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  1. Hello, I am once again searching for new partners. First of all, I do have some requirements and rules for my roleplay partners. These are made for both our convenience and so that both of us can have fun with the roleplay, so don't skip it. If you don’t fit the requirements or don’t like the rules, don’t ask to roleplay an idea with me. They are here because I know myself, and I know what I need from a partner to keep interest in the roleplay. If you don’t fit those requirements, then we don’t match and it will die quickly. It's not you, it's me. And yes, I do mean that.

    Rules & requirements (READ IT)
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    1. Length
    I’m sorry to say it, but I can’t get creative if I only get one line or one paragraph. I enjoy reading and writing longer texts, preferably of the kind that goes into their characters mind. 3-6 paragraphs is my preferred length, so you should feel comfortable with that length. (Comfortable as in, you like to write that length, not you have to force yourself to write that length). I can go as far as 8-10 paragraphs per post, but anything longer than that tends to feel a bit suffocating. There are times I do go beyond that, but don't expect it to happen in each and every post. I am a mirror roleplayer, and I often tend to adapt to my partners length and writing style. WARNING: Write 8 paragraphs or longer and I will most likely take more time replying. One post a week is pretty standard for me for those.

    2. Posting habits
    I am not the most active partner all the time, and I’m not asking you to be either. I accept partners that post between any amount of times a day to once every week. That’s usually how often I write too. WARNING: If you want to have many posts a day, I might not be the best partner for you. I’m often in a very odd time zone for most people on iwaku and am asleep when most people are awake and posts in roleplays. My time zone is GMT+1

    3. Third person, past tense
    We write a story together, and I need someone that can write in the same style as me. I only write in third person past tense ('He went into the room' instead of 'I walk into the room') because that’s what I’m most comfortable with. I've tried writing with people who has other styles, but it has been confusing when we've written so differently.

    4. No sexual content
    I’ve tried it, and don’t like it. Fade to black rules applies. All other NSFW content are allowed. Torture, killing, violence, blood, gore all works fine as long as it fits the story.

    5. Writing expectations
    I’m Swedish, so I don’t have the best vocabulary, nor do I always spell correctly nor do I use the correct grammar every time. I use spell check, and I try to read through my replies to check for mistakes. Sometimes they slip through, but I think I’m able to catch most of them. I do not expect you to be perfect, if you make small mistakes now and then that’s fine. (If you’ve read this far, please write “I’ve read all the rules :D” in your reply. Smiley required.)Don’t be afraid to tell me if I make the same mistake over and over again, and equally I will tell you if I see something coming up far too much.

    6. Forum only
    I only roleplay through the forum. I won't do chat roleplays, because the replies are too short and goes too fast. I won't do PM roleplay, because the PM section becomes too small on my screen, so long roleplay posts becomes very hard to read. I won't roleplay on any other site than through iwaku, which means no e-mail either. I have all my roleplays on one site so I won't have to log onto a ton of different sites just to check if I've gotten something new.

    Now to the fun part

    Once a plot is taken I'll write (TAKEN) beside it.

    The evil saga/Vocaloid (open)

    The evil saga (Aku no monogatari) (CRAVING)
    Based on the vocaloid serie aku no monogatari. We simply follow the storyline of the series and throw in our own personalities and extends the story with our own ideas. We would mainly focus on Rin and Len, but we could also play out stories with the other characters when Rin and Len aren't present in the story. If so then the lineup for character use would look like this:

    1. Len Kagamine (servant)
    2. Haku Yowane (Daughter of white)
    3. Kaito (King of the blue kingdom)

    1. Rin Kagamine (Princess of the yellow kingdom)
    2. Meiko (Swordswoman in red armor)
    3. Miku Hatsune (Woman from the kingdom of green)

    (This is because I rather play Len than Rin, and the others are simply put out after how much they talk with the other characters. Miku mainly talks to Len and Kaito. Meiko mainly talks to Kaito (and has one scene with Rin). Rin mainly talks to Kaito, Len, and Yowane. So in that line up there won't be much need for a long post where someone only interacts with their own characters.)

    This would be a chapter like rp, meaning we would have an introduction part of their childhood, a chapter about their reunion, etc. I’ve done it before and I have an old draft of potential chapters. Some of them are more focused on Miku and Kaito, how they met and such, or Miku and Haku. We can decide if we want those chapters or not as they're only fun extras, it all depends on how much in depth you wish to go in the story. Knowledge of both the evil saga (the daughter of evil, the servant of evil, regret message and rebirth day) and the extra songs prince of blue, daughter of green, daughter of vengeance and the daughter of white is necessary.

