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  1. So hey! I've been busy for a month but now I'm ready to get back in the game with some roleplays and stuff like that! So if you'd like to rp you can hit me up either in the pms or here! So here we go!

    • Bold are parts I'd prefer to play​
    • Italicized are parts I'd prefer my partner to play​
    • Normal means I don't care who plays who​
    • * means I really want to play this plot/pairing/fandom​
    • *** means I will love you forever if you roleplay this with me​

    The World Is Dying*
    Urban Fantasy​
    The world is burning, the plants are dying, and yet humanity still seems to try and trudge on. Most cities have been trying to ignore the rapidly dying world around them, playing it off as the end of the world and not worth their time. Yet something isn't quite right. Everyone is acting too calm, too ignorant of the situation. So, Character A decides to investigate the source of the problem. They drag Character B with them on a journey to try and find the source of sudden dying world. However, not everything is as it seems. Secrets behind the truth of the world are starting to be revealed. Not everything is as normal as most people like to think.
    Full Moon***
    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
    Werewolves pride themselves on keeping their packs hidden in the real world. As humans go about their day, none take notice how sometimes unrelated people all live in one house or certain apartment buildings always seem to be full. All these nuances are hidden well with strict rules and regulations. Every werewolf must have a pack, and every pack must be responsible for their werewolves. Despite how carefully these laws are constructed, Character A defies them by living alone running a cheap and small motel for humans and werewolves alike. So far they've been living a low life and avoided the werewolf council when Character B, a young female werewolf, rolls into their motel looking scraed and suspicious. There's a strange scent about her and Character A needs to figure out what it is. The whole situation only gets more complicated as a pack quickly sends out a message claiming a missing member.
    The Strangest Things***
    They had been trapped in the other world for millennia, slowly becoming monsters. Their previous forms, completely forgotten to the world. Even the strongest had eventually succumbed, becoming nothing but the worst creatures. There seemed to be no escape from the world. There was nothing to hope for, at least that was what Character A had thought. After losing his daughter when she was just a babe, he had been transported to this world, this horrible place before becoming a shadow, a creature tall and shrouded in black cloths. Unlike most, he had not lost his mind. He retained his memories of his daughter, and remained peaceful. However, one day a piece of fresh meat entered the world. If this human lasted long enough, she would become a monster like the rest of them. The other monsters were not patient. They immediately were drawn to the new presence and got ready to devour her. Character A also noticed this new presence, but stopped dead at seeing Character B. This girl reminded the man so much of his lost daughter, so he took her away to try and find an escape and return her to her home.

    Legend of Zelda***
    Harry Potter*
    One Piece
    Soul Eater​


    Closeted Lesbian x Open Lesbian ***
    Shapeshifter x Human *
    Popular Kid
    x Loser
    For the fandoms and the pairings I don't have specific plots, but if you've got something I'd love to hear it. Though I prefer using only OC's with fandom. Hope to roleplay with you all soon! :)​
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  2. I would love to do the Full Moon role play or the popular kid loser.
  3. Dang that was fast! I'll pm you in a moment about details. :)
  4. I really like "The Strangest Things."
  5. Sweet! I'll pm you in a moment to talk about details!
  6. That RWBY option, I might have a few plot ideas if you're still interested in that.
  7. I'd love to do a Legend Of Zelda roleplay with you :D
  8. I would love to do a RWBY RP with you
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