PLOTTING AS WELL. American Horror Story, Coven.

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  1. [​IMG]

    I m a g i n e.... being a student at Miss Robichaux’s Academy.

    Heart Break

    Who will be the next supreme?

    Just checking to see if anyone would be interested in this! I'd need help plotting of course, so please. COMMENT YOUR INTEREST BELOW
  2. I'm curious if I could be a warlock?
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  3. Count me in for this!
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  4. [​IMG]


    The warlock who looks more like a witch.
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  5. Of course. I can see myself already, stirring up plenty of drama with him.
    precious bby.
    You got it!

    Here's what I've got plotting in my head so far. The new girls and boys start at the newly opened school, the supreme decides to spend some time at this particular coven to ensure it's success.Though there are others who are doing everything they can to stop her such as Witch Hunters and Extremists.

    Everyone would start off with a single power, which I will make a list of and then have you guys pick from on a first come first serve basis.

    Kind of itching to make the RPG now. I think it will do well.
  6. Hmm let me see. . . my character would start with weather control.
  7. I think mine would start out with Elemental Control...
  8. OH GOD PLEASE?!?!

    I'm in!
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  9. All the protagonists in Coven are murderers. I find that comical.
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  10. Even those powers would be broken down, I find it helpful in reducing Mary and Gary sues. xD

    So elemental control? Which element would she start off with? Pick one. Weather control? Which kind? Rain storms? Snow storms? Pick one. The only 'all' powerful one would be the supreme but she wouldn't flex her powers often. After all, she's at the school to teach not show off. xD Of course the students will develop powers, just not off the back. They need a reason to be in School.

    Great!! :D

    I'll try to work on it some now. Get signups open and such.
  11. I hope that the original characters are in this too!
    Let's see, weather control, for right now, lightning bolts.
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  12. Hm, I don't know about the original characters, I planned on having it all be the OCs of the player. Adding the OC's in from the show makes it too complicated. So no, sorry. :P
  13. Rats. . . so who's the Supreme? Still Fiona?
  14. Nah, an OC of mineeeeeeee. It'd be one of 3 new academies across the U.S, The supreme being the standing Headmistress simply because it's a new school--or at least, that's what she says.
  15. Are the Seven Wonders still the last test?
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  16. I'd love to join, my original power would be something around the lines of killing plants? I mean just making them wilt a heck of a lot faster. I know it sorta sounds really underpowered but I don't know I don't need someone with fighting powers.
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  17. Yuppers.
    Sounds good to me ;)
  18. Just a note, all witches seem to have the ability to brew potions.
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  19. Of course c:

    Working on the Sign ups now, hunting for aesthetics.

    I need antagonist ideas aside from extremists and witch hunters. Suggestions?
  20. What about a person, who is just a regular human that was given an Athame that can kill witches and absorb their powers. So they're on a hunt now to gain powers for their own evil doings?
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