Plots I've been dying to do.

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  1. Mkay so I have some weird ideas... And stuff.. (I dont like to admit it but I'm pretty damn kinky like DAT.) Anyways before you get to the stuff below a few stuff you need to know.

    I am on everyday and if I won't be on for a day or so I'll notify you.

    I easily get bored with the rp if my partner is bad at making things exciting.

    I don't really mind whichever character I am for just some of them, not all but some.

    I'm not the strongest dominant :/ I'm pretty good but not SO good that I need a standing ovation. Just like two steps away from bad

    Okay the plots:

    Doctor x Nurse/patient:
    I know its not new or anything but Yea... You know how its gonna lead

    Friends with benifts:
    Yeah, so I was thinking that the male would be abusive somehow. (I stole that idea from some who shall not be named (*>ω<) )

    Master x slave:
    On this one, I want to be submissive (the slave) and the master would should be a really strong dominant rper (abusive.)

    If you wanna know what I'm thinking about leave me a pm and get ready for some kinky shit.
  2. I'd be willing to do DoctorxNurse or the Incest.
  3. Master/Slave or incest.
  4. Umm..... I think I'll do the incest cus I want to do that the most


    Can you guys both send me a pm? I might fall asleep and I have school tomorrow...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.