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  1. Here is all my plotsie bunnies, (I'll admit I stole some that I really liked)

    I only play female roles and do FxM and rarely FxF.

    The devil's weakness (open)
    A demon lord has ruled the underworld for several hundred years and even rules the human underground world. Strip clubs, Bars, Black Market Weapon Depots, etc. He's had all that he could ask or ever want. Concubines to fulfill his need for bodily contact. He's harsh and loving in all the right ways. Though he had all of this he did not feel as if he had exactly what he wanted. So he goes to the human realm to find it. Whether it was there or not. He finds himself drawn to one human.

    A human who goes out with their friends one night, partying drinking and having just a really good time. One of his friend's suggest going to a BDSM club, to which the human has never been to before. When there the demon lord happens to be there looking for a bit of fun and cannot seem to tear his eyes away from the human and personally tends to the human. Which is odd for the demon and ends up getting strange looks from his employees. After the session he doesn't see the human again for a while and his craving to have the human grows.

    Devil's daughter (open)
    The Devil's daughter realizes in order to rule hell she needs a mate. She goes to earth posing as a new student(or new teacher) at a local high school. The high school is said to have her heir. She meets this heir and slowly seduces him to be her mate.

    Hallows Eve Night (open)
    Halloween night. After ending up at the wrong party at the wrong place, a guy meets a clan of vampires. Instead of killing him, they turn him. They let him train with a girl who doesnt like him, but soon learns to love him. They soon learn he has a deeper connection to vampires then they thought

    This post will be updated frequently.
  2. I'd love to do one of the first two stories :)
  3. They are really good xD wanna do the devil's daughter?
  4. Sure, would love to!
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