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  1. I'm new to the site, but not to roleplaying. I have a few plots and I would like to share them with everyone, but beforehand, there's a few things I have to point out about myself. I highlighted the ones I find more important.

    ***3 NEW Plots!!!***​
    • I usually don't take long to reply, but I can get caught up with school.
    • I don't really care about grammar, as long as I can understand what you're trying to say.
    • I don't expect for everyone to have super long replies, but NO ONE LINERS please!
    • I'm sorry to say, but I only rp through PM's due to the fact that it's more effecient, so please don't ask if I rp through PM or thread because the answer will always be PM!
    • I don't like when an rp has no drama in it! So please try to add as much drama as you can to the story!
    • If the rp starts to get boring, let me know and maybe we can start another one!
    • I prefer playing dominant roles in rp's especially with FxF or MxM.
    • I do MxF, FxF, or MxM and I usually play the male roles, but I wouldn't mind playing female depending on the situation.
    • I don't mind sexual content as long as we follow the basic rules.
    • As for character sheets, I would only care for a face claim, (anime or realistic, your choice) age and a small bio.(optional) NOT your characters life story, I would prefer to find that out during the RP.
    • I'm sorry to say, but I prefer roleplaying with adults only. I will rarely rp with anyone who has a blue star next to their name, unless you seem to be an excellent writer. Just PM me and we can talk about it through there!

    So here are the plots! They apply to the MxM and FxF as well! Also, I put stars next to the character who I would prefer to play.

    ***Teacher x Student
    A student eventually finds themselves falling for their teacher when their teacher is extremely comforting. The teacher slowly starts developing feelings for their student even though they shouldn't due to the fact that their student is really seductive.

    ***Bad Guy x Good Girl

    A boy can't help but get into a lot of trouble, due to the fact that he is lonely and wants attention. Every one hates being around him, though he is truly a good guy. He has trust issues and has never had a true friend, until one day he runs into a girl who he quickly develops a crush on. The girl slowly starts to crush on him too, seeing how nice he really is, but down the road, there is a ton of bumps due to his past.

    ***Famous Guy x Girl

    A boy joins a band and becomes the lead singer and guitarist. His band becomes very popular and this causes them to go on tour where he ends up meeting a girl who is extremely beautiful. He tries to win her heart, but she is scared to fall for someone like him due to the fact that he's always traveling and to the fact that she has trust issues.

    ***Shy Guy x Shy Girl

    A boy has never had a group of friends and goes to a school where he is never accepted into any groups. He is top in his class due to the fact that he focuses on his grades instead of friends. One day, a new girl shows up and seems to be exactly like him, shy and friendless. They eventually bump into each other and a love blossoms.

    ***Mean Guy x Nice Girl

    A boy has always pushed people away from him and has never really liked having friends. He has no personal issues other than the fact that his parents divorced when he was young, causing him to turn mean. He currently lives alone because his father is always out at work. He has good looks and good grades, causing many girls to crush on him, knowing this, he always puts on a show, acting like he is totally nice, though he is completely opposite. One girl ends up bumping into him one day and they end up becoming "friends" where she soon finds out his true personality. Despite him being mean all the time, she falls for him and he finds it hard to fall for her, but eventually does.

    ***Player Guy x "Hard To Get" Girl

    A boy has always been a huge flirt and goes out with many girls every chance he gets. His good looks give him an extra advantage. One day, he decides to flirt with a pretty girl that he runs into at school, though she is not interested. He ends up trying hard to make her fall for him and right when she's about too, his ex girlfriend begins making his relationship with the girl impossible.

    ***Popular Guy x Shy/Nice Girl
    A popular guy is looked up upon by many people including one girl who has always wanted to talk to him. One day, the boy and girl end up having to talk to each other due to the fact that they were chosen as class reps and they soon end up falling for each other, though it's hard for them, due to the fact that there is many girls who like him and find it unfair that he is dating a random girl.

    ***Innocent Boy x Seductive Girl

    The girl is known for being a very seductive girl who always gets what she wants. She usually hits on guys who she knows will give in easily. Her next target is one of the quiet guys in school. He is known around the campus, but never really talks. He's never had a relationship, a first kiss or anything similar. The girl knows she can win him over, so that's exactly what she tries to do, in a very seductive manner.

    Friends with benefits
    Both a boy and a girl usually fool around with each other when ever they feel like doing so and they promised to never get feelings for each other. Slowly, the boy begins to fall for the girl at the same time that she does for him, but they don't know about each other's feelings yet. They believe that they mean nothing to each other, when in reality, it's the exact opposite. (As I said, I usually play the male, but depending on the situation, I can play female too.)

    Fake Love
    Muse A has always fooled around In relationships. They have never taken a single relationship seriously and vowed that they never would, until one day, they come across muse B. Muse B is a gentle and kind person and begins winning over Muse A without even realizing it. Muse B never thought of Muse A in a romantic way, but always made it seem like they did by the actions they made. Muse A finds themselves actually falling for Muse B, but they try to deny it. (I'll let you pick which charcter you'd prefer to be!)

    These are just few plots that I have and if you have any other plots that you would like to try out with me, feel free to PM me or comment! All of these plots can be vice versa, for example, Bad Girl x Good guy, Shy/Nice Guy x Popular Girl, etc. Let's make these rps drama filled please :D
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  2. I'd love love love to do the Famous guy x girl role-play with you! I've been wanting to do one similar, so if you're still interested please PM me!! :D
  3. Hey! I would like to do the Player Guy and "Hard to get" Girl of that's ok with you! If so please pm me. I'll be waiting for your reply.
  4. I'm interested in the Mean Guy x Nice Girl.
  5. I'm interested in the teacher x student pairing if you're still looking : 3 I'd be fine with as a m x m or m x f
  6. I'm interested in the bad boy x good girl, or really any of the others. I like strong male characters to go with my girls. I love drama and putting my rp characters through a lot. If your still interested let me know!
  7. I'm definitely interested in the Shy guy x Shy girl idea. :D
  8. Player Guy x "Hard To Get" Girl would be nice, but, instead of a girl, could it be a guy? So, basically, MxM?? XD
  9. If you're still looking, I'd be interested in the Player Guy x "Hard To Get" Girl.
  10. I'd be down for the bad guy x good girl. I play female characters, by the way. Let me know if you are up for it.
  11. Interested in teacher x student as a female student if still open
  12. Hello! If this was still open I was interested in the Player Guy x "Hard To Get" Girl, but could we make it MxM instead?
  13. The teacherxstudent one seems cool to do!
  14. I'd be interested in the Bad Guy x Good Girl, Famous Guy x Girl, or Player Guy x "Hard to get" Girl
  15. I have a few ideas you might like...
    wanna RP?
  16. Hey I'm interested pm me!
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