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  1. Short Something

    Θ I'm male and prefer to play Male in MxF pairings. If you can convince me, I will do a FxF but not MxM.

    Θ I prefer 2-4 Paragraphs. One liners and even one paragraph is hard to work with.

    Θ You don't have to have perfect grammar or punctuation, but please make it understandable so I'm not left guessing what you are saying.

    Θ If you want to drop a RP, put it on pause, or can't answer for awhile. Please tell me, I won't get upset and I will understand.

    Θ You don't have to help develop the story, but it would be helpful if you did.

    Θ I rather not have someone that posts only once a week.

    Θ Reply to this thread or PM me

    ۞ Secret of Mars ۞
    (This will be a Futuristic type)
    In the year 2104, Earth has become overpopulated. Mars has been colonized and science has made a human-made atmosphere for Mars. When it was first colonized, the people had to wear oxygen tanks and import oxygen from earth. Now it is synthetically made and the community on Mars is growing. There is no disease, no insects, nothing that Earth has besides peace and tranquility. How will this all change?

    A recent shipment of goods from Earth has come to the City of Gastria. The first city of Mars and the only fully developed city with over 4 million civilians, soldiers, and the other. There is no police or gangs, only the Military. Companies have begun on Mars, all digging down deep into the crust to find if life really did exist on Mars before. One particular company decides to dig in at a site that seems to have buildings once. This is where the story begins.

    For this roleplay, I would like YC to be part of the Dig Team of this Company. Could be the Chief Engineer, Supervisor, Digger, whatever. MC will be part of the Military that is sent to oversee the operation. They don't believe Alienlife exists, but the company pressed hard for Guards and the Military sent a small squadron of soldiers to watch over the Dig Team.

    Our Two characters will meet and talk, but nothing will really happen in the story until the dig team stumbles across something. Could be an ancient alien, technology, new parasite/disease. Whatever Me and You decide on. From there on we can build the story to Gastria slowly dying, Technology advancing in the future, or whatever. Up to you.


    卐 The Perfect Race 卐
    (Note: I do NOT support what Hitler did. This is just an Alternate Historical Event)

    This story will take place in 2020, but under Nazi rule. Hitler won the war and after winning the war. Conquered the entire world. All the Jewish People were killed, people that weren't German, Blonde-Haired, Blue-eyed ran and hid in fear. Russia and America are little remnants that are more like rebels than freedom fighters. No one can stop Germany anymore, not unless someone from the inside helped.

    Don't have a picture, sorry T.T
    A purge is going around. The Military is searching houses, invading Ally countries and looking for Races that they hate and Freedom Fighters. They find what they are looking for and the person that makes this find is a Lieutenant that is ready to be ranked up to Captain at a young age. He is a promising young man and has high expectations in the future. That all changes when he finds a group of freedom fighters and spots the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. The soldiers under his command of course want to kill them, but he saves the girl and only the girl and keeps her. No one can know he has her and is protecting her, it is wrong and punishable by death. She begins to whisper things into his ear, ruin Germany by killing the Emperor and saving the world.

    This Roleplay would start with the Lieutenant searching ruined cities in other countries. I would be playing the Lieutenant and it would be obvious who YC would be.


    No Boundaries ♋

    Science has gone too far. A Privately funded government made science organization has been making plans on making the perfect Human. The only problem is...they succeed. This perfect human is the fairy tales people tell their children and write books about to become popular. They were just myths and legends, never true. The supernatural never existed and they still don't. Science has made the first Human 'Vampire'. Considered a Vampire from the ability to regenerate from bullets, knife wounds, and any other ailment by drinking blood.

    This Human has special crafted genes. Muscle Tissue can grow and mold faster, giving it more strength without looking the part. More speed and improved hearing and eyesight. It can still be killed by being shot in the brain or heart, if lucky enough you could make him bleed to death.

    Now, in this RP. MC will be the 'Vampire' and YC will be one of the Doctors. Asking questions, learning things. Testing his abilities and the such. We can discuss this plot further.

    ₪ Leftovers ₪

    (Supernatural, not the show)
    His pack abandoned him, left him for dead. He tried to hunt them down, ask them why, but his hunt was cut short as he was attacked and severely wounded. Now he has no where to go, but thankfully he was saved by a woman he has never seen before, for untold reasons.

