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  1. I have been a bit dead this past few weeks and while I still have some role plays, I would like to add a lot more to that number. I have a few ideas and some pairings but if you do not find anything that you like or that is not on my list or a plot that you want to try. I am willing to do anything.

    Twisted Love

    Cain was once an older brother not that he remembers any of that life, he and his younger brother where separated when his parents decided to split up and he was left in the hands of his Father, who took the young boy and turned him into a well trained hit man. Taught him how to kill, lock away his emotions and become nothing more than a loyal lap dog, but years later his Father sends him out to kidnap a younger male, who soon to be step-dad owes him quite a big lump of sum. It later turns out that the soon to be barging chip is none other than Cain's younger brother and before he even knew that he had found himself wanting him, in the most darkest of ways.

    See Me, See You

    Jayden was the type of girl to always smile and always see the bright side of things. Always wanting to please everyone but she never had any one there to help her. Her lack of site never seemed to bother her, or at least that is what she let people think. So when she comes into contact with some one, who can see straight through her walls, her most inner darkest secrets, what does that mean for her? Will she be able keep her act going or will this person have her showing her true self, along with capturing her heart?

    Mirror, Mirror, On the wall

    Sora had always felt odd and out of place. Feeling like she could see things that normal people should not be able to see and once more her family is moving to a entire new small town that Sora knows she is going to be cast out of. But once there she comes into contact with a beautiful mirror in there new home, only to come face to face with a rather handsome man, who wants her to do things. Part of her wants to listen the other part wishes to fight, how could she do such things? But, when she began to fall deeper and deeper in love with a creator she can only see in mirror's and her dreams, she finds herself doing almost anything to break him free.

    Rock Star Sweet Heart

    Emily had always been there for her best friend, after all she had fallen in love with him a long time ago but when he left in order to follow his dream, she had fallen apart and tried to pick up the pieces which only lead her to not only tangle herself with the wrong crowd, but get mixed in with a dick-weed of an abusive boyfriend, but then again she feels like perhaps it was her fault? Only for her once, and still best friend to show back up and try and pick up everything they had, where they left off.

    Pairings (open)

    What I want to play
    Demon X Summoner

    Rapist X Victim

    Cop X Criminal

    Teacher X Student

    Jock X Nerd

    Incest of any kind

    Angel X Demon

    Best Friend X Best friend

    Popular Kid X New Kid

    Famous person X Fan
  2. Hello! Bahiyya the Insane, Orderly Writer here. You have some fairly good plots and pairings. I'm quite interested in the See Me, See You plot. :bsmile:
  3. Oooo~ That makes me happy. Care to take this too Pm's?
  4. Alrighty! To the PM! XD
  5. I'm interested in the incest pairing (not the plot that you listed). I was thinking of a straight or yuri twincest.
  6. ~ooo yuri! Care to pm? We can plot!
  7. I'm pretty interested in the Rock Star Sweet Heart. Which character were you interested in playing?
  8. While I made all the plots with myself as then one names so in that case Emily I can play either,
  9. I like the "See me, See you" plot bit.
  10. Sure, Care to PM?
  11. Hey!

    I really like your mirror, mirror plot, but I don't really do MxF. So, are you interested in this: Instead of being a girl, the "Sora" character is a boy, who sees an evil version of himself in the mirror. The evil alter ego in the mirror can start telling him to do things, trying to break free and take over his life.


    A brother x brother roleplay. Possibly twins?
  12. Oooooooo~ Perhaps, you should try Private Message Me.
  13. Kine of interested in both the mirror mirror, and see me, see you plots you have posted up there. If you still want someone to do those with I'd love to.
  14. Ah, Please feel free to PM. We can get any last things needed discussing out of the way. :3

  15. Incest is kinds my thing..
    I have A plot for a brother/sister pairing, with me playing the sister.
    We can double though.
  16. Pm me and we can talk
  17. Hello, I'm interested in your "Rock Star Sweet Heart" plot. :)
  18. Really! Care to take this to messages?
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