Plum Island - Zombie Theme

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  1. History:

    New York's Plum Island is a level-4 bio-research facility. The USDA Agricultural Research Services unit performs basic and applied research to formulate better countermeasures against foreign animal diseases, including strategies for prevention, control and recovery. The Agricultural Research Services focuses on developing faster-acting vaccines and antivirals to be used during outbreaks to limit or stop transmission. Antivirals prevent infection while vaccine immunity develops.

    Yet, in what exactly is going on there on the island? This island has been called the "Monster Island" for all the bio-research going on with animals, and even deadly human diseases. Homeland Security has said it is a safe site to practice all the unethical research going on. The government will hide the fact they are practicing such nasty research. As a worker on the island you have to have a medical clearance, background clearance, and have a top secret clearance to work here. This place can be view as another Area 51. No civilians are about near the island, have any access to the research going on, or have knowledge of this island. If you take a look at this island, this Plum Island is not on most maps. Yet it will show up on some.

    Many diseases have broken out on the island, which left one building abandoned. Many mysterious animals have wasted up on the New York shore lines, and any believe humans are tested at this site too. None can be curtain, excepted for the ones who work on the island.

    Recently, a new life form (virus) has been found. Scientist have called it the "Fourth Domain of Life". The new found genus Pandoravirus dwarfs other viruses. The pandoravirus is different. The virus reproduces in a curious fashion. Most viruses start a new cell by building an empty "box" and filling it up with DNA over time. But curiously, pandoraviruses do both of these processes at the same time in a process the team calls "knitting". This which causes scientist to question viruses. There is no cure of this, and they aren't sure how harmful pandoraviruses are. With this question in mind, the virus was sent to Plum Island and was asked to research what this new life form is and is it harmful to humans.

    On Record: Plum Island and the Fourth Domain of Life are based off true events.
    The Story:

    Dr. Eric Albert and Dr. Anna Roberts (my character) are two microbiologists that are doing on going research on Plum Island. Dr. Roberts runs a full team at her finger tips for most of the experiments of the animals in the labs. Dr. Albert runs another team for the dangerous diseases that humans can contract. Both have labs on the same floor, but work together to see if any can be cross breed and harm either humans or animals.

    When the Fourth Domain of Life was found, a team of scientists asked both Dr. Albert and Dr. Roberts to take over this experiment to see what was different about this virus. They needed to know what it does, how it would affect the human and animal population, and if there is a cure if something ever happened if the virus broke out. Since this was a different type of virus, not much is known, so they have to make sure that it stays contained.

    When one of the team member goes to retrieve it from the lower levels, that team member accidentally drops the package, causing container within to break. Since nothing is known about the virus, the package is still delivered, exposing everyone in the facility to the virus. The team member never made it to the 4 level to deliver the package, due to the fact the virus took over his body. Everyone around the first two levels where infected, causing major chaos.

    Level 3 and 4 are shut down, but level 3 soon becomes infected too. Both doctors are in a race to figure out what happened. If it was blood borne or air borne. They also have to hurry and correct the situation before someone left the island with the virus, causing a pandemic within New York, or worse.. the U.S. Both doctors need to find a cure, or find a way to kill the virus. In the mix of everything, they loose most of there team members, and have to figure out how to hold level 4 without getting infected.

    Disclaimer: The Fourth Domain of Life has not been proven to do such a thing. I used this because little is known about this type of virus, and it's a great way to start a zombie story!

    ***Please note this is a low advance roleplay.***
    This means I will ask you to post at lease 2-3 paragraphs per post. I am not asking for much. IF you have any suggestions about this post, let me know! Thanks for reading my rant! P:​