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  1. What's up?

    I'm Miya, 20 years old. Roleplayer x7 years.

    I have four distinct plots in mind to roleplay, and I'm looking for someone to help me bring them to life.

    I do double.

    Experience required: intermediate - adept.

    Help me play around with plot. I know you have ideas.

    ❀ ❀ ❀

    —Rules include the following—

    - 400 - 1000 word replies

    - ≥ 1 reply per week

    - avoid 'block' paragraphs; formatting preferred

    - please, don't message me if you have a habit of leaving unannounced

    - must be at least 18 to roleplay smut

    - don't pester me, I'm a nursing student. I'm already half-dead as we speak.

    ❀ ❀ ❀

    —Plots include the following—

    *Depending on your preferences, I will happily play male or female parts*

    *provided you're of age, all of these plots may involve smut; tell me your limits so I don't overstep*

    The Keeper of Time

    Two college students; disheveled genius boy meets curiously clumsy girl at a film club meeting on campus when the building suddenly catches fire. It ends in tragedy; with the entrance blocked, everyone is trapped inside for over fifteen minutes before emergency responders can find a way in. Twenty-three students perish that day.

    The girl watches the skin of her arms and legs melting off. The searing pain of it is the last thing she remembers when she wakes the next morning—no burns, no scars—safely in bed.

    The keeper of time witnesses millions of tragedies throughout the ages, from fire to pestilence to murder. Hundreds of years of this turns him stone cold. Day after day following the same routine; passing time and watching time pass, not involving himself in anything except time adjustment which is only allowed in the case of glitches. Sometimes he follows her, just to entertain himself, and she's started to take notice.


    After the death of her jerk (with a heart of gold) boyfriend, the chief superintendent's daughter is so overcome with grief that she forgets how to be the same sweet, poised, sheltered girl that everyone is so used to seeing. She distances herself from her group of preppy friends and begins mildly acting out at school, work, and community events.

    When her ex-friends blackmail her with nude pictures, she disappears from their world completely, ending up on the doorstep of a familiar face: a twenty year-old so called "inventor" with a kind soul and a fridge full of TV dinners.

    He never really knew her all that well in the first place; maybe they were partners for a science project in eighth grade if he was correct? But other than that... Whatever, he doesn't want to know. He just can't stand to see her cry.

    Lavender Hill

    *male OC already prepared*

    The church at Lavender Hill is home to many: deacons, nuns, teachers, caregivers... and, of course, the orphans. Groups of them arrive one after another, and are cared for as a work of charity. Most spend their entire childhood there and grow up to be members themselves—like her, the bastard daughter of an excommunicated nun raised to adulthood as an orphan.

    She is studying to be a nun herself, but finds it increasingly hard to concentrate with him around. Always taunting her, encouraging her to break the rules with him as if they're supposed to be friends.

    The deacon's son spent most of his time as a child with the orphans, because there were no other children around. That's how she comes to know him; Actually, she is very familiar with him and how he spends his time, i.e sleeping with the girls, being obnoxious during sermons, mocking the confessional, mocking teachers, mocking her... And still, how is he so damn irresistible?

    Turning Blue

    To get through business school, she has to save as much money as possible. Apparently that means moving in to a shared house with one girl and three guys; all of which are straight.

    Male character A is the "boyfriend", if you can call it that. He is also a business student with many of the same life goals as her; the only problem is he's hurting. And it's hard to concentrate on things—love, especially—when you're in pain. She's in love with him, and he knows it. But she reminds him so much of what he's been trying to forget, and it isn't working out.

    As a result, she feels the same pain. Loneliness, jealousy, self-doubt, you name it, and turns to Male character B, a roommate of hers, for the attention she lost.

    Male character B is almost never home, and when he does get home it's in the middle of the night when she's up eating chocolate frosting from the tub and watching something sad on TV. He's usually back from the bar or the cemetery, because he's hurting too from a situation unrelated. The only thing is he handles his pain differently; by indulging himself in things that make him feel good: like her.

    Together, their relationship spirals into an escapade of unhealthy behaviors, like late-night drinking games and casual intimacy that slaps a band-aid on both of their hearts... for now.

    ❀ ❀ ❀



    PM, please. No thread.

    Introduce yourself. Include limits, preferences, and other essentials. Also, thoughts and/or ideas for the plot you have chosen.

    Please be thorough.

    This is gonna be fun,

    Hope to hear from you soon!
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  2. Still looking! I'm also open for fandom-based roleplays and other originals if anyone has any ideas.
  3. I am interested in roleplaying with you...
  4. The only fandom rp I am interested in are Paasyte idk if you've read or seen the anime but i'd like to create a original rp based off of it. I am 28 I don't mind some smut involved in an rp. I like imperfect characters... I like psychological shows, like death note where the characters grow and change like Akame ga kill, or the show supernatural, flash, and arrow... not like Naruto which was good but he was the typical hero character
  5. Sorry, I've never seen it! But good luck in your search.
  6. Parasyte wasn't a must maybe we can come up with something or go with any of your ideas
  7. Please PM me with the information I requested above.
  8. Still looking
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