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  1. Hey, it's Evime ^.^ I have some plots, but before that here are my requirements (hopefully not too hard to fulfill).


    • Length: I won't be too fussy if it's a conversation or a quick scene going on, but if not then at least 2-4 paragraphs are needed! No oneliners. If you really can't think of something tell me OOC and I'll try to help!
    • Grammar, spelling, etc: I do expect proper grammar and spellings. I will excuse minor mistakes from anyone. I don't consider myself an expert in grammar and English but more than five mistakes per post are kinda annoying. Nobody has an excuse for spelling errors, everyone has a spellchecker and if not there is the Internet.
    • PM or thread: PM, please.
    • Face claim: I use both anime face claims and realistic ones so please tell me which one you prefer.
    • Things I will not do: Furries or anything of the sort, and LGBT+ characters. This is not because I dislike the LGBT+ community, it's because I'm heterosexual and I don't believe myself to be experienced enough to RP different sexualities.
    • Explicit stuff: I have never RPed smut before, but I am willing to try if you keep that in mind. Language is not a problem, it depends on your character, and please don't curse like $H!T or something. We all know what's under there and we're not in kindergarten.
    • Quitting: If you wanna stop the RP please please please tell me. Don't just stop or disappear, leaving me hanging for a reply. If you're bored just tell me and maybe we can do something to spice up the plot or stop.

    I hope that wasn't too much UwU And here are some plots. Probably all of these need to be more expanded on though.


    ♥ Muse A has decided that love isn't for them but then they meet Muse B, a person who makes them think "This asshole is going to ruin everything."

    ♥ Muse A has a crush on Muse B but isn't sure whether Muse B likes them or not, so they decide to dabble in witchcraft and create a truth potion. But Muse A isn't a very good witch/wizard so now a monster's after Muse B and they have to help.

    ♥ Muse A is a genie but they are horrible at magic. Muse B rubs their lamp, ready with wishes but instead they find that Muse A is pretty much useless. Too bad Muse B is technically the owner of the lamp and can't get rid of Muse A now.

    ♥ Muse A gets a huge piano from a relative. It's beautiful but they have no idea how to play it and just spend their time running their fingers over the keys occasionally. One day, they resolve to learn and hire Muse B to be their piano tutor. Muse B, in need of quick cash, agrees.

    ♥ Muse A and Muse B are roommates and complete opposites. They hate each other. One day, both are drunk and Muse A passes out on their bed. Muse B drunkenly stumbles in andcuddles up with Muse A. What will happen the next morning?

    ♥ Similar to the genie plot! Muse A is Muse B's guardian angel but they're shit at it and keep accidentally screwing things up and putting them both in danger.

    ♥ There's only one box left of the cereal brand that Muse A and Muse B love and they both reach for it at the same time. Arguments about who gets to take it ensue. I don't know.

    ♥ Muse A works at Starbucks and Muse B is a frequent customers. After working at Starbucks, Muse A has learnt to differentiate between what they refer to as 'normal people' and 'Instagrammers', and Muse B belongs to the latter group, so Muse A intentionally misspells their name every time they visit.

    ♥ Muse A is visiting a foreign country for personal reasons and don't speak the language. Very few people speak English there. They feel very lonely and disconnected from the world as no one understands them, and they don't understand the others. While outside, Muse A notices Muse B talking over the phone in fluent English and latches onto them as soon as their call ends, begging them to teach them the language.

    ♥ Muse A's car breaks down and they're stuck in the middle of nowhere. They decide to hitchhike and notice a truck coming. It stops and Muse A gets in, expecting a hairy biker or something but damn Muse B is pretty hot.

    ♥ A celeb gets a new stylist who accidentally develops a huge crush on the celeb.

    Muse A is a broke college student and a frequent visitor to a cheap cafe where Muse B works. This could go two ways: 1. Either Muse A develops a crush on Muse B and asks them out. Or 2. Muse B develops a crush on Muse A and begins writing cute messages in the froth of their coffee.
    PM me if you're interested or if you have any other ideas you'd like to do! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me if you have any other ideas wow I cannot stress this enough.​
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  2. Updated with more plots!
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