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  1. Hello and thank you for reading my attempt at a rp partner search! I had some ideas of plots I think would be really cool and wanted to see if anyone was interested.

    Before I get to it though I should state a little about myself and lay a couple of ground rules so I don't waste your time and have you hate me forever. I am 23 years old and finishing my senior year in college. With that being said I also have other things that I am apart of so my free time can range from lots to almost nonexistent in a moments notice. I try to post at least once a day (sometimes even more depending on my work) but sadly I cannot promise it. (I will promise a post a week or atleast a good reason to why I cannot) I look for a partner that could post once a week or more to match that.

    Next issue at hand would be writing ability. I would say I write at a basic-advanced level and average about 2-6 paragraphs per post. I would like a partner comparable to that level or higher if you could put up with my writing ability ^-^ it's not intimidating for me to write with people of higher skill but I do worry that I don't bring enough to the table to keep their attention. I try my best to eliminate all minor typos but it happens... A lot... Forgive me in advance but I do my best to try and eliminate them all! (I'm sure there are some in this post >.>)

    On the topic of writing I prefer writing in third person and I play male main characters. I do not like to double but I do play multiple NPCs as the plot requires in which my partner can also control. I prefer MxF pairings as far as romance goes but for plots that you want to do that do not involve romance the gender is up to your preference. (Romance is like salt, not everything needs salt.)

    Okay I think that's all! Hopefully I didn't leave out anything major >.> Now the plots are listed below. The role I would like to play will be on the left and the role I would want you to play on the right. These ideas will be on the vauge side as it makes it easier to change details to our liking. (List will be updated as ideas come to me. If it says the plot is taken we could still do it but you would have to bring your own unique twist to the plot so I wouldn't be doing two of the exact same roleplay.)


    Hitman x Serial killer (taken)
    It was supposed to be an easy job. He never asked why a person needed to die, he killed and collected. The money was good enough to not care or be stupid enough to ask questions. That was a big mistake because as soon as the hitman infiltrated his targets house he realized that he may no longer be the one doing the hunting.

    Son of Mob Boss x bodyguard (taken)
    Dads dead and your ass is grass. He never thought someone as powerful as his father could be killed but that's what he got for thinking. A rival crime family has assassinated his father and as the next head of the crime family their sights are set on him. Thankfully his father had some friends in the businesses of protection and it was time to seek them out.

    Space Pirate x Neko (taken)
    Oh the glorious future where illegal gene splicing is common place and Cat girls become a reality. The only catch is the success rate of them being bred is astronomically low causing an outrageous demand. A pirate down on his luck due to failure of a recent raid has put him in debt to the wrong people. His ever so gracious collectors offer him a way out in the form of kidnapping a Neko. Needless to say he isn't the only one who has his eyes on this prize.

    Hunter x Monstergirl/Monster (taken)
    The cliche monsters killed his parents and he has spent his whole life seeking vengeance. Slaying monsters was all he knew but his newest prey may be more than he can handle.

    Holy Knight x Evil Queen/evil somethingorother (taken)
    He thought his cause was just but he watched as his comrades were crushed in their last stand against evil. He fought with everything he had but it was not enough as now he lay defeated at the mercy of his captor.

    Fallout Universe

    Merc x Synth
    You are a synth on the run and you can't let anyone discover your true identity. You somehow mange to make your way to a beaten up two and stumble upon a rough Merc for hire who looks suspicious at best, but in the wasteland your options are limited.

    Brotherhood of Steel Knight x Wastlander
    You stumbled upon him wounded and separated from his brothers. Against your better judgement you decided to help him and when he awakes you realize the world as you know it is about to change.

    Halo Universe

    ODST x Spartan

    UNSC suffered greatly after Reach and Spartan forces are now spread thin in defense of the recent invasion fleets. You were on a top secret mission and overhear urgent message over coms and decided it's something you couldn't ignore.


    If something you want to do is not up there but you feel as if I would be a good partner for you for do not hesitate to ask I may be interested! I roleplay though pm or thread and if you are interested in any of these plots feel free to say so on this thread or shoot me a pm. Thanks for reading and have a great day!
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  2. *slides in slyly* Monster girl? :3
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  3. Holy knight x evil queen? :)
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  4. I realized that when you create a thread you also have to watch said thread lol >.>
    I'll shoots you a pm ^-^
  5. I will send you a pm for planning and what nots :p
  6. Updated the list and fixed the grevious error where I put throw instead of through. >.> My phone is convinced it knows what I want to say best.
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