Plots, anyone?


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Romance, fantasy (high, modern, medieval, whatevs), modern, darker themes, slice-of-life, fandom, adventure, etc. I'm pretty much open to anything so just throw any plot ideas you may have my way.
Hii. So basically, my replies can range from several posts a day to one a week. It depends on what is happening in my life at the moment, but I always try to let my partners know what is happening. You definitely want to be a patient partner for me. If I'm not interested in the RP, I'll tell you, but if you feel that you need to give me a nudge, feel free to do so as long as you aren't giving me unending nudges :P I have about a week and a half before classes start up again, so that will take a lot of my free time away - it probably seems silly of me to ask for more roleplays when I'm about to be busy, but I feel it's only fair to tell you what's happening!

I do MxM and FxM. We can double-up. The sexual orientation of my characters vary, depending on what the RP calls for, obviously. Andd... yeah. Here's some pairings. Too lazy to write out any real plots, but write me back here or PM me if interested! I posted this both in the Romance section and the Libertine section because the plot does NOT have to write out sex. Just let me know what you're comfortable with and I'll respect that.

Here is a list of pairings:

Unhealthy relationship (angst everywhere!)
Interracial couple
Demon/dragon guy x demon/human.
Burly/ruggedly handsome biker x Coyote Ugly dancer (or something similar).
Ex-junkie x person (could be junkie, ex-junkie, savior, etc.).
Boy cross dresser x boy.
Homeless person x person who takes them in.
Android x human.
Single father x anyone.
Big burly, tough dude x cutesy(optional) dude or girl who burly dude has a total soft spot for.
One night stand turns into something more.
Oracle priestess x whomever.
Nerdy/Unpopular boy/girl x popular dude.
Rapist x victim's older brother.
Autistic boy/girl x boy/girl.
Asexual dude x Summoned incubus (or however you wanna do it - it's just my 1st choice).
Loft roommates (or roommates in general)

And then something on fantasy with tons of races and magic and fun lore and I guess possibly adventure? All of those tend to mix, so... yeah. :D We could have different main characters in just one RP, even. Idk. Let me know! I currently have many pictures that spark my inspiration (most are of a single character and female, but I could dig up some male pics for you guys, too ^^ ) so if you'd like to see them, just let me know.


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Hey! I only do M/F pairing but I'd love to do either Loft Roomates, Nerdy Girl/Popular Dude, Tough Dude/Cutesy Girl who guy has a soft spot for, and if those aren't available I have a couple pairings we could try I'm sure!

Anyway send me a PM if you're interested!


I would love to do a single father x anyone or a burley/ruggedly handsome biker x Coyote Ugly dancer with you!