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  1. I am back again because I have a few more idea's and I am craving some Fandoms. Honestly I Prefer to be and OC in the fandom's and I only like Certain Pairings. Other than that I am okay with M/M F/M F/F.

    Any thing in bold is what I prefer to play as. Though it's not set in stone.

    **Want it
    ***Really want it
    **** I would love you
    *****I would be forever in your debt

    Naruto (open)


    Anime (open)


    Pairings (open)

    **Crime Lord/Crime Lord
    ***Incest of any kind
    ****Rock Star/Non-Fan
    ****Bad boy/Good Girl

    He loves me not:
    growing up was socially awkward and teased over it. Though back then YC and her where best friends and always by each other side that was until high school when MC and YC ended up taking different paths. YC became part of the 'in crowed' and mine not so much. MC always loved YC, and despite how YC treats MC, and still does. It turns out YC does love MC but he doesn't want to take the heat for being with MC. So when MC and YC are forced by there parents to go to a social gathering where they only know each other. What happens when MC finally confront YC and secrets get reveled how will they deal with it then? *Slice of Life *Any pairing *Hurt/Comfort

    Forge in hate: MC and YC have always been on the opposite side of life. MC popular even if MC doesn't want to be. YC the bad boy/Girl (thought more idolized then feared) and they have always been at each others throat. Trying to one up and trying to out shine the other. That is until YC finds out that MC only does all of these things because MC parents want MC to follow the path they have made for MC. YC decides to change the heated battle into some thing else and tries to get MC to follow there own path and when something else starts to form will it turn into love or will a battle keep raging?*Slice of life *Any pairing *Drama

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    your son here
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  4. Orochimaru x OC would be cool long as I can be the OC part
  5. We can try, I meant to bold that as well, but I make no promises how it will come out unless we do AU
  6. Au? Sorry I'm just slightly tired
  7. AU alternative Universe.

    Which means, the characters are the same but either a normal modern school setting or even the same story the one they are in, but making it your own. So you don't have to full on follow the plot. Makes it a bit easier.
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  8. Care to take this to PM
  9. To be honest I don't really know if I still want to do that pairing.
  10. Okay, well if you want to, or change you mind. You can PM me.
  11. I would love to do Forge in hate with you! ^-^
  12. Sure, we can do that! Care to take it to PM?
  13. I think that Rock Star x Non-Fan could actually be really funny! We wouldn't be using real rockstars, would we?
  14. No, it's an orginal character. XD if you want to base him or her off of one sure, but no real life rockers
  15. Ugh no thanks, but yeah, I would love to write that plot with you since it's OCs!
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