    Rise of the guardians & Frozen (open)

    1. Rise of the guardians with Pitch Black and Jack Frost (Which will be played by me, cause I love that cute little winter spirit). This will in no way be romantic, it will be a more father & son like relationship.

    My first idea is based of a fanfiction I read, where Pitch black found Jack Frost right after he had become a winter spirit. He brought the spirit to his home and raised him like a son for 300 years. During this time he did isolate the spirit, and Jack was only allowed out on moonless nights. Pitch tricked him into believing that the guardians were the bad guys and that he never should speak with them. Then the guardians gets the message from the moon that Jack Frost should be a new guardian.

    We would of course share the roles of the guardians. The only one I wouldn’t feel comfortable playing would be Bunnymund, as I don’t know how to write an Australian accent. (Don’t know how to write a Russian accent either, but for some reason that has never disturbed me). I’m not asking for someone that can make his accent, just used the word mate and I’ll be fooled into believing you’re doing it correctly xD.

    Rise of the guardians plot 2:
    This will take place after the events of the movie. Jack Frost (once again me) finds Pitch, defeated and weak. Even though they should be enemies, Jack refuses to leave the dark lord like that and tries to help him back on his feet, and in the process creates a friendship he never thought possible.

    -Note: It’s up to you how Pitch will react to this. Maybe he decides to trick Jack and get him over to his side but eventually realizes it’s a bad idea. Maybe he never realizes it’s a bad idea and thinks it’s the best option all the way through. Or maybe he’s honest from the beginning. Either way it will be a hell of a drama once the guardians gets to know about it. Oh, and Jack has not become a guardian at this point. In this universe, Jack decided to take some time to think about it before taking the guardian pledge.

    3. Jack Frost and Elsa (Rotg & Frozen).
    This world will be slightly confusing. It takes place in Arendelle and in Frozens time period, but the events of Rotg has happened, but once again, Jack Frost has decided not to become a guardian yet and wants some time to think about it. (So Rotg has basically been thrown back a few centuries).

    Elsa is back in Arendelle after the events of the movie. Her sister is fine and the people around her accepts her powers. But the nightmares still haunts her, and her anxiety becomes worse for each day. What if she hurts someone again? What if she freezes everything around her? Pitch has found the perfect victim to fuel his powers, and a possible partner for a future attack on the guardians if he plays his cards right.

    One day Pitch is finally seen by the young woman. He convinces her that it’s better for her to leave, and that it’s safer for everyone if she’s not there. Thus she leaves and once again isolates herself. Pitch decides to leave her alone for a while, thinking it will make her more accepting of his presence if he comes back when she’s at her loneliest moment. Humans could only be alone for that long before it drove them crazy after all.

    What the nightmare king hadn’t expected though was that a certain winter spirit would come into her life and mess up his plans.
    (I’m up for playing either Elsa or Jack Frost. Either one is fine for me. I do however has less experience with playing Elsa. Only done it briefly in a fanfic I wrote. Btw, I don’t want Elsa to be able to see Jack at first, and he have to do some tricks before he appears in front of her.)

    4. If you have other ideas that's about Rise of the guardians or Frozen or both at the same time, then I am willing to listen to them. Though before you write about that: I don't want it to be about an OC character falling in love with the main character of one of the movies, nor do I want an OC character to be the the main focus. OC characters can be thrown in, but they should not be the main characters of the story. I like to keep to the original characters in focus.

    (ALL ORIGINAL PLOTS ARE TAKEN)(Somewhat) original (but not really original cause nothing’s original anymore) plots:
    Show Spoiler

    1. (TAKEN) Two teenagers wakes up in a jungle with no memories of who they are or what happened to them. They don’t know if they can trust the person they woke up with, but trying to survive alone might be fatal. They will have to find food, be careful of poisonous foods, escape wild animals, and eventually find out who the mysterious men that has been chasing them are. Slowly their memories will come back to them, and maybe they will be able to find their way home.
    (This is not a romance rp, and the characters can be any gender.)

