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    • I play either a male or female. Any other gender, I will have to do some extensive research to evade offending anybody.
    • I can play any sexuality.
    • I am an adept and advanced role-player so maybe (+450) word count. Or just three paragraphs.
    • I do not like one-liners or a copious amount of grammar and spelling errors. Check it before you wreck it.
    • I do not enjoy role-playing canon characters. I can't do them. Sorry guys.
    • I would prefer it if we had NPCs. Keeps the drama and role-play alive.
    • I can do the sexy times...with my blue star peers.
    • I can handle mature themes.
    • I don't mind either real or anime face claims.​
    • I do enjoy making friends with my partner.​

    • Leather Jackets and Poofy Skirts [TAKEN]
      In 1950, Washington High, two cliques the greasers and the socials were at constant war. The greasers with their leather jackets, ripped denim jeans, and slick back hair with their chicks by their side. The socials with their varsity jackets, clean trousers, and pretty cheerleaders cheering for them. The two cliques constantly fought over the simplest things. Our story takes place about two people from opposite factions -- one a dominant biker and the other a sporty aristocrat. The two become partners in a project (or whatever) and they slowly take a liking towards each other.
      Fame Game
      The lavish luxuries the world has to offer us are given to those who ere either born with it or was lucky enough to get it. But the rest either live mediocre lives or horrid lives. This story focuses on two beggars who have lived their life poor and pathetically begging for garbage. On a rainy day they encounter a strange woman in red stiletto's offering them fame and money. It seemed all sketchy, but what was there to lose? They took it eagerly and was sent to a mansion far from society. The woman says you must never let fame get into your mind. Never let the luxuries corrupt you.
      En Garde
      In a world where men have prevailed, won battles, pillaged villages, and ruled countries a new order was made, the Order of the White Sword. Swear by the Lady Protector and you shall be on your way to becoming a knight. This story is taking place in a Kingdom where equality flourishes, people are in constant joy, and the Queen was a benevolent woman. Our characters will be both female knights who start of having a hate relationship. A constant fight between them. But as they gradually get closer their feelings change. But our two cannot be together due to the unbreakable words from the sacred book.
      My Ugly Duckling
      Sick of your look? Sick of being bullied? Sick of being that one kid in class? Well, no need to fear your fairy godmother is here! In Korea our main character a pitiful woman, who bores a paunchy body, a face not too pleasing to stare at, and hair that is constantly tangled is being constantly bullied by the school's idol. The school idol has constantly bullied her and have ridiculed her too many times. One day after a bullying session she decides to end her life. She finds herself standing on top of a ledge ready to take her life away. Before she could jump a beautiful young woman stops her. She asks her if she desired beauty. The pitiful woman stopped and returned to the ground. She nods shyly. The mysterious woman casts a spell on the girl turning her into a beautiful girl. However to all good things there will be a bad thing. If she ever gives or gets a kiss she will revert back to her normal self, forever.
      A boyfriend and a girlfriend with divorced parents. One a mother and the other a father. What are the odds of them getting together? Our protagonists have been in an extensive relationship with one another and have already met each other parents. However one day their parents have announced they're getting married, with each other! Which nows makes them step-siblings! That's not weird? Right? How will the two work things out? Will they continue dating? Or will they drop each other?

    • - Queen/King X Warrior/Knight
      - Bad Girl/Boy X Good Girl/Boy
      - Drug Junkie X Childhood Friend
      - Mermaid X Sailor
      - Mafia Leader X Mafia Leader (Daughter/Son from opposing side)
      - Catholic School Girl X Demon [TAKEN]
      - God(dess) X Human
      - Alien X Human
      - Geisha X Samurai
      - Noblewoman X Ex-Servant

    • - Mafia
      - History****************************************
      - Steampunk
      - Victorian Era
      - Dark
      - Cute/Adorable/GL*********
      - K-Pop
      - Sci-Fi (Low Tech)
      - French Revolution W/Vampires
      - Pirates
      - Romeo & Juliet
      - Noir

    • - Tokyo Ghoul
      - Air Gear
      - Hannibal
      - Skins*
      - One Piece
      - BTOOM
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  2. The first plot looks interesting. Is it up for grabs?
  3. Yes! Send me a PM and we can get started on characters and maybe elaborate on the plot a little bit more.
  4. I really love the first plot! But if you don't want to have two of those, I really like the Awkward plot!
    Or even a little Bad Girl x Good Boy? Maybe vise versa?
  5. Hm, I could do two different versions of it. PM me and we can discuss. ^^
  6. Catholic School Girl and Demon caught my eye, how very dark and naughty of a idea lol
  7. PM me and we can discuss about plot.
  8. Oooh, it'd be cool to try either Geisha X Samurai or Drug Junkie X Childhood Friend.
    Looove both ideas ~​
  9. Okay no more requests. Too much 1x1's...

    I'm not a creeper or anything but is this @unicornx from MCL? (Super sorry if it ain't...)
    But other then that, I'm glad you found interest in the pairings! I love both pairings so I'm going to give this decision to you ma'am/sir.
  10. ^^ Yes, that's me ~
    Do I know you? It's not really common to run into anyone from MCL here.
    I'm in a few historical related RPs right now so I think I want to try the druggie and childhood friend idea instead. c:
  11. I think so. It's @Zambie0. Yes, it really isn't. Never thought I would see another person from MCL.

    All right PM me and we can begin discussing. ^^
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