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  1. The year 21XX, People of today now live in hiding from the monsters that now roam the earth. Byproducts of what was once a noble cause to society, that ended with it spreading and causing mutations to all animals, with only a few exceptions.
    We Humans decided to retaliate, to shield ourselves from the impending threat of the Sortis Under the cloak of the Cerberus; A Group formed by the remnants of the UN and WHO to research and counter these threats.

    What are the Sortis?
    Products of the Infamous 'Incident 18' where all of the Facilities which kept the Sors Cell(A Man-made cell that could mimic any cell into its liking) simultaneously exploded, causing changes into the cells and infected every single animal it encountered.
    (A Great example of this is a Neiju, a 2 Tailed Cat with thunder capabilities, and one of the most easiest to kill)

    Weapons against the Sortis?
    Luckily, the Cerberus created a specialized weapon which involves a Sortis Cell that allows them to easily extract a Sortis' Core which can actually kill the Sortis when it's unconscious. It is named, the 'Fender Cross'. Which houses 2 Parts. The Gun, and the Blade. Each can be customizable in their own way and is unique to their bearers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.