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Hello everybody! So glad that you decided to drop in and look around. I do hope that you'll find something that tickles your muse so that we can get a-role playing.

But before the pairings and plots come the rules. I'm not incredibly strict, but I do have some expectations.
1. Be literate. My biggest pet peeve is when someone doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're", or "their" and "they're". Also, have a good grasp of the English language, tricky as it is, and grammar. If I have to stop and decipher your posts, that's not good.
2. Have a role play resume. I trust that you're a solid role player if you made it past rule one, but I still like to scan resumes to make sure that our role play styles are compatible. I feel terrible when I start a role play with someone, then have to drop it because it just isn't working. Please either have a writing sample included in your resume, or PM one to me.
3. Be capable of playing supporting characters. While all the plots that I have in mind follow two main characters, they also need minor and secondary characters. I don't want to have to play all of them by myself - it's so much more interesting when my partner steps in with someone new.
4. Be willing to take control and come up with new ideas. Yes, the plots are mine, but I'd love to see the creativity that they spark in my partners. I'm an aggressive role player when need be; however, I don't like it when I'm consistently the driving force. React, and be proactive as well. However, I would appreciate being consulted first so that we don't drive the plot completely off the rails.
5. Absolutely no one-liners. I may have been role playing on and off for several years, but I can only do so much with a single sentence. My posts average 2-4 paragraphs, depending on what my partner gives me. I would appreciate posts of the same length, though one generous paragraph is fine if we've hit a slow spot in the role play.

Now that we have that over with, on to the fun stuff!

Note: All plots are MxF. I am most in my element playing female characters, though I am capable of playing male characters as well.


Werewolf x werewolf
Werewolf x human
Vampire x human
Vampire x demon
Demon x human
Dragon (humanoid/shapeshifter) x human


Hell's Angel
Hellhounds are responsible for hunting down souls beyond saving and escorting them to hell. Angels are the guardians of souls, and are therefore at understandable odds with their counterparts. What happens when a hellhound and an angel both witness something that will send them on an adventure that tests every last one of their prejudices?


When I Have You
Everyone in this world carries spiritual energy. Some have stronger white "pure" energy, and others have more dark "tainted" energy. A set of twins displays the perfect balance between these two - one dark and the other light. When they meet a girl who is perfectly neutral, each twin jumps at the chance to claim her and her energy in order to overthrow the other.


Walking On the Wild Side
There's a special glade in the forest where the boundaries between worlds have worn thin, making travel possible. A little girl stumbled upon it by accident one day, and has traveled back and forth in years since, forging lives on both sides of the border. One day, her inquisitive new neighbor follows her, and he is drawn into a world that goes well beyond the realms of his wildest dreams.


The Dream Girl
Dream catchers are imbued with a magic that does indeed capture the bad dreams. However, like any filter, they have to be cleaned periodically. This is a job for the poorest and most desperate of people - nobody wants it, so it's always the very last of a means of income to turn to. When a girl finds a recurring dream in a certain dream catcher, she hunts down the owner to try and help him face the demons that are banging at his door.


Making Deals with the Devil ((needs considerable work))
At a horribly low point in his life, a young man sold his soul to the Devil (for still undecided reasons). But now, years later, the Devil is back, and he's offering to return the young man's soul if he'll do him a favor (yet to be decided).


Ocean's Daughter
A young woman flees an arranged marriage, and finds herself stowing away on a pirate vessel. By disguising herself as a man, she is able to secure passage through work. But when she is discovered, she is set adrift. What happens to her, and who does she encounter?


The Noble Masquerade
When bandits attack a princess's caravan, she trades places with her serving girl. But when the bandit leader sees through the ruse and sends the serving girl on in place of the princess, whom he keeps captive for leverage, what happens? How will the serving girl handle the situation she's been thrust into - marriage to a foreign prince?


Settle Me Down ((taken!))
An outlaw in the Old West finds a town outside of the reach of his notoriety, and settles down for a short time to catch his breath. He grows fond of the place and repeatedly returns between his escapades. What bonds does he form there? Are they enough to stop his wild ways?
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I would like do something involving either the demon x vampire or the first plot you have called Hells Angels

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Is the Making Deals with the Devil still open? That one sounds like it could be a fun one. :)
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