he was following her.

Finally, after eight years of wandering, killing and stealing with no real purpose or intent to settle down, she was captured yet again and this time set to be executed by dawn. There were no simple escape routes, and no Ihsahn in sight, so with a shrug and a curse, Anya accepted her fate.

That morning, however, she was awakened by the rattling of keys and the voice of a dazed and confused moron that she had recognized instantly. After being thrown into her cell, he fixed his hat, looked up at her and said "Are you following me?" That morning they had escaped, hand in hand, yet again. He convinced her to come with him and become another crew member on the pirate ship he worked on. She agreed and in another year or so they had managed to get their own ship, landing her the position of first mate.

Appearance: Thanks to Inane for all illustrations below!

Standing at 5'9 and 230 pounds, Anya is anything but a waif of a woman and a force to be reckoned with. She frequently enjoys mixing both feminine and masculine traits to create something that is fairly comfortable and well suited for the ever changing weather.

Most of her clothing is things she had found anywhere from five years ago to a few weeks beforehand. Her hair is a medium brown, dingy and full of split ends. It hadn't been cut for some time, but is every now and then jaggedly trimmed with a dagger. A purple bow adorns her hair, and has not been removed for the past two months.

Her eyes are a dark brown and her skin shows the signs of scarring from her face down to her legs, the largest of which being a deep purple gash running from her left shoulder to her right hip. Her teeth are fairly straight but several molars have rotten out and they are never cleaned quite as much as they should be.

The outfit she wears is torn and filthy from years of use and the lack of proper washing. Anya wears two different stockings because they were the only ones not ripped at the time. One is purple and black and the other is white and black. Her skirt was once two skirts, but now serve as one, the bottom layer a dark grey and the top a dingy black. Finally, she wears a black vest and a grey (once white) blouse underneath, which is also torn and adorned with ragged red bows at the sleeves.

The only jewelry she wears is a ribbon with a key hanging from it around her neck and an engagement ring from Ihsahn, stolen from a dead man's pouches. The ring is simple but valuable enough for Anya to constantly threaten to sell it for the services of a decent hooker.


From bottom to top:

A simple dagger, worn at her thigh and used for manual labor or emergencies.

A double barreled flintlock pistol, equipped with two triggers. Anya can fire one at a time or both at once. This is carried on her right hip.

Finally, a "gunblade" of sorts that is simply a flintlock rifle attached to a blade. She can either hit people with the sword (using the two grips) or shoot the gun. She carries this on her back. Anya had paid a gnome to create this for her (and make sure it actually worked), however she soon killed him and took her money back, along with her weapon.
Name: Ramla "Ram" Moonshot

Age: 29 (human years)

Bio: Ramla is a stubborn woman who doesn't take no for an answer. Her fiance sees her as a psycho woman, but she sees herself as a determined woman (he just doesn't understand her feelings for him). Her likes and dislikes are quite similar to Anya's, hence they are the only two woman to really get along with each other. Sometimes, they can be found standing together... quite possibly talking crap about the other crew members...or the captain.

History: History will come when Mosaic post his character..since they kind of connect.

Due to lack of bathing, her auburn hair is big, knotted, and wild. Because of this, you can almost immediately spot her; Ramla pretty much forgot how her hair used to be and grew accustomed to her big hair.

To enhance her vision, she wears goggles since her parents lacked in the whole keen eyesight department. They are good for reading and targeting things if she has to shoot.

Ramla stands about 5'6 which is pretty short for an elf, but her attitude makes it up for it.

Weapons: I forgot the weapon we gave her XD
I guess it will be the four of us once Mosaic posts up his character lol
Here it is copy and pasted from Legion.

