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  1. Hello there. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lusterless Nova, but you may address me as Nova. I've made some very precious memories here on Iwaku, but my latest were sadly not that happy. I won't lie to you. I canceled about 3 roleplays because of a writer's block, or because there was no actual plot to follow. BUT! I informed each and every partner of that with a pm. Yes, it might happen again, but I will not leave you without a warning or notice if it does.

    Now to break that writer's block, I'd like to try some plots that worked out in the past. Not all of these made it until the happy/bad end part, but they went well enough to make some good/sweet/naughty memories. I want to make some more of them, so if you haven't left by now, let's move on to the more important stuff. What I expect of you, and what you can expect from me.

    What you can expect from me
    I will post about 1-3 paragraphs, and these will usually give you something to work with. Quality instead of quantity.
    Somewhat frequent posts. At least 1 each two days, or up to 5 per day. It highly depends on the RP.
    Instant PM when something is wrong. I will usually try to fix a problem, but if I see absolutely no future for the RP, I will inform you that i call it off.

    What I expect from you
    Please match my post length. I don't mind if you post a bit more or less, but no one liners or entire walls of text.
    Use anime pictures for your characters. I don't like realistic, or semi-realistic ones. I don't know why, and neither do I care. Deal with it.
    Since I will inform you of problems, I expect the same of you. Simple as that, and not so much to ask if you ask me.
    Contribute your ideas to the roleplay. It's no fun to lead it alone. I won't bite.

    And finally. The plots. They all play in the medieval fantasy times. Magic and monsters on an anime level. The first letter of the gender is my role. The second is yours.

    YC=Your character
    MC=My character
    Blazing Heart FxM (open)

    There are many legendary fighters in this time. One after another story is told to the next generation. They spark the interest of the young ones and motivate them to become fighters. To fight monsters, to protect their homes, to get fame, and earn loot. One of these motivated young ones would be YC. A young man born in a simple village at the sea. He lacks actual combat experience, but he trains hard every day.

    The day comes when he can actually gain experience, and he takes his first quest. The mission is to escort a merchant caravan through the thick forest, while being accompanied by 2 knights. It looks like a quiet day, even if the knights don't seem to take him serious. It changes for the worse though when bandits surround them. They want money, but the knights refuse. A battle starts. YC is not that scared though, pays attention to the battle, and aside from notices when a killing blow would have hit one of the knights. He tries to block it, even though he knows he will most probably won't be able to get out of this unscratched. But before the enemy's sword, a dark red blade would pierce the bandit's body and turn him to ashes in the blink of an eye. Someone else joined the battle. When seeing her YC instantly starts to think. One of the youngest stories comes to his mind.

    Fueled by the flames of war, the red haired swordsman incinerates her foes in a fury dance of death, ensuring the last thing they see is a glimpse of hell. A master of fire magic, she employs a highly effective and versatile skill set: from unleashing the flames within her, to lodging her claymore into her foes to set them ablaze. She exists to ignite the despair in their hearts and to scorch their souls. Criminals and monsters. Hear her title and despair. Welcome the Blazing Heart.
    With her help, the battle ends in the caravan's favor. There is minimal damage and a few wounds, so the caravan takes a break. Now that there is time, maybe it would be a good idea to talk to the red haired swordsman.

    The woman's name is Remilia Scarlet, and she is one of the latest legendary fighters. Despite the stories about her, she is not a war loving fighter. True, she likes to fight, but she is actually a nice person. Remilia is the big sister type and likes to help the people around her. But be aware of her. She is passionate about most things and might assault you when she likes you enough. Aside from that, she does like to cuddle things while being asleep.

    Fateful Encounter MxF (open)

    YC lives in a village mostly known for their archers. Many of the world's best archers come from here, and they are proud of that fact. One of the most aspiring ones is YC. Aside from her archery skills, she also has special powers, which are unpolished though. Still. She is well known and respected.
    One day, a member of her family (mother or little brother) go into the woods to collect herbs. They meet a stranger there, and soon enough, YC would hear a scream from the forest. When she arrives, she sees her brother/mother lying on the ground, and a stranger who sits next to him/her, looking for something on their legs. As first guess, YC would assume that he hurt him/her.
    Truth is that things were not how they looked. A snake bit the leg of the brother/mother, and the stranger took the snake down with his sword. All he tried now was to help the person.

    After things are cleared up by him, he introduces himself as Nolan Vale. An adventurer. He would help YC to bring her brother/mother to the doctor, who would get well soon. As thanks for his help YC would offer him a meal, and they would start talking. Nolan would show that he is an experienced power user, and capable of teaching her how to control hers. They make a deal. He would be allowed to stay for a while and get meals, and he would train her so that she can become even stronger.

    If you want to know more about Nolan, check his profile.
    It would be a kind of Teacher x Student type of rp, but they would also be friends. They would spend time outside of training too, so it is probably only a matter of time, and personality.

    I will add more ideas later. For now, let's see who is interested. Please read my resume in case you have questions. If they are not answered there, ask here. I will answer ASAP.
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  2. I'm interested in Blazing Heart
  3. Good to know. Send me a pm so we can plan out the details.
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