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  1. So With AP test finished next week, I am in need of time killers of an enjoyable sense. One of my favorites is a love story, because I am a hopeless romantic. Now as for what this will actually be, let me add in a few rules

    1. Please try to post at least twice a week. My school year is ending, so I will likely be on. A lot
    2. Have Decent Grammar and Spelling. I know I don't have perfect of either. A few mistakes here or there, but nver somthin leik ths.
    3. I am running out of things to say. So now this will be preferences. I will only do MxF Me being a male, I would prefer male roles, but I generally rp both equally.
    4. I Do best in Fantasy to Modern Fantasy Settings. I am no good at Sci-Fi or Steampunk
    5. I am NOT a hardass so you will likely be fine really.
    6. I will not use real life pics. I never felt comfortable with it.
    7. OC's 5ever
    Now for the fun parts. There will be Animes, and Games, then fantasy pairings then modern fantasy parings.

    Anime and Games
    • Oran Highschool
    • Fairy Tail
    • Harvest Moon/Rune Factory
    • Pokemon
    • Fruit Baskets*
    That one was much shorter than I expected... Oh well

    Fantasy Pairings
    • Knight x Prince/Princess
    • Dragonslayer x Dragonkin(Shapeshifting Dragons)*
    • Peasant x Prince/Princess
    • Prince x Princess
    • Witch x Knight
    And finally the...

    Modern Fantasy Pairings
    • Angel x Human
    • Human x Newly Awakened Shifter*(Suddenly discovers they have the power to change into a mythological creature or animal)
    • Angel x Demon
    • Demon x Human
    • Witch/Wizard x Human
  2. I'm pretty interested in the [Human x Newly Awakened Shifter] idea, can we discuss it further via PM or something cx?
  3. [rainbow]I. Roleplay Candies[/rainbow]
    • I'm interested in,

      ➳ Ouran High School Host Club
      ➳ Fruits Basket
      ➳ Pokemon
    • I'm interested in,

      ➳ Dragonslayer x Dragonkin
      ➳ Peasant x Prince/Princess
      ➳ Human x Newly Awakened Shifter
      ➳ Demon x Human
      ➳ Wizard/Witch x Human
      ➳ Angel x Demon
    • I'm fine playing the female role. I'm a romance junky myself, ha.
  4. Would you prefer original, or fandom, and is there one in particular that you really want?
  5. I have no problem with both.

    Out of my interests, I prefer a Ouran High School Host Club or Fruits Basket setting. On the other hand, I'm open for original. (I'm flexible, so I don't mind.)
  6. I like the Fruit baskets idea the best
  7. Ouran High School Host Club? Seriously interested. ^__^
  8. Care to take this to PM for further discussion?
  9. I'm interested in Fairy Tail. c:
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