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  1. Hey guys! So I've just really been craving a few new role-plays! All of my role-plays now have started to die down and I really want to get a few more going, so I'm willing to role-play with anyone as long as I at least somewhat like the plot and you do too!

    Anyway, so here's a few role-play pairings I'm interested in, and I usually play the female but in a few particular role-plays I would be willing to play the male... It just depends. Anyway, always remember that I'm always open for different pairings or plots so if your looking for a partner them just send me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

    **The characters in bold is the character i would like to play, or don't mind playing. I'm open to different things though**

    - Cancer Patient/Bad Boy
    - Best Friend/ Best Friend
    - Bad Boy/ Good Girl
    - Guy in Popular Band/ Normal Girl
    - Player/ New Student
    - Popular Guy/ Shy Girl
    - Neighbor/ Neighbor
    - Player/ Hard to Get
    - Privileged Guy/ Broken Girl
    - Enemies or Opposites

    There are a few pairings, and yes, I do know that they suck. Anyway, here's a few of mainly wanted plot ideas, and I'm always open to any of your ideas also!

    A Summer In Italy
    Female (MC) and (YC) have been best friends for as long as they could remember. They have gone through literally their entire lives together, and they're inseparable. Even though they're always together and always protecting each other, they always find something to argue about. Despite their differences, they have stayed best friends all the way into their senior year in high school. Now that high school is over and they are starting to look at colleges, or not, they get to spend one last summer together. When (MC) gets invited by her aunt and uncle to come visit them in Italy, she of course jumps at the offer and she drags along (YC) with her. During the summer they start to unravel feelings that they had thought they buried long before, but now that they realize they're coming back... They choose to act on them without thinking of the consequences. Throughout the summer they deal with their arguments, heartbreaks, love, and friendship while in one of the most romantic places on earth.

    Falling Too Hard
    (MC) has been fighting cancer for the past four years of her life, and her parents have forced her to take chemotherapy. Now that she is older and a senior in high school, but still fighting cancer, she begins to make her own decisions. She hasn't quite yet decided to stop doing chemo, but it has been weighing on her mind. Her parents think that she is stressing, so they force her to join a school club where all the people at her school can get together and talk about what they've gone through or are going through, but she doesn't feel like she fits in. Then (YC) begins to come to the group by force due to his drug and alcohol addiction. Neither of the two want anything to do with each other because they don't think they understand what they are going through. While they have to deal with their own personal problems, and they begin to get close, they fall in love and start to help the other through the tough decisions they come across in the game called life.

    Let's Play the Game
    (MC) is basically considered the schools good girl. Although she isn't the perfect child or straight A student, people call her this because she doesn't do the normal things that teenagers in high school do. Instead of partying and getting drunk, doing drugs, and having sex, she prefers to stay home and read or watch movies. Not only because she is forced to by her abusive father, but also because she has never felt like she fit in with them. Then one day she meets (YC). The schools bad boy, who just happened to be her next door neighbor. She had absolutely despised him and his group of friends for as long as she could remember, for multiple reasons. Now all of a sudden he wants to hang out with her and get to know her. She doesn't want to let him close, but she accidentally let's her guard down, little does she know it was all because of a bet. As they do start talking, (YC) found out things he never would have thought about her, and soon realizes that he had let his guard and bad boy act down, and fallen for the good girl. Everything goes okay for a few days until she finds out that it was all because of a bet....

    **That's all I have ready for show right now, but I have less detailed ideas if none of these catch your eye! Anyway, I'm always open for new and different ideas, but I prefer to play female in a male/female pairing, but in some cases I may be willing to play male. Let me know if interested in role-playing and we can get started as soon as possible! Thanks!!! :D ^_^
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  2. Cancer Patient/ badboy with the falling to hard plot obviously and what happened to our roleplay of surprised parenthood? Did you give up on that roleplay?
  3. Um no I did not, but I thought that was your turn? I'll check, I'll sometimes look at a role-play and then get caught up in another and forget to go back to one. I'll check it! Sorry

    @Sylvinar Cross
  4. @Alison just a friendly reminder-poke (since this isn't soliciting ONLY smutty rp I'm not moving it to Liberteen) that even in PMs, we only allow teens to write smutty content with other teens; if the other player has a red star over their avatar you are absolutely not allowed to write smutty scenes together. It could be dangerous for you and get the adult labelled as a sexual predator for life! @_@
  5. @Minibit

    Yeah of course! Thanks for the reminder! I'll just edit the thread!
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  6. Oh my gosh!!! I love all of your plots!!!

    If you're still looking, I'd like to role play Let's Play the Game with you! ^^
  7. Yeah! I am still looking, and I'd love to role-play that plot with you!! Just send me a PM and we can get started on it soon hopefully!!:D

  8. Hey pm me for rp!
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