    2. (TAKEN) A girl gets into a school for guys, pretending to be a guy, and of course gets a guy roommate. She has to keep her identity a secret from everyone around her, since if they found out, she would be thrown out of the school. Of course someone figures it out eventually, and she has to make sure he stays quiet.
    -Teen/Romance/Comedy, extremely inspired by lots and lots of gender bending manga.
    -Would prefer to play the girl for this one

    3. (TAKEN) Wrapped in lies
    A 17 year old boy has been accused of murdering his own family. The young man is on the run from the guards as he knows he will be executed if they catch him. He saw the man who murdered his family, one of the kings most trusted generals. No one would believe him if he told them, so what other choice did he have than to run? He needed to find a way to prove his innocence. But first he had to survive. A man found the starving boy in the forest where he had been hiding. He said that he would help the boy, but he had a hidden agenda. He was a guard in disguise and would take the boy back to town to throw him into prison so justice could be served. But will he be able to go through with it? Will he be able to believe that the boy is the cold blooded murderer people say he is? Or will he end up helping the boy instead?
    -I play the 17 year old boy.
    -Can be romance or non-romance
    -Medieval time period

    I am not in the mood for brainstorming plots, and quite frankly, I rarely am. Brainstormed plots rarely works for me. They tend to die much faster. If you don't like any of my ideas, feel free to send me ideas, just make sure you have a plot (not a character. A plot). If you feel like expanding on a plot or changing a certain part of it, just say so, and likewise you should be ready that I might wish to change certain things in plots you're sending me. This does of course not mean we have to change it, but be open for new ideas for a plot. Also be ready to get a no when you send in a plot. I will choose people that satisfies my cravings first. Modern fantasy, medieval fantasy, medieval, vampires, time travel, adventures and supernatural stuff are some of my favorite things to rp. So got a plot about that, and you have a higher chance of making me interested.

    I do not accept any plots that's a fandom if I can't play an OC, as I have a hard time playing already existing characters. The only exception is Rotg and Frozen, where I don't like to have OCs and have nothing against playing Jack Frost, Elsa or Anna. (Can also play Pitch and any guardian, except for bunnymund, as long as they're not the main character of the story. Would probably be able to try out Hans too, once again, not as a main character.)

    Since this has become awfully long, I will stop here and hope that someone with similar interests and writing style comes my way. Check out my roleplay resume for more information and post sample. Also, don't be afraid to check up my current roleplays for more post samples. I would suggest to check out Two opposites and To change time for the best posts.

    No character sheets required.
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  2. Ive read all the rules:) Personally as much as i would like to i doubt i could enjoy writing the length you require. Until next time Redblood. -bows formally and leaves-
  3. YAY, someone that reads the rules :D -applauds-
    If you ever start feeling comfortable writing longer posts, you're welcome to search me up :) And likewise if I start to feel more comfortable with shorter posts I'll make sure to keep you in mind for possible future plots ^^
  4. If you ever feel good with coming down a bit to perhaps two to three paragraphs i think otherwise we would get along quite well. Our tastes are similar.
  5. At times I do go down to two paragraphs actually, but right now I feel for some lengthier roleplays. So maybe to the next partner search :)
  6. For now then, Dos svidania.
  7. I’ve read all the rules :P

    Hmhm, I've gotta say, the one that most interests me is

    2. A girl gets into a school for guys, pretending to be a guy, and of course gets a guy roommate. She has to keep her identity a secret from everyone around her, since if they found out, she would be thrown out of the school. Of course someone figures it out eventually, and she has to make sure he stays quiet.

    I always enjoyed stories in which a secret is the biggest threat to one, and possibly the biggest tool for another. Hehehe.
  8. Hey i-

    *See's you're a staff member*

    Eh never mind then c:.
  9. Weeeee :D All my (not so) original plots has now been taken :3 That's a first in one search within the first week xD It's always fun to mess with characters that has a secret. Blackmail is the best way of showing your love for someone. Even if you hate them. But hatred always turns into love in the end anyways, so it's the same thing. Or so manga has taught me.

    Noooo, don't run, I'm not dangerous. -chases after-
    Come baaaaack.
  10. Manga always teaches good stuff :3

    I do have to say that I'll most likely go for mainly 3-4 paragraphs per post, seeing 5+ I tend to feel like its putting pressure on me. Hope thats okay :P
  11. That's totally fine. Not every roleplay needs to have long length posts, and I thought that this would be a bit more laid back. I tend to do slightly shorter posts when it comes to modern day roleplays without supernatural elements.

    Want me to start it immediately, or do you want to discuss something beforehand?
  12. Hmhm. You can go ahead and start immediatly, I don't mind :P
    Just need to decide how will the roommate be, hehehe.
  13. The post is done. Hope you decide soon :D (If you didn't get an alert from the tag I left in the thread it's just to poke me for a link)
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