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  1. Hello everyone! I recently left the site due to school and other important things in my life, but I am back and ready to roleplay!

    Before we get to the good stuff, I'm going to give you a bit of information on myself and what I am looking for.

    About myself

    • My post lengths can range up from 2 lengthy paragraphs or way more than that, but it all depends on my partners replies as well. My introductions tend to be pretty long.

    • Since it's the summer and I'm not doing much, I can reply at least 2 times a day, or way more, depending on certain things.

    • I prefer to play the male role in my Roleplays, but I can play a female side character.

    • I don't mind doing MxM, but I prefer doing MxF and FxF a bit more.

    • I usually play dominant roles, but there are some circumstances where I will play the submissive type of character.

    • As for smut, I don't mind it at all, just that I prefer for my Roleplays to have a build up into the smut scene. There has to be more plot than smut.

    • I don't normally roleplay through thread, but if my partner really doesn't like PM Roleplays, I will roleplay through thread.

    • I love love love drama in my Roleplays and I will always have romance in all my Roleplays. It's a must!

    Now that I've spent so much talking about me, I'll talk more about what I'm looking for in a partner.


    • I don't necessarily expect my partner to reply as quick as I do because of course, we all have lives off the internet, but it would be better if my partner can reply at least once every two days. If you can reply once a day, or multiple times a day, that's perfect! If you can reply once a week, that's fine too.

    • I expect my partner to be able to provide some ideas and whatnot.

    • I like communication, so it would be nice if we could have a chat outside of the roleplay where we can talk about the roleplay or anything else that you might want to talk about.

    • If you're interested in the plots and you decide to message me about them, please mention what role you'd want to play and what pairing you'd want to use.

    Finally onto the plots and pairings!!! Sorry for rambling so much up there!


    Military Experiment x Scientist
    Delinquent x Top Student
    Military Experiment x Military Experiment
    Prostitute x College Student
    Gang Member x Normal Student
    Seductive Person x Shy Person
    Rich person x Poor Person
    Singer x Uninterested Person
    Childhood Friends
    Player x Good person



    Muse A and B were your everyday childhood friends. They'd hang out every day, all day. They even lived in the same neighborhood, which made it even more convenient for the two. One day, Muse A's father got a job promotion which resulted in them having to move far away from their town. Muse A was heartbroken, knowing that they'd have to leave their best friend behind, so heartbroken that when Muse A left, they didn't even say goodbye. Muse B was extremely heartbroken when they found out, but over time they began to feel anger towards Muse A for leaving without even saying goodbye. Muse B began to change a lot and they eventually began to isolate themselves from the rest of their friends and as time progressed, they changed completely. They turned into a delinquent, went to juvy multiple times for theft and for fighting in public places and for many other things. When Muse B became a senior in highschool, nothing had changed about them. Muse B was still cruel and angry at the world. One day during school, Muse B overheard people talking about a new student. They thought nothing of it and continued on with their day. After school, as Muse B was walking back home, they saw an unfamiliar vehicle parked in front of their house. Muse B approached the house and saw someone standing at the front door, about to ring the doorbell. When the person heard footsteps behind them, they turned around to face Muse B and Muse B was in total shock to see that Muse A was standing right in front of them.

    Hard to get
    Muse A was a popular and athletic person. Almost every single person at school knew about them. Unfortunately, Muse A let this get to their head and used their powers to their advantage. Muse A began to toy around with people's feelings, slept with many people, used many people and to make sure that no one would spread rumors, they'd find ways to blackmail the people they'd mess around with. Muse A was truly a bad person. One day, Muse A was skipping class in the library, when they bumped into Muse B. Muse B was a very quiet person who was very into themselves. They only had about two or three friends and not many people knew about them. Muse A had never seen Muse B at school, and they figured that they could take advantage of them. Of course, it couldn't be that easy. Muse B was totally not interested in dating whatsoever. Muse B had never been in a relationship as they were very into their studies, and Muse B could tell that Muse A was a bad person, so they tried to avoid them at all costs. Of course, Muse A didn't want to let this opportunity go, so they began to pursue Muse B. Over time, as the two began to talk a bit more and open up to one another, Muse A began to fall for Muse B. This wasn't going according to plan, so Muse A was a bit scared of things. Over time, Muse A confessed to Muse B and they started to date in secret because Muse B didn't want that type of attention, but that's when things went wrong. People began to speak up about the things that Muse A had done and they revealed all the horrible things about them. Muse A was terrified and when they tried to talk to Muse B before the news got to them, it was already too late because Muse B was one of the first people to find out about everything. What happens next will be up to us.

    Let' s keep this a secret
    Muse A was well known for being out of the closet and they didn't mind telling anyone about their sexuality. Muse B was someone who was always curious about their gender, but they were too scared to admit it. Muse B had always admired Muse A from afar, mostly because of how brave they were about their sexuality, but also because they had a crush on them. One day, Muse B was walking to their club room after school, holding a bunch of things in their hands, when they suddenly bumped into Muse A, dropping everything. Muse A began to pick up everything and Muse B was in a bit of a shock to see this person right in front of them. Muse A helped carry things to the club room and found out that it was a brand new club with no members in it, other than Muse B, so they decided they'd join. Over time, the two got closer and closer, but Muse B began to get teased by many people for being Gay and it began to get worse and worse. People would tell Muse B horrible things about Muse A, and it went to the point where they almost started to believe all of the tumors. Muse B hadn't told Muse A about all the harassing, but one day, Muse B got jumped by people who were extremely homophobic. Muse A immediately found out and they were extremely furious. We can decide what happens next.

    Note that the first two plots can be for MxF, FxF or MxM, so just let me know which pairing you'd want to use. If you want to change anything about these plots, don't be afraid to ask!! And if you have any other plots that you need a partner for, let me know as well! Hope you enjoy my plots, and sorry if they were a bit too long.
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  2. I think I would be interested in an rp with you :)
  3. Alright shoot me a PM!!
  4. Still looking?
    I would love to do Hard to Get with you.
  5. Of course! Pm me!
  6. I have some things about Change that id like to... change.... :P

    Are you willing to talk to me about it? If so, PM me!
  7. Haha good one! Yeah I'm willing to talk about it! Message me!
  8. Still searching :)
  9. Is your idea for Change open or any of them? ^^
  10. All of them are open!!
  11. I would love to do change with you!! Feel free to PM me! ^^
  12. I don't suppose you'd want to rp? ^^;
  13. updated!!! Looking for more people :)
  14. Still looking!
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