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  1. I checked off a lot of content ratings that may or may not apply.
    I like putting checkmarks in boxes.
    Stop judging me.

    Also, please read my resume before you bother responding. Thank you, lovelies.


    #1: The Eight
    A city under siege. The group attacking are called The Eight - the name marks the hours of peace. For weeks this city has been tormented by this group, methodically weeding out survivors. Every day there are eight hours of peace - silence from the attackers, the opportunity to regroup and move, find a new place to hide. For the next eight hours come the bombs. Dropped in places seemingly at random, tearing apart buildings and blasting apart people who had not made it back inside in time. Once that eight is done comes the next - where soldiers search different parts of the city and shoot any who remain standing. Each day is a different section.. Can you guess where you should hide? Will you survive until the next Eight? What happens when your group is the only one left standing?

    #2: Annoyances
    For months she complained. Every time she saw him, she would bitch. He was too loud - she could hear the damned bed springs all the way through the floor to her apartment. Was it really necessary to slam on the walls like that? And why was his music always so loud? It never drowned out the sounds of sex! She wore a permanent scowl, annoyed that he would always laugh it off. However, his lustful fairy tale did not have a happy ending. She hasn't seen him in the halls in days, and she hasn't heard anything in weeks. Every time she sees him, he doesn't meet her gaze and seems heartbroken. Perhaps it's time to go upstairs and make sure he's alright.

    #3: Unwritten
    When a world-wide bestselling author suddenly finds life in shambles and needs to get away, what do they do? Take on a new life, of course. Become somebody else. Fake your death and pray for a second chance to get it right and leave all of the mistakes behind. Her former life has been unwritten as far as she is concerned, and she refuses to think about it. Content in the knowledge that she is as far from where she's expected to go as possible, what happens when somebody finds her? Somebody who is not looking for her, but rather to unwrite themselves?

    #4: Fighting Shadows
    When you're stuck in a mental hospital, there isn't much to do for fun. Puzzles, board games that have all the sharp pieces taken out, chugging pills. It's enough to drive anybody crazy. When a crowded hospital begins putting patients with roommates, a pair find themselves in the same room with the same goal - avoid being driven more insane by the white walls and drooling companions all around them. They decide to have as much fun as possible before they get caught. Marco..? Polo!

    #5: Hiraeth
    Hiraeth is loosely translated as a deep sense of longing for a home that perhaps never existed. What happens when you want nothing more than to belong in a different place than where you are? Have you ever felt as though you should be elsewhere, but you have no way to get there? I don't have a specific plot for this one, I just enjoy the concept of the word and would like to construct something around it somehow.

    Please do bear in mind that I have kids and jobs so I am not on here 24/7. That being said, I will post almost every day. Also, it's rather late as I'm typing this, so please forgive me if you comment all excited like and I decide in the morning that the plot sounds awful. I will do my best not to do that, I promise.
  2. I may be interested in one or the other.
  3. That is super helpful, thanks :-P
  4. I know, I'm the best at being helpful.

    Annoyances and Fighting Shadows both interest me, though I'd have to know a little bit more about what you are looking for out of each of them.

    Hiraeth is also a possibility though I feel like it may take some extra work to get that one sorted.
  5. Annoyances is romance based. BECAUSE ROMANCE IS BESTMANCE.

    Fighting Shadows is more just-for-fucks type of amusingness? Could be romance too. Romance leaks into everything.

    Hiraeth is nothingness. -evil cackle-
  6. Well, yes. Romance does leak into everything. And I certainly have no problem with that. I was more meaning along the lines of how well fleshed out you already have your male lead character, if there is a plot already associated with it, etc. Or I would be expected to pick up and do something with myself.
  7. Oh, no, I don't do premade characters for people other than myself. Full creative abilities are left to my partners.
    Although the one in Annoyances is clearly fond of bodily pleasures XD At least being loud at it.
  8. Ah, alright. Well, what fancies you the most at the moment? And when you say you are interested in fantasy, what does that entail?
  9. Dragons are good.
  10. Unwritten or Annoyances sound spectacular to me, if you're still looking!
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  11. I am! I'd love to do Unwritten with you :D
  12. YAAAAS. I'm so down. Shoot me a PM with your desired roles/further details and we can hash something out!
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