Name: Abaven Moonshot

Age: 174 years. (Looks 27 years old due to stress)

Abaven is your typical Dark Elf, he doesn't like most people. The only reason he shows the captain any kind of respect is because he feels obligated to do so, after all it is wise not to cross the man you work for. Of all people though he can not stand persistant, annoying, fleety people, they make him want to kill something.
Give him a reason to, and he will mock you, no matter who you are. He's cocky to say the least, he finds himself to be a far better marksman than he truely is. Yes his skills are impressive, but he is far from flawless. He has a tendency to miss when the pressure is on, especially with his explosive rounds, which the size of which have been restricted due to a certain event. The main problem with his inaccuracy with his explosive bolts is that he makes them himself sometimes when the ship does not make port for some time, their weight tend to be far to up to the front, this throws them off balance. He's too proud to admit his fallacy in creating his bolts, he always chalks the inaccuracy to bad wind and never to his inability to weight the bolts properly.
He's a sneaky one, he's not one for making a scene if it can be avoided. He moves around as quietly as possible, though problem is he can be a clutz, when he tries to sneak down a hallway he'll end up hitting a squeaky board, or if he's oh so unlucky, he'll step on a weak board and break it.
The only thing he can really show affection to is kittens.

Born to the deep forest dwelling Moonshot clan, Abaven grew up just as most any others, being taught the withdrawn lifestyle of the Dark Elf. Taught to dispise and shun anyone that was not of his kind. The tabboo of leaving the clan was ground into his mind, and he made sure to follow it religiously. That is until he turned eighteen, the age where most elves age process begins to slow, he was put into an arranged marriage with one Ramla Moonshot. Now that was a trip, he never liked the chick though she seemed stuck on him. No matter what he did after the initial arrangement, he couldn't get rid of her. About a month before the marriage, he broke the tabboo and left the clan for the outside world. With him he took his knowledge of crossbow hunting. He jumped from job to job for over a century and a quarter, taking any job that would allow him to travel, getting as far away from his clan as possible.

Some jobs went from transport, to vehicle repair sometimes even small charter ships. Within the past thirty years he has been a part of piracy. Though ask him to do watch work or anything that requires him to stay in a certain spot, he will have issues doing it, he has to be moving and using his hands. He cannot sit still, he has to keep moving, which is why plans in the past that have involved him sitting somewhere and staying there, have sometimes come close to failing.

His century of travel has taken him to more lands than he can count, lands who's names he has not bothered himself with remembering. He is a follower, not a leader, so he found no reason to remember specifics.

He has been on Ihsahn's ship for 9 years as a crewman and as a bowman. The Captain had taken him on after Abaven had been thrown from his previous ship he served on, he was down on his luck, had no home and no money, and he was still on the run from his "fiance". Ihsahn gave him a ship to serve on, and a ship to stay on, sadly the problem was, shortly after he came aboard, so did the very woman he had been running from, Ramla.
It was in fact Ihsahn who opened Abaven's eyes to different styles and makes of bolts, his explosive bolts are included in this. About three years into his service under Captain Ihsahn, Abaven made a mistake of carrying a large explosive bolt on him in a fight, one of his own construction, and firing it to cover the Captain in a fight, however the bolt veared about eight feet to the left and placed about a foot and a half wide hole in the deck of the Captain's ship. He had not been aiming at the captain but at a group of about three enemy pirates going towards him, but none the less, he had put a hole in the deck, a hole that had to be repaired, and repairs cost money. From that day forward, the size, number, and quality of Abaven's explosive bolts have been restricted by the Captain himself.

He stands about 5' 11', 6' with boots. His face is rather thin due to a lack in food, this deficiency is caused by his traveling tendencies. His hair is matted and oily after not having bathed for three months, if not a little more. He has a scar along the right side, it runs from just below his right shoulder blade, to just below his arm. This scar makes it painful for him to raise his right arm above his head, he doesn't mean it prevents him from doing it, but it just causes a shot of pain that causes him to wince for a moment. This is one reason he continues using the crossbow rather than try to learn the use of any kind of a blade, it doesn't require him to raise his arm so high. His right leg has a burn along the shin, due to the burn he has no feeling on the flesh.

Weapons: He uses a Crossbow
He has a leg piece that holds six normal bolts for easy access in a fight, or for just when he feels pissy and wants to shoot something. The pouch on the back of his waist holds 8 more normal bolts with part of it sectioned off with extra padding for four explosive bolts. His explosive bolts have explosive impact gel in the heads and part of the shaft, which as their name suggest, explodes on impact.

Race: Dark Elf
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