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  1. So I was looking through a bunch of role-plays and I came across one that I'm very interested in, so I talked to the people doing it and they didn't mind if I borrowed the idea! There are a few things that I'm going to change up, but I'm very interested in it!

    First, here's things about me:
    - I am slowly becoming more active!
    - I am female, but I can play both genders!
    - I use real pictures only, I apologize!
    - I tend to have my characters either in high school (junior or senior year mostly), or just out of high school. They're usually 16-19 years old.
    - I usually match my partners post, but I lean more towards at least two or three paragraphs.
    - I have good grammar and spelling, but I'm not perfect so I will make mistakes!
    - I love to make new friends and talk through PM while we are role-playing together!
    - I use thread or PM, but I find it easier for me to use thread. I am open to either though!
    - I am always open to new ideas and pairings, just PM me or let me know and we can chat about them!
    - Also, I only do F/M pairings! My apologizes!!

    Now for the pairings:
    • step siblings
    • best friends
    • rich boy/ poor girl (or reversed!)
    • Enemies
    • Opposites

    Just Another Day
    For Muse A, she is use to having the same, boring day over and over again. Nothing changes for her. She gets up, goes to school, comes home, does her work, eats dinner, watches TV, and goes to bed. The next morning she repeats the process. She is living what the United States is calling 'The American Dream'. What happens when Muse B, who is the opposite of Muse A, accidently meets her on her way home. It was an accident that his friend had thrown the football too far, but it wasn't an accident that Muse A and Muse B had met that night. At first, they couldn't stand each other, actually, they never learned to stand each other. Muse B lived by the moment and never knew what was going to happen in his future, but Muse A didn't take chances, and knew what she was eating for dinner that night. He couldn't understand how she could live in a world where she knew exactly what was going to happen, and she never took risks, but she couldn't understand how he was so confident in taking chances. They had so many questions about each others world, and as they continued talking, they became closer and closer, becoming best friends. He taught her to take chances and be free, whole she taught him that everything comes at a price. Adding romance and drama in this 1950s role-play, there's sure to be a surprised ending!

    A California Summer
    One beach house. Two teens. Three months. A lot can happen in three months, especially when you live in a beach house with another teenager, alone. These two hormonal teenagers are given the chance to spend the nature summer in California in a beach house while their parents go on a cruise, or whatever else they want to do with their free summer. What will happen between these two?
    *we could make the two teenagers step siblings, or best friends to add a plot twist!*

    A Modern Fairy Tale
    (I'd like to play Muse A on this, but I can also play Muse B if you'd rather!)
    Muse A comes from a rich, royal family, but is nothing like what people think of her. She isn't a snotty rich princess or anything like that, in fact, she doesn't pay attention to the money she has. Her mother taught her to treat everyone right, no matter what color of skin they have, or how much money they have. They is exactly how Muse A sees the world. Equal. She somehow always finds the good in people, even when others, including themselves, can't see the good. They make do with the situation they have, and never lose hope that something better is coming. When Muse A is out with foster kids playing in a park and accidently runs in Muse B. Things instantly spark between them and as they begin to spend more and more time together, they fall for each other.

    *We could do one of two his with Muse B. We could either make him come from a rich, royal family and be the prince, or make him come from a poor family*
    *Also, for a plot twist, if you'd like, we could have it so that Muse A comes home after meeting Muse B and her father has an arranged marriage planned for her in three months!*

    That's all I have for now, but if you have another idea then just PM me and we can talk about it!!
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  2. Im interested in Just another Day
  3. Yay! Awesome! PM me and we can chat!!
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  4. Updated!!!
  5. I'm interested in A California Summer
  6. Awesome! Message me if you're still interested and we will defiantly talk about it!!
  7. I might be interested in the rich boy/poor girl pairing.
  8. Awesome! Message me!
  9. I'm interested in A California Summer either with step-siblings or best friends, but I see your all ready doing that so I can also do Best friends as well.
  10. I'm fine with either of them! PM me and we can chat about whichever one you're more interested in!
  11. If you aren't already swamped with a California Summer, I'd like to do that one.