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  1. Hi! I'm DJae, and I'm looking for long-time 1x1 Rp partners.
    I do mxm plots, and in mxf plots I prefer being the girl. My characters are usually fairly submissive. In my plots below, I have bolder the character I would prefer to play.

    Quick things about me:
    I have a crazy schedule, but I will tell you if I have to leave a roleplay. I will not abandon it.
    I don't write one-liners, but I don't write multi-paragraphs either.
    I tend to write third person, but I do occasionally write first person.
    I am always open to plots anyone else has!


    (Character A) is a (fantasy species) that is hated among humans. Being accused of a crime they did not commit, (char A) runs from the royal guard of a major town. They bump into (char B) who is a (guard, rogue, traveler, merchant, etc), and who decides to help (char A). Along the perilous journey to get (char A) to safety, what might happen?

    Two travelers decide to rest in an inn. Neither know each other, but when they are accidentally forced to share room because a booking mishap, they quickly learn that they must cope with each other to live peacefully. However, can they tolerate each other even when the city is shut down because of a dangerous criminal suddenly loose in the streets of the small city?

    A new ship had been created: the GalĂ­n X14, the second space ship ever to have made it out of the Milky Way, and the first to return. Now that it's been tested, the best of the best have been recruited to fly the ship out and explore. What could they find?

    (Teacher/Student) A teacher is hired to teach an honors English class, and things are easy at first until one of the best students suddenly begins to misbehave. Disruptive, late, and not doing any work, the student suddenly seems to have lost all control. Having a slight crush on the student and really wanting to help, the teacher begins working with the student to piece back their life, as well as maybe bringing them closer than they thought possible.

    A new student transfers to a new school in a new state. They're given a guide who's supposed to help them get used to the new school, but when they're abandoned and left as fresh meat to the big bullies of the school, who's going to step up to help?
    The popular one?
    The rebel?
    A nerd?

    A mental patient is moved to a new hospital because the old one couldn't contain them anymore. The patient couldn't deal with the fake smiles and sarcastic care, but at this new hospital, there's one doctor they don't mind so much... One who really supports them and helps them. Is it possible that this patient who's been deemed hopeless for 5 years had a chance to change?

    No one thought it possible, but aliens invaded Earth. They took over 4/5 of the population and left the Earth in ruins. The remaining survivors fight for supplies and shelter, as the nights are littered with acid rain and freezing temperatures while the days are filled with polluted air and hot sun rays. How will you survive?

    (Character A) is taking a morning jog or walk when they see (character B). Char B remembers nothing of who they are or how they got there, nor do they remember they have secret powers. Char A takes them in and tries to help them re-adjust to society, and Char B protects them from harm with their powers

    (Char A) is unsure about their religion, and decides to look for friends. Being unusually shy, very self-conscious, and having low self-esteem, Char A had trouble trusting anyone who wanted to be friends... Until (Char B) came along. Char B started to help Char A build faith in God... But then Char A's life starts to crumble. Bad things happen and Char A looks to Char B for answers. Can Char B keep Char A's faith strong, or will Char A fall back into the darkness?

    In the foster house across the street, a young couple has two kids. One was 6, the other was 9. They decide to adopt a teen, (Char A), and bring Char A home... They didn't know that Char A could see ghosts. They didn't know that a ghost lived across the street... And they especially didn't know that Char A wanted to befriend this ghost. So what happens when they start to hang out? Become friends? Have fun?

    Once again, I am open to any plots you people might have, just pm me if you have any ideas or if you like any of my ideas! ^~^
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  2. I'm interested in this!
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  3. I'd be interested in your #3
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