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  1. Hello there!

    I was inspired to do something a little out of the ordinary for my first Romance Roleplay Partner request. But before I get to the plot, I would first like to state some of the minor guidelines I'd like to implement so we can have a wholesome time roleplaying with each other.

    - Absolutely NO ONE LINERS. These rarely contribute to moving things along and contributing to the overall plot. More often than not, these little suckers are the main reason roleplays get boring, turn stagnant and consequently die.

    - I don't particularly have any qualms if you have the spelling and grammar skills of a New York Times bestselling author or if you're just a novice. If you are the latter, however, just make sure I can understand your posts.

    - Don't be afraid to talk and collaborate with me if you have any interesting ideas to enrich the plot. Remember, I want you to have fun roleplaying as much as I will have.

    - If you ever grow bored and tired of this, it's completely fine. You can talk to me so we can have a discussion on how we can spice things up a bit more. But if you really want to quit just make sure to message me, however so that I would no longer expect posts from you.

    - As much as possible, please be active. If you're going to be MIA for a few days, give me a heads-up. Don't just disappear from the face of the earth without giving me a holler.

    - When it comes to posting, I usually can make posts once up to several times a day depending on my creativity levels, my schedule and how tired I am.

    - As much as possible, try to be descriptive. Let's give each other something vivid to work with in order to make it easier for us to understand the story in a more in-depth way.

    - Excuse the bias but I never play MxM roleplays. I usually do MxF or FxF pairings.

    - By all means, try to contribute to the overall story with each post. I'd be happier playing with someone who adds up and builds up the story with me rather than me only doing that by myself.

    Now for the plot ideas.

    I only have two for the moment. If I think up of more ideas, I'd update this.

    ~Dating the Overlord of Hell~

    [ M x F]

    Pretty self explanatory? Partly yes. Although the title is quite intimidating, what I have in mind for this is a really light approach. Due to some various circumstances, the Male MC (or MMC for short) is forced to commit suicide. Knowing full well that his life was already a living hell to begin with, he accepts his fate of suffering eternal damnation in the fiery lakes of hell. However, when he wakes up in his after life, he is astounded to find himself in a rather tranquil setting absent from any suffering or despair. The cries of the damned are non-existent, the sight of torment is absent, and the most peculiar thing of all, the dark lord of hell, Satan, is actually a beautiful and compassionate girl named Saten. She reveals the true essence and purpose of hell to MMC: a rehabilitation center for souls so that they could be granted a chance to go to heaven. At first, our MMC is doubtful of Saten's sincerity, in fact, he just wants to get out of hell and go to heaven but over time, he starts to trust her and then some. It doesn't take long for him to realize that he's fallen for the Overlord of Hell. I want this to have a slice of life ring to it (ironic since the MC is already dead, I know).

    For this RP, I am fine playing either Saten or the Male MC.




    The story is set on a rural town in Japan. The Male MC returns to his hometown after getting tired of his job and living life in the city. On his way to the cabin he owns in the mountains, he decides to stop by a restaurant after suddenly feeling hungry. A waitress, which he deduces as being around the same age as him welcomes him and ushers him to his table. He orders the specialty of the restaurant and shortly afterwards, the waitress comes back with his order. After sampling a spoonful of it, he concludes that it wasn't appetizing at all but he doesn't complain unlike another group seated close to him who demands a refund and starts breaking the tableware when the waitress that served our MMC states that they can't give refunds but they could replace their order. When the leader of the group tries to lay his hand on the waitress, the MMC steps in and beats up everyone in the group, albeit he causes more damage than the group did.

    As he was about to leave, the store's manager demands that he pay for the damage he'd done by working at the restaurant and the aloof waitress that suffers from communication problems with the staff , the very same one that had served the MMC would train him. Though during his stay there, he actually does the jobs of a waiter, a security guard and most importantly, a chef. It turns out that nobody in the restaurant could cook decently and with our MMC's appearance, he could be the saving grace of the restaurant.

    I'd prefer to play the male for this one.


    Well that's all I have for now. If you''re interested, come on and join! And if you have ny questions, feel free to pm me. Have a good day! ^^
  2. I would love to do the Dating the Overlord of Hell RP
  3. Sure thing. Just shoot me a pm and we can discuss about the characters.

    By the way, I'd prefer it if only anime-styly pics would be used for this.
  4. I like the Working one :)
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