    This one is obviously vague, but MC would be a Werewolf who was abandoned, attacked, etc. YC can be a werewolf from another pack orrr, whatever you want her to be. As long as she saves him, I don't really care.

    ♒ Running Away ♒
    (Slice of Life-ish. Smuttish...very)

    He was tired of the life he lived in, used as a tool. Nothing more than a tool and didn't have a say in any matter. That all changed when he met her and she saved him from his fate of constant use and maybe even abuse. She was even putting herself in danger just to save him. Why would she do that? Love? Obsession? Needs?

    The world is Earth, but not as people remember. The population is mainly Females. About 90% females and the other ten is males. Men no longer have a say in anything, they are no longer soldiers or workers. They are kept in 'Institutes' to stay fit and stay in prime condition for mating. Men are just now used to breed, the women are afraid if men are given freedom then they would die off and then the human race would die.

    MC Would be one of the men, obviously, he would have several children by now. He doesn't know any of them, but all he is meant to do is fill a woman with his seed and stay fit and healthy. One day, YC happens upon him and gets either Obsessed, Love, Pride, Needs, Just had to have him, or something. She sneaks him away and to a 'secret' hiding place for her and him. This will probably have a lot of smut mentioned and probably happening.

    ✂ The Pit ✂
    (I don't know what to call it)

    He was the Gang Lords best fighter. Pit fights that happened in the secrets of the city, the law enforcement has heard about them, but hasn't done anything to stop them. They are bribed and paid off highly by the various Gang Lords. MC is a fighter in The Pit, one of the best. His Owner doesn't plan on letting him go any time soon, and MC has been fighting so long that he doesn't bother trying to escape. He doesn't know the outside world, what to do, only to fight. The Gang Lord even lets him live in his house, to have a better watch over him, but has security measures up just in case MC decides to try something. One day the Gang Lord's daughter talks to MC, she has grown a crush on him from afar and watching him fight. What will he do about it?

    So, MC would be the Pit Fighter and YC would be the daughter. This plot could make it where the Gang Lord is the Female and she has grown an interest in him, or just the daughter. Either one works.

    ❂ Give Up ❂
    Zombies were just movies, books, games. No one thought it was possible or real, but it was and no one was prepared. Everyone all thought they had a zombie plan and knew what to do when Zombies came, but they were wrong. Shock still kicked in, panic swept over the Nations and the World was doomed...or so they thought. Scientists know they can cure this plague, they just need the protection and resources to do it. The scientists and what is left of the Military send out a radio broadcoast for 'Freelancers' to come aid this attempt in gathering resources.
    MC and YC would be some survivors that hear the broadcast and think it is better to help the Government try and stop this Plague. Of course they are sent in with hardly anything and a group of people to gather these resources, data, and what not.

    My Zombies for this RP: They aren't dead, that is why they can be cured. A mad scientist produced a virus that shuts down important brain functions and leaves them a hostile, crazy self. Zombies can starve and shooting their head is effective, but not the only way to kill them. If they bleed out then they die, they are still human. They can spread the virus by biting others, though most people get eaten unless in large groups. The last person to be attacked is normally eaten for nutrients.

    ✮ Area 51 ✮
    A group of scientists are working in Area 51, testing new experiments. They have limited test subjects now. With all the popularity of the secret Area 51, protesters now stand at a safe distance, annoying the the secret base. The Military has threatened to kill anyone who oversteps there bound, but they still protest. Some people have died and some haven't. The scientists haven't been able to leave, having to live in the base as they feared being assaulted by the people if they left. The scientists are tired, making more mistakes for the fear of their life and one of these mistakes was releasing something...not just something...someone. Aliens are real, the Government just made sure no one knew and locked them away in Area 51, but now it is free and dangerous.

    MC would be a Soldier or another Scientists. YC could be a Soldier or Scientist, point is. The base is locked down and no one can live or the entire Nation will go in panic, they have to find the Alien and capture it once more for studying, before it kills them all.

    Alright. I will be posting more Plot ideas and I will tell when I do. If anyone is interested, just reply in the Thread or PM me {。^◕‿◕^。}
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  2. I like the plot for Leftovers.
  3. I love the Second idea for the 2020 Nazi world. However I don't know if you want to do a second roleplay with me, your name change got to me XD. But I absolutely love the second plot idea!!
  4. Another plot... I should probably put them in spoilers.
  5. Added an Area 51 plot.
  6. Dude, there needs to be more creative people like you in the world. xP
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