Plots And Pairings Inside. Take A Look! I Dare You! (1x1 Partner Search)

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Hey there all of Iwaku! As you can obviously see, I am new to this site, but I am certainly not new to roleplay.

  • Someone who can be at least semi-active. At least a post a day, preferably more.
  • Someone who can play multiple characters of any gender.
  • Someone who can write more then one-liners. Or at least not one-liners constantly.
  • Someone who can play as the dominant, cruel, evil and even sadist type characters.
  • Someone who is perfectly fine in roleplaying via the PMing system. Forum rule still apply though!
  • Someone who writes in 3rd person only. 1st just makes me uncomfortable.
  • I do not, cannot and will not ever play as dominant, cruel or evil or sadist type characters. Just can't do those.
  • I roleplay via the PMing system ONLY. Forum rules still apply!
  • I write in 3rd person only.
  • I write in paragraph style.
  • I can play either gender equally of any age and can play multiple characters, though I don't normally play multiple characters.
  • I don't require big elaborate character sheets. All I need is a name, age and an image of what the character will look like included in with your intro post.
  • Fandoms
  • Sexual Stuff
  • Westerns
  • DD Roleplays
  • Zombie Roleplays
  • Body Part And Limb Removal
  • Force
  • Bondage (Again Nothing Sexual)
  • Romance
  • Pregnancies
  • Torture
  • Angst
  • Drama
  • Mild Gore And Blood
  • Abuse
Any role bolded is the role that I would play as. Anything with this ! next to it are ones I have plots for.
  • Vampire AND Vampire
  • Vampire AND Human !
  • Vampire AND Werewolf !
  • Mermaid AND Pirates !
  • Bully AND Bullied !
  • Abused AND Abuser
  • Kidnapped AND Kidnapper !
  • Control Freak Sadist AND Normal Person !
  • Werewolf AND Werewolf
  • Male AND Male
  • Female AND Female
  • Female AND Male
  • Male AND Female
  • Demon AND Human
  • Demon AND Angel
  • God / Goddess AND Human
  • Good AND Evil !
1.) Vampire (CA) AND Human (CB):
CA is the only supernatural creature / vampire upon the planet, and has become incredibly lonely and seeks a companion. But that companion must be the "perfect one" to meet CA's needs and desires. Finding a teenager who seems to be on the "darker side of life", CA finds that CB meets their needs and can full fill CA's desires. Offering CB an irresistible offer, CB agrees to meet CA once a week to be fed upon...

2.) Vampire (CA) AND Werewolf (CB):
CA one night wakes up a vampire who had been dumped upon werewolf territory, a rogue coven of vampires hoping to begin a war in hopes to vanquish all werewolves. CB discovers CA and takes CA in as prisoner, CB ordering CA tortured for information, CB suspecting that CA is in cahoots with the rogue coven attempting to start a war. Only thing is...CA remembers nothing past to waking up as a vampire...

3.) Mermaid (CA) AND Pirates (CB):
Wanting the Power of the Sea to themselves, CB and pirate crew successfully capture CA, a Mermaid. But CA isn't about to give up the secrets and information very easily. Knowing so and discovering so, CB orders the Mermaid tortured for the information. But not wanting the Mermaid to die, CB kidnaps a Healer to make sure that the Mermaid won't die...

4.) Bully (CA) AND Bullied (CB):
CB has been abused all their life, verbally and physically. CB lives with their father, never having known their mother, who had died while giving birth to CB. Moving to a new school over the summer, CB seems to attract the bullies where ever they go. That is...until CA begins to notice something strange about CB, and follows CB home one night to discover CB's dark life...

5.) Kidnapped (CA) AND Kidnapper (CB):
Having known nothing but darkness and unsuccessful romances in life, CB decides they will take on the task of creating one of their own. Even if it means kidnapping someone. Having been kidnapped while a baby, CA knows no other way of life. CB goes through harsh methods with CA in keeping CA in check and their "perfect romance", not allowing CA any contact with the outside world, and so on...

6.) Control Freak Sadist (CA) And Normal Person (CB):
It's their last year of high school, a senior. And CB is working a part time job after school to try and make ends meet to save up money for college and a life after school. But all that changes when CA meets CB at their job, and CA charms CB in coming home with them. But not for romance as CB is thinking. What CA shows and does to CB frightens CB so much that CB breaks all contact with CA, leaving CA to track CB down via the phone, and shows up at CB's job where CB can't avoid them, and yet again, CA charms CB, although...part of CB decides to remain with them despite CA's obvious issues to try and discover why CA does these things to others...

7.) Good (CA) AND Evil (CB):
The two of them are science experiments. In hopes to be able for scientist to discover on whether or not humans can be genetically altered to be good or evil. The scientists succeed. But one day, CB escapes with CA as a hostage and CB takes CA with them and keeps them for good measure because they had "grown up together in the same science facility". Only...Because CB is evil, CB enjoys torturing CA as a pass time...

If anything here catches your interest, please don't be shy at all to send me a PM with what you are interested in!

Chitatela Katalina

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Hi! I'm interested in:

Male X Female (maybe a highschool thing, as that's what I'm really good at).
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